Pacmee, replacement for Twitter

Short Note: I am in the midst of writing this super duper long entry. So in the mean time, here's a litte cool commercial break.

As all of you would have known, I have been using Pacmee since it first launched. It was first introduced as the alternate Twitter in the market, catered specifically for Malaysians.

pacmee page

Over time, I have grown very fond of Pacmee. It has improved itself many times over these months. Not only it is free to follow friends now, you can upload photos and publish text online for free or offline through phones for a small 5 sen fee to send SMS and 25 sen to send MMS.

nicolekiss shoutouts
All my messages sent from Australia

Now that Twitter has stopped its service to international sms service, why not consider switching to Pacmee.

The fun thing about Pacmee, is that you can follow friends or people whom you never get to know in real life (aka Kenny, Ringo, TImothytiah), or even a group (aka, FHM) on their current updates, lifestyles, news, etc etc.

my friend's shoutout
I’m following Paul Moss OMG! Uncle Paul, you are my hero!

I follow Swee Yong, founder of Pacmee, too. He is one of the most informative Pacmee user, and I’m not saying this just to please him either. Do know you during the election, I got to know every single update (like more than 10-20 shoutouts a day!) regarding the winning and losing of parliament seats first hand from him. Like how I got to know the updates of Olympic game results for badminton first hand through him, even though I was all the way in Australia. Or the recent Petrol hike. He damn funny la.

I did discover one superbly good thing about Pacmee.

I remember travelling to Vietnam with Kenny and both of us got lost and separated while cycling in the city, and for some reasons our international phone roaming services weren’t working, we could not only call each other, we couldn’t text each other either, however we could send text back home to Malaysia, weird, I know. Thus soon we discovered a way to contact each other, and it is using Pacmee direct message service.

direct messages
Direct messages that I have received from followers

By sending a direct message to a user through Pacmee, we managed to communicate over text messages on our phones. It was ingenious, and I have stuck to Pacmee ever since. (though till now I don’t know why was it we couldn’t communicate on two roaming phones, it has happened several times before, though I think they might have sorted that problems now, but then that’s just my thought).

Anyway, enough chit chatter,

Let me teach you how to use the new feature mms service on Pacmee. You can either type an MMS attached with photos on your phone, like you would like any other MMS, and send it to 22700.

Or, you can go online, if you are a cheapskate and do not wish to spend the extra mms fee on your phone, log into your Pacmee (register la if you don’t have, very easy only) and select “Post”.

posting a shoutout

Choose “MMS”. (yea u can upload video too)

uploading photos

Browse and choose you photo. You can upload more than one photos.

When done, select “upload”.

typing messages

Type your message or description for each photo. Then click “Post”.

Now your followers will receive a shoutout update on their phone. If they want to view the full message with photo, they can download the photos from their phones through MMS (30 cents only). Or they can go online to view it, again if they want to save money.

full page mms

I tried fooling my followers once, one of them nearly got himself killed on the road. LOL

First, I typed “This is me taking a shower”, attached with a photo.

So when my followers received them, they got the update with the message “This is me taking a shower” and a request to download the photo.

My friend got so excited and immediately went and downloaded the photo.

And this was what he received.

gotcha message

Moral of the story: Don’t be a perv, you’ll lose money for no reason.


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  1. :D Nice one lah , that's what these percs deserve Nicole .

    once again , nice one .

  2. u take showers?
    Thats something new~~~

  3. Thanks, nice tips ..

  4. this is really cool... i dont think they have this sort of stuff here in where i live... or it has to be very expensive :(( I will try to use it when i go back to Msia next time :)) xoxoxo to Nicole on Bright MONDAY morning to start a great week!!!

  5. Lol.....
    My morning has started with a good laugh... hahaha...
    naughty Nicole.. but good idea to detect perv.. :P

  6. Haha.. That was quite a laugh!

  7. I didn't know u can be noti too.
    That's a real GOOD one, girl.

  8. stop teasing us already and actually post a nude pic of urself!

  9. But I know Kenny, Tim and Ringo wor.

  10. hahaha... I love the moral of tis story. Just registered a new a/c with Pacmee. Figuring out how to use it now.

    Thanks Nichole!

  11. hahaha... I love the moral of tis story. Just registered a new a/c with Pacmee. Figuring out how to use it now.

    Thanks Nichole!

  12. hahahahaha blardy funny babes... ok la ok la i'll consider shifting to pacmee