Last Day in Australia, again

I'm flying off tomorrow!

It's amazing how you post a joke fund raising entry, and suddenly everyone started getting worked up at.

like elo? that account given does not even allow you to transfer any amount to my account, for you need BSB, Account, and Swift Code. I gave a CRN instead.

Sure the fact about me missing my flight was true, sure I was broke, sure I really ran low on cash and I didn't have a credit card, my parents aren't exactly rich and most of my trips are funded by myself if you sore losers don't exactly know yet, hence the budget travels, like duh~~~, and Australia ain't exactly cheap you know.

But hey! tell the difference between an actual fund raising campaign and an entry that proclaims that I really did miss my flight and really ran out of cash?!

But also amazingly, and touchingly, I realised there are a lot a lot a lot of sweet readers out there. All of them I have personally replied them to turn down their kind offer of payment transfers to my account. Because, amazingly I have met a lot of great friends in Australia who has been more than just travel mates, just hi-bye friends, just one-time friends, they are friends you realised that in your deep need of trouble, they will jump in to help you, immediately.

And these friends are hard to find. So are these wonderful readers who have emailed me in time of need.

That goes for you too Gerald, my forever best friend.

And to be telling the very truth, I have met more than 30 people whom I have grown pretty fond of on this trip, and people from back home whom all were expecting me to be back to Malaysia so we could catch up, meet up, hang out, and especially my parents. What other better ways... seriously...

what other better ways... to declare to everyone of your status, online.. on your blog.

It's like a one time declaration to all my friends out there what's been happening to me all these while. Isn't this what a blog's about? And also this act as a medium of newscast to inform all my readers, that afterall, despite my previous entry to declare that it would be my last day, why I was not flying out of Australia on the 911 yet.

Blog is amazing, isn't it?

Thank you everyone for your concerns. :)


19 kissed Nicole

  1. you're sweet
    spread your love and other will follow !

  2. Have a safe flight back from Aussie!

  3. Silly me, I was talking to the guys at SOS to try evacuate you from oz...

  4. Yeah.. Totally agree with you. Real friends are hard to find. Once we have them, remember to treasure them.. :)

    Do have a safe journey while flying back to Malaysia. Remember to check in early.. :)

  5. Hi nicole, have been reader of your blog...I'll be heading to Australia soon..too bad you'll be back in M'sia or else can meet up, actually tonight...yes I understand wat you mean..I need to come up with quite some money...all my hard earned money for this trip...but I guess will be worth it...take care

  6. too many retarts, i could have helped u out if i had read your post earlier

  7. So glad its all over and u will be back home safe and sound. WELCOME HOME !!

  8. Cheers! Glad you've solve your problem.

  9. Le Bimbo rules!

  10. nice blog, stay chilled always :)

  11. All I have to say is you know what you've got and you use it very well. ;) You're a very smart gal.

  12. first your said "I am completely broke and I cannot afford another cent apart from the AUD
    I have in the photo above. And the scary part, I AM NOT EVEN JOKING!!"

    then you said it was a joke ...
    think you need to seek medical attention - lol

  13. Safe flight to Malaysia, babe!
    Take this as a lesson lar, all the times make mistakes, we correct them...


    If I got money, I also want to help you...but...I'm a student...

    What to do? No money...

    All i can do is hope you are save and alright! >.<

  14. Thought it was a little out of character for u to ask for help this way, somehow wasn't quite surprised that it was all a prank! Such a relief! I was feeling so conflicted about the fundraiser for the ticket money, always thought fundraisers should be for something nobler or more pressing! Phew! Thanks for restoring my faith. Haha! Good one Nic!

  15. Good 1 nicole, now you see all the difference sides of human being during such crisis..

  16. very pity ..