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Kangaroo Scrotum!!

kangaroo pouch

aka ball, testicle, jiggly jiggly, etc. (any of the answers with these terms are valid)

As in your two sacks, geddit?

kangaroo scrotums

You guys not fun one la! Everyone knows the answer. Ceh! I will have come out with more difficult question next time. HMPH!

But yea, they shaved it, polished it, and dug out the inside and made it into a pouch.


The winner goes to Sonny!

It's a kangaroo's ermmm... BALLS!
I dunno how 2 be more detailed than dis...

Who won just minutes after the contest was published.

Sonny, you will receive this exclusive custom homemade organic soaps made of..... get this.... mangosteen!

mangosteen soap

This is bought from the manufacturer and you will not find it anywhere else but in the depths of the Southern Thailand. I have four of them, in four different fragrances.

dragonfruit, citrus, lemongrass and mangosteen soaps
Dragonfruit, Citrus, Lemongrass and Mangosteen. (actually they're all are mangosteen, but the first the mixed with other ingredients)

Siao one you guys.. 600 over comments?! You know how many times I have to click publish and my server hang because too many comments in one entry? -.-

However, I DID say that the reader with the most detailed answer will win. And even though this guy emailed me the answer (which is invalid), however, he's still the first in the emailing group to send me a super detail answer that nearly cracked me up.

Tommy from Vietnam, you are receiving a little souvenir from me too. Which is ONE of the dragonfruit soap and a Thai postcard from me. :D (yes yes, sonny u have a postcard too)

Here is Tommy's answer:

Kangaroo scrotum pouches are made from the scrotum of male kangaroo, and it's said to be very lucky; all those in possession of one is assured of a long life, happiness and healthy children.

It's a practical little thing to store jewelry, a cute bag for coins or small items. In Gold Rush time it was a popular bag to store the gold sand.

According to Aboriginal legends kangaroo pouches were known as the bringing luck items for at least 40'000 years. That's why they are often called as "lucky bag" or "lucky pouch".

Kangaroo scrotum legends

Tamuddie and the Lucky Scrotum Pouch
Tamuddie was tracking a goanna through the bush when he came across an injured kangaroo. It had been speared in the shoulder. The kangaroo was Tamuddies totem, so by the law of his tribe his duty was to help the injured animal. He carried the roo back to his campsite, removed the spear, and gave him some water to drink.
For two days Tamuddie kept watch over the kangaroo, bathing his wound and feeding him. Eventually Tamuddie had to go and find food for himself. It was several hours before he returned with a fat goanna to cook. On his return he found only the burnt remains of his friend. Tribesmen had been and feasted upon the kangaroo while he was away. He looked in the ashes at the charred remains and noticed that a piece of the kangaroo had not been burnt nor eaten and that was the scrotum. Tamuddie cut it away, made a pouch out of it, and tied it around his neck.
On the way to his tribe he was stopped by men of another tribe. They argued over the kangaroo and one of the men threw a spear at Tamuddie, but the spear fell to the ground. This frightened the tribesmen and they ran from him screaming he was a demon.
When Tamuddie returned to his people he told them of the kangaroo and of the spear. An elder approached him with a knife and took his arm. Tamuddie grit his teeth knowing the elder was about to cut him, but as the elder drew the knife across Tamuddies arm it did not cut. The elder looked strangely at Tamuddie for a few moments then said that because he had looked after the kangaroo, the pouch would bring him luck. The elder then declared to all the tribes people that Tamuddie would join with the elders. Tamuddie wore the pouch for many years and for many years it brought him luck.

Another Legend says:
Once upon a time there lived in the center of Australia an aboriginal boy. One day he came upon a small kangaroo in the bush, caught it by the tail, and made a purse out of its dear little symbol of masculinity. He gave it to his girl, and she kept seeds and berries in it.

Next he saw a large kangaroo. He caught it with a spear and made another purse from its thick symbol of masculinity. He gave it to his farther who kept stones and things of value in it.

Ever since then, male kangaroo scrotum purses have been popular amongst the aborigines. For women, the soft playable one; for men the strong, wrinkled one.
They became as important as one's own symbol of masculinity and were recognized as the bringing luck items. That's why kangaroo scrotum purse is often called as "Lucky Bag" or "Lucky Pouch".

Seriously. How can I not let him settle for a souvenir after this?

Oh.. a reader told me that a scrotum pouch measure 4 to 4 1/2 inch in length.

The first thing I did is I took a ruler beside me and measured it.

handling a kangaroo ball

It's true. It IS rather big~


20 kissed Nicole

  1. hi nicole, how much did u pay for it?

  2. hey nicole, I dream about you last night and you're an exorcist!!!

  3. Congrats to all the winners =)

  4. Hi Nicole,

    I think you made a mistake on understanding the meaning of Scrotum. Scrotum is the "bag" that holds the balls. Balls are called testicles.

    Therefore Sonny's interpretation of a Kangaroo's Scrotum was actually wrong.

  5. it was easy to guess.. even i ask Uncle Google to get the answer.. miahahaha... there is a lot of those pics out there inside internet..

  6. Hi Nicole....have a nice dayyyy

  7. Thank God I was not born as a kangaroo. I wouldn't like the idea of anyone using my "FAMILY JEWEL" as some kind of fashion statement or a good luck charm hahaha ;P

  8. I think you made a mistake with the winner.

    sonny gave the incorrect answer - balls aka testicles. The pouch was not made out of them.

    The correct answer was given by
    tze liang who said ...
    pouch made from kangaroo scrotal skin haha!

    Testicles/balls and scrotum i.e. the skin/sac which encloses the testicles/balls are two different and distinct things.

    Just to point it out!

  9. Haha..You can always Google it you know..haha..That's what i did.:)

  10. u know what? i was the 1st commenter on ur previous blog with the exact answer!! but the comment didnt turn out after i posted twice, and refreshed numerous times, so i guess juz 4get it..
    too bad.. aiks..

  11. Cute kangaroo pouch!!!



    I wonder if it is made by the kangaroo sack...xD...STUPID ME...

  12. Nice sharing. I want to create an awareness here. When will cruelty on animal can be stopped? Imagine if someone takes away your scrotum to manufacture coin porch (size does really matter, ok?)

  13. Hi Nicole,

    You've made my day! Feel like won a lottery...Thanks...Thanks...Thanks!


  14. Huh? Seems like Tommy just cut and paste from these 2 sites.

    Lol, you could tell it's not something he wrote from the first few lines. ;)

  15. My first time reading your blog.. tat balls.. LOL.. I cant imagine how big is the thing that came together with that pouch... XD

  16. i am going to melbourne this saturday but then it worries me because when my travel agent tried to apply ETA for me its shows that the ETA expiry date is 30th Sept 2008!! normally the ETA has one year validity. again, i remembered i hold a student visa which also expired on 30th Sept but however i had completed my course last year n i dunno why my student visa seems still valid T______T

    the weird thing is both are different visas and shudnt affect each other. help me !!!!

  17. What a gift for the winner! :)

  18. Kidding me? is it that big

  19. U cheated Nicole.
    I was the first to post on your comments page with the correct answer. My answer appeared after positing and now it's not even to be seen. How fake (decide yourself whether that refers to your blog or you)!