Not going to Europe today


This is what's going to happen.

I have a flight ticket to Frankfurt, Germany tonight and I AM NOT GOING TO BOARD IT.

In fact, I have three consecutive flights I am not going to board in the next two weeks, from Msia to Frankfurt, then three days later from Frankfurt to Geneva, and Geneva back to KL.

The hotel stays in Geneva (for a whole week++) have all been paid for bla bla bla...

And and.. I am going to let it go.


Sigh.. there goes my Europe trip.


Well, few reasons...

First I'm broke.

Well not really, but siding practicality and cost, after just returning from Europe just two months ago after spending two months there, I should really be saving up a bit more instead of spending way more so early in the year.

I am visiting my best friend which I have not seen for more than 6 years in Middle East this coming September and I need to save up for that too.

Also in April I'm taking up my third diving license - Rescue Course, again and will be going on an island hop journey with two of my other close buddies in Malaysia and we all know that diving is NOT CHEAP.

Then possibly in May I will be doing a short trip to Colombo.

So yea.


Which reminds me, I think I will be going to South Africa soon.
This month in fact.


My life long dream to go to South Africa, finally!

Ok, I'm just making myself feel better about letting go of this trip.

Second reason I can't go to Europe because my baby is busy. Yes, it's supposed to be two flight tickets there - all three ways.

I know I should be more understanding but I can't help being disappointed. This trip has been in planning since half a year ago!

And I know I can go on my own and leave him here. But what kind of baby would that make me?!!! Leaving my own baby while I go on my little holiday? I mean, we planned this thing together, and if I go alone it would just be so wrong. It's not like I plan this trip on my own since the beginning, right?

Trust me, I was so tempted to go there alone. Such a waste of hotels and flight tickets.

Wu wu wu

*gathers will power*

Third reason (I'm just making this up, but it's a great motivation to not think about missing out on a great Euro trip),

is that I just moved into my new place. And lots of things in the place need attention. Like making it more home-y.

I'm bringing in more candles to decorate the living room, need to unpack and stop living out of my suitcase (sorry, habit of mine, hard to change) and hang all my clothes up in my mini walk-in wardrobe.

Need to get more utensils for the kitchen and perhaps some food that's cooka-ble.

O... and in the mean time, I'm planning a house warming dinner for some of my friends so that would take lots of time off my hands.

Gosh, I sound like a housewife. -.-

But I like it. *gleam*

belated birthday ice cream
photo of me having my belated birthday ice cream. Yay~ *taken last night*


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Can I get the hotel room in Geneva? Or is it not transferable? :(

    Awww, you should have taken a flight and come to Norway! We could have gone skiing in the mountains later this week. :)

  2. what lovely picture pretty even.
    hang all your clothes up in my mini walk-in wardrobe your lucky to have one. Oh the ice cream has made me hungry.

  3. Such a shame. But nevertheless, there will be more trips! I know what you mean by getting broke with all the traveling :)

    Malaysia Asia

  4. It's tough especially when the yearnings of travel are so deep, but the pocket ain't deep enough!

  5. i think i saw you in tesco? XD

  6. Wow, that is so many trips to look forward to.
    Hope to see some pictures of South Africa sometimes soon :-)

  7. Hi, nice to meet you here. It is such a tough decision to drop such a wonderful Europe trip to Frankfurt! Anyway, you have enough tight schedule on your travel this year, you can always plan it again for next year... nice blog you have here!