World's Largest Gothic Cathedral - Seville

Ahh Seville...

Surprisingly to most of you, the only reason I visited Seville was to visit, and see it with my own eyes, the largest gothic cathedral in the world.

beautiful interior of Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See

Also the third largest church building in the world, right after St. Peter's Basilica (Vantican City) and Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil (boy, that's a mouthful!).

It's Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, more commonly known as Seville Cathedral.

an eye
I see...

Why was it so famous? Well, other than being the third largest cathedral at the moment, it was once THE largest cathedral in the world for over a thousand years! Right after its completion in the 16th century and also famously known at the burial site for Christopher Columbus!

glimpse seville gothic cathedral
a glimpse

Seville was the cultural, artistic, and financial capital of Spain.

seville building

artsy building

seville city

street of seville

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See was merely a project to portay the wealth of the city in the 1200s. And it took them 700 years to complete what was the current Seville Cathedral today.

side view of Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See

inside 2


facade inside gothic cathedral

choir of Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See

baby jesus
this baby jesus statue somehow weirded me out max

baptism fountain
Baptismal font

baptist fountain

stained glass window


grand facade
Pierre Dancart's masterpiece, considered one of the finest altarpieces in the world *quote from Wiki*

choir lead

tomb of christopher columbus
tomb of christopher columbus

art gallery area
treasure room

treasure collection room

emporer clothes

round ceilings

dome room

gold relic


wine pot

golden crown
golden crown

From the top

seville cathedral and city
can you see the gargoyle at the top on the left side?

seville city view
beautiful seville

church bells

seville cathedral and city 2

blue sky seville city

Finally, a photo of me.

freaky look
I looked kinda freaky here. Maybe it was the super exhausting climb up.

Last view of the Gothic Cathedral before I headed out.

seville cathedral garden
Gorgeous garden lined with orange trees.

world largest gothic cathedral

That's all now. Let's see what Seville has got to offer next, shall we?


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Dear Nicole,

    been a follower of ur blog for years but seldom drop u any-lines till recent see u in Spain, that's bring back lots of memory, looking at those pic brings back my best trip in Europe, beside Prague, i guess Spain will be always the best country for me.. thanks for the sharing.. keep travel..

  2. thanks for sharing this :)

  3. bump into your blog from cant remember where.... and LOVING it. I missed seville, managed to cover granada & barca only, next trip must do a seville & cordoba.

  4. Hi!!!!!!!!! Just for your information, sure Sevilla is one of the most beautifull cities we have in Spain. But is not a financial capital. I don't know who told you this but is not true, almost all the bussines mann and woman take the ave (train) everyday to madrid to run bussines. Andalucia in general doesn't have any developement in this field ..
    Great blog!!!

  5. hey. meant to write 'was', instead of is. thanks for the reminder.