The Winners of Chelsea Match Tonight!

It’s few days to Chelsea’s live match event on the 29th of July and it’s time to announce the winners!

I have a hard time choosing the winners and never did I expect so many die hard Chelsea fans out there who’re dying to watch this match. (seriously, I ain’t kidding when I say I didn’t get football)

Anyway, the grand prize winner is…..

*drum rolls*

Kien Wei Chow

He shares one of the coolest beer and football moments and I don’t know how he does it, it has elements of friendship, humour, excitement and happiness. Wtf.

And also has one of the best photos I received so far.

“Heneiken, so good you can drink it underwater!”

Damn hard sell wei. LOL

Kien Wei Chow, you and I have a date. (Oh btw, what is your PADI level? :p)

The other two winners walk away with two free tickets to the match.

First runner up goes to TJ!

For making up one hell of a quirky story that depicts the link between football and beer, it actually made me laugh.

The relationship between Beer (Heineken) and Football (Chelsea) started
a long time ago, although no one has yet to determine the exact time.

Before things arrived at the stage they are now, Beer used to be
extremely good partners with Tennis. As they got to know each other
better, Tennis demanded for a more exclusive relationship, which even
resulted in Tennis limiting Beers interaction with other partners to a
maximum of 2 people (hence doubles Tennis). After a series of problems,
that included missed overhead smashes and double backhands that resulted
in the racket being thrown into the stands, the both decided to end the
relationship and just remain acquaintances. After all, Beer was a
friendly person and was well loved by all. After some time, Beer
stumbled upon Tennis and his new found, not so friendly and gassy,
sparkling water (Perrier). The 2 appeared very serious in their series
of exchanges.

One day, whilst hanging out with his good friend Rugby, Beer met
Football in a chance meeting on the field. Beer and Football instantly
hit it off, as both were friendly and well loved by everyone.

As time passed, their relationship was again tested as Beer, who because
of his friendliness and likability seemed to attract interest from a
variety of other people that included FMW (Female Mud Wrestling), BV
(Beach Volleyball) and Surfing. At the same time, FMW, BV and Surfing
were courted by a variety of other imposters. Beer would sometimes find
FMW flirting with Whisky and BV with Vodka at their normal hang-out
places. Surfing on the other hand had other interests that were not of
liquid form. It was then that Beer realized the relationship it had
with those passer-bys were merely flings.

Through the thick and thin of it all, it was Football who stuck by Beer
when the going got tough. It was all 11, and sometimes 22 of Football
that made Beer feel that he was a genuine friend. A friend that he
could count on, although there have been interferences from the
occasional imposters like Stout and Cider. Occasionally, when Beer and
Football get along too well, Referee normally interferes and flashes his
sexy yellow and God forbid red play cards. Referee also sometimes gets
Scolari involved and he really can kick up a fuss if Beer interferes too
much with Footballs routine. But at the end of the day Beer and Football
know that they can go back, kick back the boots are relax and get merry
on the telly.

Seriously, how can I not let him win after such effort. LOL.

Now, it’s difficult to choose the final winner as there was two favourites. TIED. Hence I have decided to give one ticket to each of the winners.

First ticket of third prize goes to Ronnie!

For producing one of the most intriguing splendid photos of football.


And the second ticket goes to Thomas Tiong,

For his quirky captions to downloaded photos of Chelsea footballers, and also some rather.. erm.. explicit ones.

“David Bentley loses ball control

He sure needs a lot more practising, especially on his ball control. Otherwise, his balls will suffer serious injuries...”

“OH SHIT!! This is how Gary Neville (Manchester United) will react when he drinks too much Heineken and then saw a bunch of Chelsea players walking out from the tunnel.”

And finally… in his words…

Football is about drama, joy, excitement and most of all celebrations. When it comes to celebrations, we cannot disassociate celebrations with beers, obviously.

That's why we always say CHEERS! whenever there's a celebration, same goes to GLORY in football. That's why Heineken and Chelsea are well blend.


“Oh please!! no no no, not here!”


61 kissed Nicole

  1. am i the first one who dropped a comment here?

  2. yey! i am indeed the first one! hehehe!

  3. Wei Chow,

    You better take good care of Nicole. Tell us more about Nicole by writing a blog about the date. Don't do anything silly or I will wack you !!! he..he..he..

  4. Post more pics like the ones u posted, I would like 2 c more!!! ;)

  5. Like the doggie style ball control...

  6. avid footballler fan29/7/08 2:36 PM

    "For his quirky captions to downloaded photos of Chelsea footballers, and also some rather.. erm.. explicit ones."

    Yes to explicit - but
    hell NO to chelsea footballers. get the facts right nicole.

  7. anti-garfield club committee29/7/08 2:41 PM

    Not really sure what this post is all about, but it's not invaded by Garfield yet.
    But I'm sure he will very soon >_<

  8. footballer29/7/08 8:25 PM

    Hey Garfield yooohooo where're u? Come out to play. We need a fat ball to kick around. hahaha.

  9. i wud like to fuk suzanne because she is tight. i dun mind if she is as ugly as yoda of starwars. i will just cover her face with playboy magazine if i fuk her.

