Poo Poo Set for my room

I went shopping yesterday, to find things for this room.


Well, it looks more like a hotel room than a studio, so I shall call it a room.

Basically when you walk in, you'll find the wardrobe on your left and toilet on your right, and then you'll see the fridge and table, facing a queen size bed. Then there's a sofa and a coffee table, before the window to the balcony. And a little pantry area outside. I'm overlooking a swimming pool, not very big, it's not a very beautiful view per se, but it'll do for now.

Who knows, maybe in half a year's time I want to move to a bigger place (after my Australia+New Zealand trip in March till June 2009 that is), but then again I might even move to Europe for a while. Who knows?

Anyway, I don't want to take a photo of my place because it looks toooo empty now (though it's fully furnished).

Here are some of the things I got from Carrefour yesterday. Took me 30 mins to walk there but 50 baht to get back on a taxi. WTF.

taken out groceries

listed groceries in bangkok
I seriously didn't know why I got two glasses instead of one. It just looks lonely if it's only one.

There are abundance of good food here in Thailand, seriously, like a lot. You walk in a supermarket, and you'll come out full from tasting all the free samples. Let me see, I've tried sausages, cheese sausages! carrot juice, banna muffin, some patries, teppanyaki, etc.

Oh, and I saw the cutest bento set in Carrefour! Only 25 baht!

prawn rabbit

Bunny Bento!


12 kissed Nicole

  1. Hmmmm looks more like a den to me. U know those scout den? Dun worry by the time u move out it will be a 5 star hotel room.

  2. sawadeekap ..
    pussy2 ...

  3. the bento is cute !
    and looks yummy !

  4. may I ask why are you in Bangkok for 6 mths?

  5. sawadeekap!(or is it sawadeeka?)
    the milo bottle is cute :)
    the extra glass can be used when or if 'touch wood', the other one breaks :p

    take care!

  6. How much was your total damage for all the above?

  7. hey Nicole

    That Bento looks scary.. haha

  8. Thailand is a beautiful country. Good luck!

  9. I agree that you get fed with free food in Thailand. I got free Mirinda drinks at Chatuchak during their promotions for a new flavour!

  10. wah...can i drop by to visit when i visit bangkok someday??

  11. Oh my.. the prawns... did you buy it? hahah..
    Btw, nicole, you will stay in Thailand for long term?

  12. you like pink, don't you??? i can't help noticing, everything in pink! even tissue rolls!!! hehe...