Tropical Fish Name?

I was editing some photos from Lembeh when I got stuck at naming one of the fish photos I came across in my folder.

I saw this fish in a reserved marine park in Krabi years back, and I was so struck by its beauty and delicateness.

Then when I dived in Lembeh, I saw this same bunch of fish swimming next to a soft coral where a clown fish was snuggling comfortably inside.

tropical fish_large

Does anyone know what fish these are?

two tropical fish

I've been scratching my head all night, googling all over the web but have no idea what I really should be inserting as the search keywords.

Is it an angel fish? It looks like nice but I don't want to jump to conclusion because you know how easily misleading these fish are sometimes.

It's so pretty it's a pity if I don't know the scientific name of this fish.

tropical fish

Any diver out there? Fish experts? Owner of such fish? Whatever title you want to call yourself.

Anyone can tell me the name of this fish?


6 kissed Nicole

  1. It's a cardinal fish.

  2. Banggai Cardinal Fish

  3. Yes, it's a Banggai cardinal fish, Pterapogon kauderni endemic to Banggai Is., Indonesia, since a few years you can see them in Lembeh Strait and Bali too, probably due the aquarium trade.
    It's the very first time I've heard it has been spotted in Krabi, maybe another specie, or simply the same bad aquarium business.

  4. I have forgotten a scientific link: