Google Launches Underwater Street View

So now Google has covered almost all the streets views it deemed worthy to cover (yo, please make Malaysia 3D as well!), it has diversify and expanded beyond land and sky; Google has gone underwater, literally.

lady elliot island chasing underwater panaroma

Watch the video.

The first thought I had after watching the video was: "Holy, how much did it cost to do that?! All over the world?"

Second thought came quick: "Can I work for them?"

I thought it's amazing. And these people do have the coolest jobs.

I do wonder the threats it's causing to the tourism industry to some of the most sacred diving destination around the world; and also the mystery it takes away from destination I've never dived before. Great Barrier Reef, for one, that's a bummer. Now I know how it looks like underneath the ocean reef there, it sure is not going to make my penny's worth when I do, one day, fork out a small fortune to dive there. :S

But then if the tourism gave them the permission to film and photograph, perhaps it's more of a promotion stunt instead of trespassing.

depths of heron island
As you can see I've been having a bit of fun going around underwater in Australia even though I've never been to the Great Barrier Reef.

I've wandered quite far off into Heron Island's reef. I'm adventurous like that.

Do check out if you want to tour around this new and awesome service they're providing.

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