Model Search Diary: Coming to an end...

So it's almost coming to an end.

I can't wait.

#ootd #lookoftheday #makeup #model #fashion #catwalk my look tonight
my make up for one of the show at night.

What meant to end last week was extended for another week and thus our schedules got more slacked, which gave me more time to rest, but also the extended week meant I have to be away for one more week.

And I'm missing my family terribly. Missing my friends and my life back. I miss doing things that are more productive.

This journey has been quite an eye-opener. And I can't wait to embark on the next journey while exploring more into this modelling industry, if not, then move on to other sectors in my life pronto.

Preparing for another show tonight. This is becoming a habit. #catwalk #fashion #model

Two months have been exhausting and mentally tiring. Of course I can't ask for more a more amazing experience in the modelling sector. Photoshoots and fashion shows were always thrilling, and whether I could continue to pursue this when this is over.... well, I'll let fate decides, and see where it'll lead me.

#ootd first shoot look today #fashion #model #bimba&lola #photoshoot

The finale's tonight and I will, more or less, be gracing the runway one last time, or not; will see. Either way, I'm grateful to have been here.

Bathtub shot? Gonna get really wet and no towel.
wet shoots





Whole day of commercial shooting today. #model #shoots #restless

#ootd for one of today's commercial shoots. :) #lookoftheday
commercial shoot

Underwater photography today. #waterproof #makeup #photoshoot #fashion
preparing for underwater photoshoot

Freezing while doing my hair for tonight's Sailors themed fashion show at the pool. Been dipping in the water for too long while doing underwater photography, I think I'm catching a cold soon. Ah-choo!!  #model #modellife #fashion #catwalk
freezing after a whole day of dipping in water, getting my hair done for fashion show party that night

By far my favourite party thus far. Held at the pool with sailor's theme. My sailor look that night. Technically I was a captain, with captain's cap. ;)

My sailor look tonight at the pool. Our last themed fashion show party. ❤❤❤ #fashion #ootd #lookoftheday #model #catwalk

My first set of sailor outfit by SEED at last night's fashion show. #model #fashion #catwalk #french #kronenbourg #ootd #lookoftheday

Honestly, despite all my complaints, it has been such a thrilling experience. Thank you so much X Top Model.

Let's hope it doesn't end here. :)


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  1. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. I luv the first and last pic!

    1. thanks for commenting! I'll take note!