Pretty nails and lost phone (still)

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tropical fish

Responsive readers are the best. ^^

So yesterday I just got back from Melaka after spending a nice weekend with my parents. We went out for dinner to "kinda" celebrate my Chinese birthday (birthday according to the lunar calendar).

Then they gave me a load of items for me to bring back to my new home in PJ, items include toaster, oven, drinks, ham, chocolates, toilet washing liquid, pail, snacks, cookies, etc. Parents are the best. ^^

Yesterday I also went to collect my blinged up nails. Instead of staying in a nail parlour for hours on end to do my nail, I've asked my favourite nail artist to do up a set of nails two weeks back and I was ready to try them on when I collected them yesterday.

It's so pretty!

pretty nails

photo doesn't do it justice and the color is much better than it shows here. More shine too. I asked her to add on the lace, and she did the 3D flowers for me, so creative!

Totally love it!

But last night when I arrived back home (PJ), I was carrying the stuff and it's been a long time since i have to handle delicate nails, so I was kinda being rather "rough" with my fingers, *pluck*, one fake nail came off, the right thumb.

And now it is no where to be seen. T_T

No fear, I just called my nail artist to make me another one (she still remembers my thumb nail size and length) and have her delivered it up to me by poslaju.

Woo hoo! I love my nail artist. She's the best.

Anyway, while at home, I looked for my blackberry everywhere but still couldn't find it. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone took it during Chinese New Year when there are a lot of relatives and people coming in and out of the house everyday, and my whole family was in Bangkok holidaying. (yea, we gave out our house for my sweet relatives to stay even when we're not there)


Damn emo ok.

I think I need to call in the SWAT team soon. Or spend an entire week upturning my room just to look for it. I know I kept it somewhere. It's there. damn it, I know it's there.

Just like how I know my lost nail is somewhere in my room. Unless there's a blackhole in there. hmph~

Speaking of Blackberry, last update about the Blackberry Access and its freaking big sale.

Pay RM2.50 per day (by subscribing it through SMS, type BB ON and send to 28882) for unlimited data on your Blackberry for 5 consecutive weekdays and get the weekend off for free. So I suggest you do this on a monday, then by Saturday, you can use your data for week till Sunday 11.59pm.

That's like paying RM12.50 for a whole week's of data. Quite affordable.

Best part is when you want to stop, like travel or something, you can just stop your usage for a week or two until you get back, it's prepaid, so there's nothing more convenient and cost saving than that.

Man, this makes me more emo.

Time to call in SWAT team.


7 kissed Nicole

  1. what sort of occasion can you wear those nails to? they look realllll fragile to me...

  2. hope u find your Blackberry soon

  3. Wow, those nails sure are pretty. But I can't imagine doing work and household chores with them :-(

  4. Hey, the nails look familiar. I think I saw them just now when I ate supper :p

  5. Aunty Nicole, you are now not only Aunty, you are very Ah liang too! Your nail is totally Liang! ah liang!!

  6. Ham?? You transported ham from Melaka to PJ??

    On the nails, I can't imagine how to do anything with those 3D decorations stuck onto my fingers...they are pretty though ^_^

  7. As far as I am aware, one family used your brother's room and we used the pink guest room. Nobody slept in your room over CNY, and the only time I went in was with your maid looking for some glue (found in the open tin container). Whilst other members of the family visited over CNY, no one entered your room. One family member had a quick nap in your parent's room.

    Hope you find your BB soon.