Last day in Australia, oh no!

I am currently in Gold Coast Griffith University with big panda aka barney Jon - an 18 year old university undergraduate!! o.O And he's finishing next year!!!


Anyway, I'm in the library here because it the only place where I can get free internet. Oh la la...

I can't believe it's been a month. I'm flying back to Malaysia tomorrow!! Sun and heat I miss you so much!!

Le sigh.. I don't want to leave. It's been such an amazing trip and fell in love with all the wonderful people here. Le sigh... I miss my snowboard instructor *cough*


8 kissed Nicole

  1. You are sitting next to me !! NIcole!!!! BUY ME FOR HIGHER PRICE PLEASE!!! hahahaha

  2. Jon? Snowboard instructor? Kiss Kiss?

  3. Yes, it's sad to see you leave.. Even Mr Hasbro Monopoly is feeling the same sadness too... Can't wait to get you back here again.

    Oh well, it's been a great pleasure and honor to host you in Brisbane. You're always welcome to bring yourself back here (since you know where I live).

    You're doing such an amazing job and am so proud of you. Keep on doing what you love and you'll see blessings and joy surfaced in front of you everywhere you go.

    Take care Nicole and God is always there with you. Loving and looking after you.

    See you next year for our Victoria - SA Road Trip 09!!

  4. elo Nicole! I'm using the PC on the first floor... Welcome to Griffith Uni!! lol

  5. Home Swee Home - girl.
    Time for durians...

  6. I was an honour to travel with you, nicole. Do enjoy your last day in australia ya!
    Btw, Be happy! Being alone and saying nothing is still among my top10 moments in life.

  7. u will be back next year ;)

    see ya in Malaysia...or perhaps Thailand!