Girls Island Getaway: Part 2

It's Jet Ski day!

amanda and i on jetski

Amanda and I woke up super early in the morning after a late night of gossips and sexual topics (eh hem, I mean pillow talks).

The other girls weren't too keen on getting under the sun for too long, and waking up so early in the morning on a holiday wasn't exactly a favorable choice; so Amanda decided to accompany me on my funky wild cravings for something adrenaline, even on a weekend morning; bless her soul.

langkawi sea

Nothing beats island hopping with a jet ski for 3 hours on the wide open sea and hot blazing sun (okay, so maybe not the hot blazing sun).

nicole amanda jetski

We went eagle feeding on our jet skis at the eagle bay, steering up close instead of watching from the boat was a true sea experience.

eagle feeding bay


jetski guide
our guide

amanda and i on jetski langkawi

amanda and i on jetski steering

peace sign

amanda and i on langkawi jetski

girls on jetski trip

Beats having to pay for a 10-30 mins jet ski experience you normally get at a beach. Why not head out to sea and steer yourself to other islands which are situated half an hour away, it makes you feel like god, at sea. It's the most amazing feeling of freedom.

langkawi pregnant maiden island
We visited the pregnant maiden island. Swam at the lake in it.

pregnant maiden with amanda and i

Jet-ski is really an intense activity in the sense that it works your body. The faster you go, the more tense your body become to maintain upward. If I could jet-ski every weekend, I would. It's an extremely good and fun weekend workout.

Imagine maintaining a squat on a power plate with all your might for half an hour without really realizing it.

langkawi jetski

We ended our morning with a soak in the pool to wash off all the salt from the ocean breeze.

And in the midst of conditioning our hair with chlorine, I realized I have a talent for underwater photography.

amanda underwater shot

nicolekiss underwater

Anyone photographer with a team of makeup artist (who's pro in waterproof make up) and stylist interested in engaging me in a water photoshoot? ;)


7 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow, you would make a good mermaid! :-)

    1. haha.. i can't really swim with both legs, i don't know how I would survive in water with a tail. :p

  2. haha i love the underwater pics

    1. thanks! more underwater pics coming up soon!

  3. Cant wait to live in phagnan.... Love the blog


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