Girls Island Getaway: Part 3

Nothing completes a ladies-only island getaway more than a sunset cruise on a private yacht.

swimwear girls on yacht

After lunch in town we got back to get dressed and headed to the jetty to board our sunset cruise.

Little to our dismay instead of a fancy yacht, we discovered we were booked onto a catamaran, one of those ugly ferry-like ships for tourists instead of a private yacht.

Since the girls refused to get on it, I managed to strike a deal with the crew of a private yacht nearby (company operated) to get us on for a more exclusive sunset excursion with buffet dinner and free-flow cocktail at a much lower budget. Last minute deals and a group of 'young and energetic' *cough* girls always do go very well together.

group swimwear photo

girls having fun
the lady on the right didn't know we were stowaways :p she's a CEO of a company in Australia apparently.

It was like a camwhore excursion with the beautiful sunset. Unfortunately for you, there were too many explicit photos I'm not allowed to share here. :p

swimwear nicole

swimwear photo of me on yacht

swimsuit and yacht

I never knew heading to sea with lots of booze and good food and a beautiful sunset could make a person feel so sexy, not to mention extremely fun. We should definitely do this more often.

sunset langkawi

At night we went home, took a quick shower, changed again: this time all white and black theme; and went out for dinner at The Cliff.

the cliff

It would have been nicer if we were here for sunset dinner, but it was either this or a sunset cruse. There was no competition there. lol.

the cliff restaurant langkawi


seafood marinara pasta

chocolate dessert

me and my dessert at the cliff langkawi

Have I ever mentioned that we girls could really eat. This was our supper really.

You should have seen us on one of our usual lunches or dinners. Jeez... thinking about how much we usually order scares me sometimes.

the girls in black langkawi

Thanks for the wonderful trip girls. I love you all! Xoxo.

Let's do this again soon. 


4 kissed Nicole

  1. You should take me along next time. :)Looking good babe!

    1. you should take me along to one of your awesome concerts! :D

  2. Hi there,
    Gorgeous...I particularly like those shots with your head slightly turned to the side (2nd and 3rd photo). They allow the camera to present your deep features. It allows us to see your high cheek bones and show the true depth of your beauty.

    Looking better everyday!


    1. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely keep note! :D