Visiting Free Hug Campaign Pioneer, Juan Mann, in Sydney

Short Note: I am leaving for Hunter Valley now! As in NOW! And I haven't even packed yet! OMG.

I doubt anyone who reads my blog lives in Hunter Valley. But heck, you never try you never know. Anyone there drops me an email!

Free WINE here I come!!!

First, you watch this video. If you have watched it before, watch it again. It’s a video you can’t stop watching. So touching ok!

The Free Hug Campaign has over 30 millions views! Took 7 months to shoot, took 2 years to edit.

And now, Juan Mann’s is one of Earth’s most famous youtube celebrities.

With the coolest job – Hugger. (I’m not kidding, he’s getting paid to hug people o.O)

Being one of his biggest fans, even creating a contest out of free hug campaign, I decided to pay Juan Mann’s a visit. AT HIS HOUSE.

After obtaining his number and house address on the internet (Yes he published his contacts online!), I contacted Juan to arrange for a meet up. He replied the following morning! Wasting no time, I immediately invited him over for dinner with some of my friends and readers in Sydney. (All of whom I met on this trip!)

So yesterday, after meeting up with Kif after his work at liverpool street with Stuart (he’s in town! From Gold coast! You know, the guy I met in Cambodia~!) and Evelyn, a reader who’s studying in the university here. We made a beeline towards Newtown, where Juan Mann lives, on the bus of course.

Click the video to see Juan Mann’s house.

I was acting like a complete fan (lunatic if not) when I saw Juan Mann walking towards me. You know what was the first thing I did before the video was made?

I ran out to the road and throw myself at him giving him the biggest hug screaming my little head off. *shy*

Omg I should learn self containment. >_<

me and juan mann

This is me following behind Juan to his house. A lot of winding roads.

following juan mann down the alley

OMG OMG his house!!

juan mann at his house

OMGOMGOMGOMG, he’s entering his house. WE’RE entering his house!!

juan mann entering his house


Kevin (Kif’s housemate) made reservation at Angus last night, kinda like my last night in Sydney dinner. Angus is said to have the best pork ribs in town.

i'm angus menu

Yea yea, I know what you Aussies are going to say, you must be saying that I should go for the Hurricane’s pork ribs instead of Angus, but everyone keeps saying that Hurricanes are over-commercialised and the ribs aren’t really that nice. And you know what? I believe what they tell me. I always do. If a local tells you that some food in some area aren’t that nice, you believe it! And if more than 5 people tell you that! You’ll avoid Hurricane like a rat to a snake!

juan mann red eye
Juan Mann on the bus to Darling Habour for dinner with us. Tee Hee, he got the camera red eye...

We had a lot of chats with Juan Mann and his recent project is to donate his kidney away to a complete stranger. Sounds weird, yes. But he is nothing of the sort. To me, I think he’s very inspirational. To be able to give better life to someone whom you don’t know so that they can survive with your kidney is something not everyone can do, and if anyone has a problem with that, they can kiss my bottom!

lamb salads
Therefore he’s having lamb salad that night.

Means he can’t have anything sinful like this.

fried inion rings at angue
Fried Onion Rings.

And guess what?! I was impressed by Angus!

They serve big. And I meant BIG.

waitress with giant pork ribs

When the waitress showed up with our menu, I thought I peed in my pants. Thank GOD. I was sharing my ribs with Kif.

How on earth were we going to finish this?!

evelyn with giant pork ribs
Photogenic Evelyn

And this?!

kif acting silly
Kif acting silly

And this!!!!

me with my giant pork ribs

No wonder Australia is now the fattest nation in the world.

That night I realised Kif and Juan Mann are truly camwhore, such as myself. *beam*
The moment you direct a camera at them, they will put up their camera face almost instantaneously, and this is VERY rare among guys.

kif and juan mann

Made me wanna cut myself.

me and evelyn and knife

It was a great night.

dinner with juan mann

I can’t remember everyone’s names, but there were Ben, Kevin, Evelyn, Stuart, Kif, Juan Mann, Chun Siong and two other people whom I didn’t get to talk to that night.

group photo

It was a wondrous night!

Oh, if you’re wondering. Yes, Juan Mann do survive on Free Hug Campaign alone (you know, the loyalty of it). :D

Juan Mann's address:
Unit 12 / 30 Bucknell Street
Newtown, New South Wales
Australia, 2042

Phone Number: (+61) 416 730 891


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  1. R U gonna start da "FREE HUG CAMPAIGN" back home in M'sia?

  2. This is brilliant! Well done :)

  3. still in aus ? till when ?
    im in sydney too .. well hunter valley is known for their awesome wine.enjoy :)

  4. Just a few weeks in Aussie and already you start speaking with an Aussie accent, eh?


    Speak Manglish, Nicole! Be proud of your roots!

  5. omg.. why is tupai chin(kevin) n ben with u! i know both of them but didn know they knew each toher...were shocked to c them in this blog that i read occasionally..rofl.. hilarious!!! u guys must have had great fun that night

  6. hmmm nicole sounds, aussie. weirdo. adaptation happens real fast!

  7. i was there 2 years ago but i did not see him...:( probably he started when i left...i was in sydney for a month and was walking up and down that street but i guess i missed him...oh well...enjoy your time in Sydney ! it is one of the best city to chill out in !

  8. Lai .. free hug from me as well :D

  9. I live in Hunter Valley!
    nah, juz joking...

    Jason Ong

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  13. THat video was really touching =) If only the world had more people like him.

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  15. Nic,
    can you pls turn off the moderation? I thot it was quite funny reading all the comments! Now it is just another boring old blog...

  16. OMG OMG JEALOUSY!!!!! I wanna met him too.

  17. Hey, yeah Hurricane is a piece of crap <_< 3 kind of ribs for 90+ AUD, what a scam. And 2 of it sucks, all they put are ajinomotto.

    Hey I think I know the KIF you're talking about.

  18. Hey, yeah Hurricane is a piece of crap <_< 3 kind of ribs for 90+ AUD, what a scam. And 2 of it sucks, all they put are ajinomotto.

    Hey I think I know the KIF you're talking about.

  19. To give a kidney away to a complete stranger! That's the ultimate!

  20. I enjoy your blog, but I must say you sound really weird, like you're forcing some sort of 'accent'. Or I think you sound 5 years old.

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