I lost my BB

I lost my Blackberry Curve. You know, the one which I skinned not too long ago before I went to Europe?

new bb skin 3

Actually misplacing it would be the more accurate word.

Thing is I kinda kept it somewhere before I went to Europe late November last year, because I didn't have roaming on it and I rather bring an older phone there in case anything were to happen to it.

So the problem now is that, I kinda forgot where I hid it.


misplaced bb shirt

The other major problem is: I'm always good in hiding things.

Too good.

So good I can't even find it.

I looked everywhere.

My baby looked everywhere.

My maid looked everywhere.

My mom looked everywhere.

And there's no sign of the pink little bugger.

I'm sure it's in one of those drawers somewhere.

Or maybe inside an insignificant box in a hidden corner of my twenty or so drawers at home.

Or maybe inside a shoe box amongst the hundreds of shoe boxes I have in the house.

Or perhaps it could be hidden between two piles of clothings stacked among thousands of clothes in my wardrobe (ok, maybe only 500 or so pieces).

It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

And it sucks because I can't use my bbm when everyone is asking for my BB pin.
I can't even use the sale they have on Blackberry Advance data plan for Xpax users on Blackberry phones.

This is about the off peak rate offered by Xpax, check info here.

Basically, if you're an Xpax, U.O.X or S.O.X users, reload and use RM20 during the weekdays (Mon - Fri) and then you are entitled to 50% off call rates during 10pm to 10am until that Sunday of that particular week.

xpax 50% off

Condition is that you have to use up the first RM20 in the week. So if you use up RM20 on Monday itself, then for the rest of the week, you get 50% off off-peak call rates until Sunday.

Check out www.channelx.com.my to check out available content


BB BB please come out.

Where did I hide you my Pink Blackberry?


7 kissed Nicole

  1. seriously? i thought you lost it long time ago, that's why you bought iphone. erm.. should've bought nexus one.. hehe! =)

  2. Its good with hide n seek!

  3. buy new 1 lo! No need sad...

  4. next time you need to jot down where you place your items before leaving

  5. omg..
    nicole..it could b great loss if u cant find it..
    yeahh...choonhong's idea is good..u should do it
    keep on searching ya...

  6. you should call your bb and hear where its rang come from

  7. bought a new one laa nicole