Fasting sucks

Survived a 3-day fast, which ended yesterday.

Third day of fasting. I feel like I'm about to faint. So weak.  #modellife #diet #fast

The first two days was easy, but when the third day rolled around, I was feeling dizzy and weak. I couldn't even do a proper catwalk in the training camp on my own! with no audience! It's the shittiest feeling ever.

You know when you get high from alcohol and your legs were beginning to feel as if they've detached themselves away from your body, feeling light and you couldn't really control how you walk?

It's a little something like that, other than you're sober as hell.
Well, not really. You get so hazy due to lack of food in your body that it just felt pretty much like you lost yourself. And you just want to sleep. Or shut down.

Why did I do it then?
Well it's supposed to be detoxifying, since 3 days is the standard period of a detox fast, drinking nothing but low sugar soya milk and natural sugar lemonade.

And then the holidays came, yay Merdeka, and we got let off so we were allowed to head home for the weekend. Happy days.

AND... I ate like a pig today.


Lord will punish me for this.
I will deeply regret this tomorrow.

It's okay. To compensate for that, I shall resume fasting for one day tomorrow, head to the gym, and stick myself in the sauna for 40 mins for extra measure.

I actually started the day off with very light breakfast because I was terrified to head to the fitness centre on an empty stomach. The fitness instructor I had was really intimidating and ultimately against my idea of fasting. Sobs. T_T

Then lunch was usual. Some carbs with meat but controlled.

But I totally pigged out and lost control during dinner. Which was at a fancy Italian restaurant, thank you very much.

A satisfying dinner at Ciao. It's been a while since I have  proper Italian food.  #foodporn

Having Italian dinner tonight. Fresh grilled seafood was fab! #seabass #kingprawn #foodporn
at least it's grilled. *weak laugh*

And I thoroughly enjoyed my chocolate lava cake and fried calamari on top of my seafood platter, which I am totally paying for it tomorrow.
Worth. It. 


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Not to sound discouraging, but I agree with your instructor. From my experience, cutting food intake NEVER works. Just eat whatever you want and exercise- this made me lose a few kilograms easily.