Back from South Africa

I just got back from the most amazing trip in my life (I think, since I don't remember when was the last time I enjoyed so much on a trip).

South Africa you rocked!!!

Jetlag sucks, just took a shower after my second 4-hr nap of the day.

Never felt clean after a long deserving shower with my loofa. Oh yea~


Anyway, just a short quite update on South Africa, my article about it was published last saturday if you have yet to read it.

Read it here ->

As for this great white shark photo:

Credit: Piyapong, the greatest photographer to travel with
(na, don't say I never credit you nowa)

Ok. Time to hunt for dinner. Ciao


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Hunt for dinner? You sure picked up a few things from those sharks :P

  2. a very nice article about sharks! I would love to dive with sharks too, itupun.. if I can dive la... :p

    anyway, South Africa is also second dream destination, after Egypt. I wish i can travel a lot like u :)

  3. Cage dive! Nice, nicole you inspire me to do a cage dive with great white sharks someday =)
    I've always been terrified with sharks and who arent? Blame in on jaws
    Anyway, post more photos of your encounter with the great whites!

  4. I believe you must have a wonderful trip. Hope to see more Africa nature photos.. :)

  5. why not visit ZA during world cup

  6. You are a very brave lady to undertake such an adventure. Having lived all my life at the coast in South Africa I live in fear of these awesome creatures. We who are in tourism in South Africa appreciate the lovely feedback about our country by such a successful blogger.

  7. i want to be the loofa. heh heh

  8. Don't you think this is not so great time to travel to South Africa? Go there during the World Cup, and I bet it will be much more fun! BTW, great take on the shark!

  9. wow nic, that's sounded like exciting trip :-)

  10. can you tell me how could u afford to travel around so much without an income of a stable job?? unfold your mysteries please.

  11. She's probably from a rich family and being the only child, she get's that priviledge. With all that kind of money why not? I would =)