Hot water and bottle

I am at Newcastle airport now. It has been raining cats and dogs everyday for four days now. It's insane.

COLD and insane!

Flying to Brisbane tonight. Brisbane peeps!! Email me!

Finally got out of Hunter Valley, it was a dream in there. Superb and beauty beyond words. I'm missing the vineyards and the cheese and the wines and the fine dinings already. Le Sigh~

Oh, do you know what happens to plastic bottle when you pour hot water inside?

water bottles

It'll shrink. A lot.

Both are 600 ml bottles. The one on the right is mine.

Alright, going to check in my bags at the terminal soon. I love free internet at Newcastle airport. Will update more tonight when I get internet access.

Ta ta~


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Nicole,

    try not to put hot water into plastic bottles. As you have proven it will shrink and the heat will cause some chemical breakdown and what not. its not safe.

    Take care and have a good trip/

  2. I didn't know that mineral water bottles shrink when you pour hot water in 'em! Ah.. I see myself pouring hot water into my friend's water bottles.. heheh.

  3. It's not good to drink hot water from plastic bottle.

  4. very free ar. bring back souvenirs ok. then i mail u stuff from UK :P

  5. don't pour hot water into the plastic bottle cause it may release some toxin. Take care...!!

  6. Don't re-use empty plastic bottles. Not even for cold water. I heard it's still not safe because it still can cause cancer.

  7. dont use plastic bottle for more than 2 times, is really not good for the health.

  8. Gosh, i hope you didn't actually drink from that bottle of yours... doing that is equivalent to committing suicide, in a slow way that is.