A Game of Checkers

Short Note: Two more days to Thailand. Ahh... I have not even unpack from yesterday!

I always find fascination in playing games that involves food. I think it’s a game everyone should have a go at, it’s fun and you get to eat, what’s there more to ask for?

I was in Lillians the other day, the beautiful estate house set in Hunter Valley (Australia) when I saw a board of checkers and boredom and darkness outside struck me with an idea so brilliant, I went to the fridge to take out a fresh bar of Oreo.

oreo and checker board

You guess it. Oreo Checkers!

oreo checkers 1

Surely you have tried before.
I mean, it’s such a genius game, definitely one of the best Oreo experiences you can get. It would be crazy if no one has ever tried it. No? Yes? Of course yes! Yes?

Oreo checkers is one of my favourite past times, which is odd because I’m never good at checkers, and to get me to like checkers is like getting me to like counter strike. Ugh.

Now if you have never played Oreo Checkers, I am going to show you this step by step picture idiot proof guide to Oreo Checkers.

Step 1: First, you need to split the Oreos in half in such a way so you’ll have the brown cookie on one side, and the whole white cream intact with the other cookie on the other side.

oreo checkers close up

Repeat this eight times till you have eight cookies on either side of the board, I suggest eight cookies instead of 12 because if you were to split 12, it will fill up all the space on the board which would then be rather stupid.

oreo checkers 2

Step 2: If you prefer to eat the cookie without the cream, then remember to take the cream as your party, and vice versa. Reason’s to be revealed later.

Step 3: When you overtake a “checker”, like so.

enemy move 1

Leap over your enemy gracefully, careful not to break the other cookie as it is very fragile and land properly in place, if you land in between cookies, gently shuffle your cookie in between the two cookies so to make space for your own cookie to land.

enemy move 2

Then, kindly, looking at your opponent in the eye, apologetically or of triumph (whichever you prefer), and remove the “beaten” cookie from its place,

and put it in your mouth.

eating oreo

Hence step 2.

Step 4: Now when you manage to reach the other end of the board,

oreo checkers close up 2

like normal checkers, you are allowed to upgrade your checker to a “king of Oreo”, you remove the half cookie, take a fresh piece of Oreo from your Oreo bar, and place it on board.

king of checkers

Now you have an “Oreo King”. If you are holding the opposing cookie, aka the cookie with the white cream filling, you can stack another cookie at the bottom to make it appear taller.

my kind of oreo checkers

Step 5: Now this is an important bit. Remember to stock up your Oreos when you are playing Oreo Checkers. The last thing you want is to find yourself out of Oreos.

no more oreo

Please at least prepare another fresh bar of Oreos in hand just in case, whether you ran out of fresh new piece of whole Oreos or you have finished eating the “beaten” Oreos during the game. Either way, prepare in advance.

new oreo

Step 6: Now when you are faced with a stronger opponent, remember to submit your Oreo with grace, do not fight over the board just because you are about to lose your “King of Oreo”.

losing end

Winning is not everything. Not unless you are the winning party, if so then it is perfectly alright to laugh maliciously, and as loudly if possible.

final move

At this point, I appear to be on the losing end, hence it is notable that I have the right to sulk and exclaim with absolute reasons that “Winning is not everything!”

final result

It’s not!!!

Step 7: Lastly, and the most crucial part. Once the game is finished, calculate your winnings (or losing in my case).

lost oreos soldiers

Damn it, I seem to have lost pathetically. (Yea, the white ones are mine)

nicole eating her fair share

I hate checkers.


27 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow! Wat a splendid idea ...Let's do it.

  2. Oreo Checkers!! mmmmm NOM NOM NOM!! YummM!! hahahaha King Oreo... tooo much oreo = tummy egg. LOL.. I'm being random again.. haha as usual when I have nothing else better to do.. lol.. oh wells oreo checkers.. hey wait i wonder if it would work with fries as well? lol..haha we can have the fat ones against the thin ones.. SHORT GUN fat ones =D.. Mmm NOM NOM NOM!! haha

  3. very original,excellent but i'll pass oterwise i be turning into Michelin man,thanks for sharing, Nicole : p

  4. The closest I will get to Oreos, is Baskin Robbins Cookies and cream. I wonder how you play checkers with that.

  5. hey... i love ur blog! everyday is interesting for me.

  6. Dear Nicole, I just got some info to avoid Oreo wafer sticks as one of the contaminated food with Melanmine from China among others. I suggest you check the label on your oreo packet to see if the milk solids are from China. If yes, chances are they are contaminated.

  7. Sounds like fun, but I'm afraid the Oreo's will magically vanish before the game is even started. :3

  8. WoW...wow..wow...ur last pic looks bit scary

  9. Great idea !!!!! Saw in the newspaper in Taiwan that your Australian friend, Juan Mann, is going to donate one of his kidneys . He's my man !!!!!!

  10. nice idea..but better with a bigger board..

    ps: why dont u try intense debate..it makes blogger comment system like wordpress..more user friendly..

  11. Hey, it's amazing, this post. I thought it was a really good advertorial, but it wasn't. Nice one, Nicole. Sounds like fun. I love doing stupid stuff like this too. Cheers! :)

  12. hello..can nicole urself or anyone tell me what is nicole's job actually?? she seem like don't have to work n have the fund to travel around frequently! I admire yet envy ur life nicole...it's wonderful..
    how u do that??? tell me pls~~~

  13. That checkers is something i would like to try:p but i prefer to be the black one and would end up gobble up all the white checkers:)

    and btw, saw ur column at the stars about floggers, kewl! keep up the great work!

  14. You are so unhygenic!

  15. Careful with Oreos! There's been news that Oreo products are being recalled by supermarkets in the recent china milk powder poisoning... check if they were "made in china" God Bless

  16. Oreos are made in china..
    Toxic.. :(


  18. haha u gave me n idea. How about with marshmallow or Ferrero Rocher? Did your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? haha

  19. Let's we play the Oreo Checkers!!!!!
    The winner can eat all the oreo............

  20. hmmm.. maybe next round of checkers, you might wanna try Mini Cornetto..

  21. I'm addicted to oreos, u'll find your pieces missing if u so much as look away! Hahaha

  22. Haha, pretty interesting game. I'd definitely play with the pieces without cream...I love the cream! But I play checkers so badly, I probably won't get the chance to eat any! (and then feast at the end of the game? :P)

  23. "cute" and been all around the world..... Nice 1... LOL..

  24. *LOL* OMG !! I've never thought of playing checkers with Oreo :D