Lembeh Dive Trip Part 2

Short note: there seems to be a downtime for most sites these days. Few days ago it was twitter, then now it's youtube, and i can't seem to upload my video for two days now. And internet has been a bitch for the past few days. Is anyone facing the same problem?

Apologize if updates have been a bit slow, the internet isn't really helping recently and I am doing my best. :)

I woke up from my lodge the next morning to an extremely windy day. Read part 1 here.

The first thing I did was to open my window and peeked out at the view outside which I didn't get to see when I arrived in the darkness last night.

I don't remember the last time I was blown away so much by a spectacular view, but that morning I found myself situated in the most beautiful strait.

lembeh sea

lembeh strait

Two lands being so close to each other, you can swim from one end of the mainland to the island.

cloud and island

pier and lembeh sea

That was when the wind suddenly surprised me by slamming my window panel away from me and hit so hard against the exterior wall,

broken window

before I was able to recollect what happened (due to other loud crash), I peered down the window to find pieces of shattered glasses on the ground.

shattered glass


I have to change room after that.

Then it was off to the pier to get myself suited in my wetsuit ready for my first dive of the day.

lembeh pier

The fitting wasn't very pleasant, as they gave me an "oversized" wetsuit to fit in.

Well technically it wasn't oversized. It was more like... erm... weirdly-sized. The body was long, and the parts where the limbs should be fitted in were pretty short.

And I'm considered a tall person. Or I ended up looking like a human platypus. -.-

weird wetsuit

There was a hugeeeeeee gap between my er.... upper inner thighs and the part where the wetsuit was to end.

oversized wetsuit

note to self: get myself a custom made wetsuit soon

Then we were off to sea.

boat out at lembeh

First stop, Angel's Window (dive site).

Here's a videologue.
(click to find out more on angel's window as I talk about the origin of the site)

Tomorrow we will go underwater to see Angel's Window, and find out what is the site all about and why Angel's Window is named so.

angels window

Most importantly, why has it become one of the most adored sites in Lembeh by Nicolekiss. ;)


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  2. I think the wet suit looks fine on you :-)

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