Lembeh Dive Trip Part 1 (teaser video)

This time I'm bringing you over to Lembeh. An island off the eastern coast of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

kl - manado

But to get there, I flew down to Manado first, the nearest airport to the island, and from there travel on land to the island.

manado - lembeh

Getting there could be an issue for independent backpacker or traveller, so it's advisable to arrange pick up with the lodge you will be staying on the island.

After getting off the plane, there's a pick up waiting for us at the airport which then drove us 2 hours down to Lembeh coast.

manado airport

Once arrived at the Pier, a boat was waiting for us to take us to our lodge.


We stayed over at Makawide, pronounced at "Ma-ka-way-day".

lembeh_dive_sites 2
see you if you can find it.

it's actually located on the mainland side of the strait, but to get there, you would still need to take a boat.

It didn't take long to reach our lodge, and we checked into separate rooms promptly upon arrival in the middle of the night.

My room was considered cozy and since it was impossible to see the surrounding at this hour, I spent the night alone with Cookie (teddy) and doing some writing on the bed.


It was extremely windy that night.

So windy it shattered my window in the morning.

shattered glass

The night was loud with roof banging against itself and the sheering whistle of the wind all around, the sea was unsettling it's as if I was stuck out at sea in a thunderstorm on a small boat.

I don't think I slept that night.

But morning's view took my breath away as I prepared for my first dive in Lembeh.

(to be continued tomorrow)


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