16th-month Diamond Earrings

Still suffering from jetlag.


Slept throughout the day today again. And eight hours in the day time yesterday.

Will resume travelogue entries soon. Hopefully. Pray hard for me.

I really hate jetlags.

In the mean time, I have some happy news to share. :D

Two weeks ago (before my flight to SA), I received my white valentines present from my baby on our 16th month anniversary dinner.

It's a pair of diamond earrings from him! ^^

diamond earrings


Reason being he lost my valentines gift when he was visiting me over CNY in Bangkok, well, not really lost, but kinda got confiscated by the custom officers for bringing in a rare plant to the country.

Stupid officers. T_T

Now I will never see what kind of gift I would receive on my valentines.

Stupid stupid officers. Ruined my surprise.

He got fined for that too.



After throwing (quite) a bit of tantrum for losing my gift (valentines is very very very important to me), and knowing that fact that I didn't receive any gift on our first year anniversary last year :((, I was feeling rather affected by the whole thing, emotionally wise (girls do what girls do best).

Afterall, I have nothing physical to commemorate these special days on - something a guy will NEVER understand.

*exhale loudly*

So I guess he tried to make it up to me on our 16th month.

What a weird day to commemorate on. -.-

diamond earrings close up

But it's not how expensive the gift is, it's the thought and meaning behind it that counts.
(Though I'm not disagreeing that diamonds are really captivating)

Btw, baby drew this design himself. ^^

*muaks muaks* my cream puff!


9 kissed Nicole

  1. you are soooo lucky...im so happy for you..beautiful earrings, he sure got good taste..hehe

  2. sweet!
    wait.. i'm just wondering, what did you get for him in return? 0.o"

  3. Sweet! Lucky laa you. Jangan tak kahwin dgn your baby sudahlah. mahal anting2 tu.

    bila dia sanggup spend duit yg dia sayang utk beli bende mahal utk diberikan utk you, meaning dia btul2 sayang kt u.

  4. Hi Nicole, just a word of caution... my friend recently received an engagement ring similar to ur earring design:two clips holding the diamond.. and one day her diamond fell off!!! So dear, please be careful with ur earrings. =)

  5. They are beautiful earrings indeed !

  6. so sweet, take good care with your earring.

  7. count ur blessings!
    happy to see ur prezzie!
    keep blogging!

  8. wowwwwwwwwww.... very nice of him...

    next... diamond ring... ^_^ (proposal..;-p)

  9. Wow great work and i love this earring... thanks for sharing such a nice Diamond Earrings designs...