I am back from Manado

Diving in Bunaken, Manado is amazing!

And have a least amount of passengers on the flights, which I am totally not complaining! I have a whole row of seats to myself which I can sleep on.

Did my first ever night dive.

It's official. I will mark this my best dive in my history of 6 months of dives! (so little wtf).

Night dive is the coolest thing, bring a torch down and scare your dive buddy by flashing lights in your face. :D

Sigh~~ Why do I have to come back?



7 kissed Nicole

  1. Any good budget hotel and dive site to recomend?

  2. I can't dive here in Ireland. Its freezing cold. And I don't dare to do it (scared drown, hahaha). But from what you write, I really am itching to go diving now.

  3. oh god you didn't miss the flight this time! :P

  4. You're just on your way to Thailand, so it's not "coming back" but rather "on your way"!

    Congrats on your first night-dive!

  5. Hi Nicole... wahhh bestnya ke Sulawesi... diorang cakap diving kat situ memang best sebab lantai laut dia masih virgin... belum rosak... errr... u dive waktu malam... so scary lahhh..... tapi salute your work...

  6. *LOL* Bring a touch and scare your dive buddy :D

  7. how come there's no photos or infos about manado? nicole if u're not that busy could u elaborate more on the place u went diving? coz i kinda planning to go :) thanks