I love weekends in Bangkok

Woke up this morning. And decided to head out to Chatukchak! Yay!!

waking up in my room
Yup, that's my messy bed behind. And that's my hotel room. :D

morning light
Ahh.. the sun.. the sun!! O... feels nice~

It's so awesome that my favourite place on earth (favourite market place, that is) is just 24 baht away on a MRT, and I can wake up and take a train there.

cam whore in front of mirror
More cam whore in the room

No more flying all the way from Malaysia just to visit Asia's biggest weekend market. :D

pouting to myself
Don't you just love mornings, muaks!

After getting mattress and bins, I needed some plates and cutlery for my room. So where else to get them than from the infamous market, where you get bloody cheap things. :D

I remembered this fantastic shop that sells all their plates, gorgeous lovely high quality plates and bowls and glasses, at super cheap price. And I was amazed at myself that I was able to locate it again!!! Despite scouring through 15,000 stalls and the chance of getting lost inside in highly probable.

I even managed the locate the best pork chop shop which I missed so much the last time I was here!! :D


16 kissed Nicole

  1. You look prettier without make up.


  2. Chatuchak sells crockery, cutlery and other home furnishings damn cheap leh. I managed to get some on my last trip there. Cheap and good quality! No sticky mango rice this time round? They also sell BBQued spare ribs there as well. Grilled sotong is also available as well at the food stalls opposite from the crockery stalls (near the mussel omelette stall). Yummy!

  3. Happy shopping girl. Shop till u drop.

  4. Amazing life you've got! Have a great weekend! Do they have Raya holidays there?

  5. Did I miss something? Can someone enlighten me on why Nicole is in Thailand for 6 months?

  6. omg Nicole.. i ENVY you... being so BEAUTIFUL & YOUNG, physically and mentally i mean :))) on the other hand im so old and dull and fat and bored.... but without me, u dont exist ... heheh so, IM REALLY REALLY HAPPY TO KNOW U DO EXIST

  7. have fun ! I don't you don't mind I started blogging after inspiring by your blog and wrote about you too ..

  8. oOOo I remember the bacon sausage in chatuchak, DROOLS!!!

  9. Enjoyed your journal...You are FUN!!!
    ..have a great weekend.

    Best Regards,

    Robert Lau


  10. Enjoy your shopping @ Chatukchak!

  11. hey nicole...
    hwz it goin?alrite..i shan't beat ard the bush and get straight to the point.
    no idea hw i stumbled upon ur blog but anyhoo,lookin at ur pics, u look SOOOOO familiar(Or look like someone i sorta knw)
    she,if my memory doesn't fail me, was my classmate...but i jz CANT remember whr...either highschool or college.
    did u by anychance do highschool in Spore or college in Nilai?

    seriously,u look SO familiar...hopefully i'm NOT jz going on & embarrassing myself*blush*

    enjoy ur stay in Thailand:D

  12. U r now in Bangkok, right? Can I tumpang at the place when I come there...............please say "YES".


  13. U have to be one of the female bloggers that is not scared of posting yourself without makeup on..kudos to u


  14. Sawasdee kap..Hey !!! Withyour tanned skin..you really look like a Thai now...

  15. your roots need touch up, girl! =)