Model Search Diary: Raya Holidays and New Books

It's back to camp for me. And honestly I haven't been a very good girl on my diet. On and off I become very strict with it but there are times I do let myself indulge a little. However, my girlfriend just got serious in losing weight after gaining a good 5kg in a year's span and she's going on a strict fast then diet for a week, starting tomorrow.

With that motivation in mind, I'm reverting back to my liquid fast again tomorrow. Woo!

It's always good to have someone who can be on board with you when it comes to dieting, it's really really hard to diet alone. :(

Me me me me #camwhore #bedshots

Especially when the girls around me eat like a pig and never gain weight. -.-
Emo max.

Raya has been really pleasant, we got a week off and I spent a good 5 days chilling at home, and hanging out with my friends every single day. Eating... and controlling.

Sin day. Milk chocolate cheesecake & triple choc macaroon. #dessert #foodporn it's back to the gym tonight

Caught up with all my girlfriends, ate smoked salmon and watched America's Next Top Model at home from Season 1. Never knew Season 1 was so boring. Yawns. Not much drama and the challenges wasn't even that interesting. But it was nice to see Tyra Banks in almost every step of the way with the girls, afterall, it was the first season. Everyone was so much nicer in the first season.

I downloaded every season and am ready to watch them all, once I get the time, and after reading my book I newly bought. Gosh I do have a lot of books I want to read. Why are there so many authors I love and why are they publishing new books so fast. I only have two eyes okay?!

My latest read: I heart London.
Super chick lit book. But I love it. Maybe because I've been chasing it since her first book and even though it can be a little annoying at times, you know, bimbo-tic kind of writings; but it's fun to read her journey throughout, since New York.

I'm also onto a new book I really want to get my hands on, I'm guessing it's the latest erotic romance book, somehow some of the most romantic books I've read always contain some erotic content one way or the other, and it's incredibly intense. I love it.

Been looking for this book everywhere?! Why hasn't it come to malaysia yet? I really want it!

Sadly "The Ugly Duchess" hasn't come to Malaysia yet but as far as I'm concerned, it has entered Singapore shore. Woo! It's not too far to travel to get a book, right? Right?!

Here are some photos for the past week:

2p? #camwhore
with Amanda from the model search. 2p?

Bought the set of 6 Coca-cola London Olympic glasses from McD today.
bought this set of Coca-cola London Olympic glasses from McD for only RM12.90. Cheap right? I didn't even know why I got it. lol

My clothes arrived just in time for Raya. Awesome! @whitesoot #shopping #fashion
new clothes from Whitesoot arrived just in time for Raya. yay..

My raya outfit! Turquoise print jumpsuit from @whitesoot #lookoftheday #ootd with forever21 heels #fashion
nice or not? it's a jumpsuit!

Backstage scene of Cat and Mouse party last night. I'm a tikus (mouse). #fashion #makeup #model #catwalk #themeparty #hairstyling
photo from the backstage of a fashion show in Neverland, I'm a mouse. And a mouse trap as a necklace

Super in love with this ring watch from toy watch. Someone buy for me?
fell in love with this ring watch from Toy Watch while walking around Pavilion one day. Target this year!

#lookoftheday #camwhore

#ootd #lookoftheday MNG maxi dress. Juicy couture necklace.

I seemed to be wearing a lot of blue lately. It's not even my favourite color :S

#ootd #lookoftheday my make up tonight. Pink vs turquoise. <3
experimenting with pink make up. Pink vs Turquoise.

Someone asked me to do a video tutorial of this make up? What do you think? Would you be interested? Since I'm not sure if my readers are mostly guys or girls. Give me some feedback.


6 kissed Nicole

  1. Yes, please do a video tutorial for this make up. I will love it.

  2. You're very purdy -- the dieting appears to be doing it's magic. I wish that I could diet with you, but I'll just have to enjoy the results of your diet. :-)

  3. yes, a make-up tutorial please!

  4. where do u shop for the dresses ? its lovely

  5. Hi, I am 28 and a mother of two. Read about ur dieting plan so i'd like to share mine. I gave birth to my youngest about two years ago and was devastated on how my body changes from a 48kg slim body to 65kg fat young mum.
    well, i wasnt aware of my body until i attended my sis wedding. WHen i looked at the photos that i took my relatives, honestly I felt like my whole world fell apart.
    So, I directly start dieting. I always thought that dieting is the hardest part but I guess with all the determination, it wouldn't be too hard anyway. Hahaha.

    I start yoga lesson which I practice on my own from a video gave to me by my friend. After first two lesson,which was the worst that I suffered from soreness on legs, arms and waist particularly.

    Didn't think much i insisted to carry on every day for 40 min a day.
    Then I made some changes on my diet. steamed Sweet potato = 0 cal but stomach filling (better choice than fasting), kiwi fruit (take in with its skin)-- clean the skin thoroughly by gently scrap the hair in water . take in one kiwi before ur meal (kiwi tends to be stomach filling ).... and last but not least I drank 3L of water daily.
    yup..... tats how i lose more than 10 kgs in 3 months without having to fast. and felt proud about it. btw, i still take fat food like german sausages and pork whenever i like. This is the best part of all. hahahaha... Anyway, all the best to u and ur modeling project.

  6. now my weight is around 51-52kg to be exact.