My New Set of Nails

Camwhore session!

pretty nails

I managed to take several close up photos of my new set of nails.

pretty nails 2

It's been a while since I started doing nail art again. Few years back when I had a full time job and a fix salary, I was spending a good RM300 every month just to get my nails done, that's two sets of nails per month, or one session every two weeks.

right hand nails

There's something about owning a set of pretty nails that shouts: "I'm high maintenance, beautiful and confident!"

It's like wearing sexy matching underwater and bra, no one can really see it but it's how it made you feel as a person.

Sexy, sophisticated and confident.

Or somewhat.

Besides, it's fun. It's like choosing what earrings to wear everyday, instead, you choose what your nails wear every two weeks or so.

left hand nails

I was having french manicure for two months before I decided it was time to go back to the nail art craze, since I won't be seeing myself going into any formal job application anytime soon.

For this set I got my nail artist to put on some lace on my nails and she did up pretty nicely on the 3D flowers with some crystals on it.

four fingers

Currently she's working on a set of new nails for me. Can't wait for my new set of nails.

I decided not to have the nail art done directly onto my nails, which I used to do, because I couldn't be bothered to sit through two hours in the parlour waiting for my nails to dry. So I got her to do up a new set every time I visit her and put it on straight once it's done.

pretty nails and camera

Which means not far from now, I'm going to have a whole collections of nails I can use whenever I wish all stacked up nicely in my wardrobe, an addition to the 4657 necklaces and earrings I have at home. Wooo!

A different set of nails for different occasion.


Now that's fun. Hehehe....


I know I know. Girls have a weird sense for the term Fun.


5 kissed Nicole

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    don't quit and keep posting due to the fact it just simply truly worth to look through it,
    looking forward to look at even more of your article content, stunning day ;)

  2. Totally loved your nails! Very creative :-)

  3. interesting blog..and nice finger do you eat then? I mean, don't the nails get in the way?

  4. Hi Nicole,

    Nice to meet you, this is just my personal opinion looked much more better with a normal nails...just colour it and it should be okay already.....believe me as im looking as an outsider :)

  5. "It's like wearing sexy matching underwater and bra"

    What? underwater? :D been diving too much eh? :P