Cookie goes Hiking

Beautiful view of Cape Town from Table Mountain.

cookie at cape town

Cookie: "I'm on top of the world! Wheee!"


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole,
    Great blog you have here. Very well written travelogues you have here.
    You lead a very interesting life with all your travelings, a life that many of us would only dream about.
    Keep it up!

    Chee Hung

  2. I envy you Nicole, single (you're not married yet right?), running around doing the things you like. I wonder if your partner trust you while you're traveling. Just curious ya, no offense. Nice blog by the way, enjoyed reading it without my spouse noticing

  3. Do you ask your friend to bring the bear to take pictures for you? Nicole is liar liar. No wonder your blog didn't win any award, always think the reader is stupid.

  4. A straight concept ripoff from the movie "Amelie".

  5. Hey! LoL! Been a long time!
    oh, go get Cookie something to wear.. it's cold now. ><