  10. The winner's story sounds like the McDonald's ads during Euro 2008. Guy met girl in a fully packed restaurant. Ask if he can sit with her and they become lovers after that. Hmm....

  11. sugardaddy30/7/08 9:52 AM

    This post so the one? Check it out.

  12. To anti-garfield club committee@Nicole,

    "Not really sure what this post is all about, but it's not invaded by Garfield yet.
    But I'm sure he will very soon >_<

    this is not yet a battle field, hahhhaa

    the other comment page is more interesting, unless someone start war here.

  13. Why sound so fimilar arr??

    by Nicol: You know, I am rather excited about my Australia trip this coming August. To be exact, 6th 8th of August. (OMG I actually got the date wrong >_<)

    by anti garfield:

    Not really sure what this post is all about, but it's not invaded by Garfield yet.
    But I'm sure he will very soon >_<

    Ohhh yea, baby, who let the dogs out?

  14. by Nicol: This sucks... Can't find the nuffnangers, dun have tickets. Can't locate my winner coz he gve me the wrong number. I'm leaving the stadium now.

    aiyoyoyo, the winner hen kelian time, come to me. i can arrange for you to fuck money no hunny.mai enter competition.must gv $$$.

  15. nicole why is ur comment box so weird one... anyway yea it was so hectic man.. no reception i couldnt find my organizers also (timothy n joyce) onlt could get in the 2nd half.. almost died of frus

  16. Nicole,

    You really seriously need to do some editing to the commentary box here. It is invaded by so many sickos and it has tainted your blog.

    Let me know if you need help in vetting the comments.

  17. suggardaddy30/7/08 10:28 PM

    To NSA
    vetting the comments? Know what? I come to Nicole's blog because of the comments. Especially Gafield and Cleffaiy.Both of them really make me laugh.Without both of them, who want to see Nicole "modeling" in this blog?.opsss... sorry.. I know many people here like to see her "modeling" but not me lor.

  18. nicole, im the fren of the grandprize winnier..i had two free tickets but i gave it away to my younger bro and my best bud.and they ended up watchin the match altogehter wt kien wei..if my bro and buddy didnt go, poor chap had to go watch the entire match all by himself.can go see for urself at

  19. anti-garfield club committee30/7/08 11:55 PM

    Don't worry guys. I guarantee garfield won't come here again. Nicole already block him from commenting. Please believe me. if you don't, try to put your name as 'garfield' in the comment id slot. It will not be passed.

  20. anti-garfield club committee31/7/08 4:15 PM

    Hmmm... some poser used my name to say that Garfield is blocked.
    To Garfield,
    I didn't say that, and I wouldn't guarantee anything that silly anyway. So your 'hahahahahaha' is obviously over some silly things, but that's not a surprise anyway. Petty things in life makes your happy isn't it so Garfield? ^^

  21. Anti Cleffairy Club Committee31/7/08 8:07 PM

    Nothing was set in stone clef....she waited for 2 hours & even posted a shout out so what more do u want? U're a real balls buster! are u gonna sue me too?

  22. yalor i think cleffairy prolly have a hubby trained to roll over at command. hahahahaha

  23. LOL. I'm going to be 24 years old, have a husband, and no, my husband do not roll over at my command. Do you have a husband or a boyfriend that roll over at your command, anonymous? Maybe you have. Is that is why you are suggesting that other people have too?

    My husband and I love and respect each other so, I would never dream of asking him to do such thing for me. Help me with dishes and chores when he is free, maybe.

    Perhaps you could teach others how to make a man roll over at a woman's command? I think there's a few people who are interested in that. Surely you're good at that.

    Sue you, 'anti cleffairy'? Why? You want me to sue you? I don't think people like you are free enough to attend a court proceeding. Probably will be busy setting up committee to anti people here and there. Things may be not set in stones, but it was posted in cyberspace. At least I think Nicole should compensate.

    What more do I want? Geez, I don't know if there's anything else I could want. I'm thankful that god bestowed me with a family and friends who loves and support me unconditionally. I know there's a lot of people out there who are craving for 'love', thank god I do not have to feel that.

    The thing here is, it's not about what I want. It's a pity that she did not go out with him or compensate. The guy thought Nicole is such an angel and was looking forward to snap a few pictures with her.

    Or, is it Nicole is high and mighty and way above others that she does not need to honour her words or a simple apology is way beneath her? If she is, then I apologize for my ignorance for not knowing that there's such creature exists on Earth.

    Now, I am honoured that you set up a committee to anti me. Someone here cares enough to set up a committee to get rid of me while the rest of the commenter here are pitifully ignored.

    Did I missed something? She waited for 2 hours? How did you know? She mentioned to you or did she write it somewhere that I missed? All I know she only said this in her pacme.

    "This sucks... Can't find the nuffnangers, dun have tickets. Can't locate my winner coz he gve me the wrong number. I'm leaving the stadium now "

  24. Anti Cleffairy Club Committee ACCC31/7/08 11:07 PM

    Your naivete outlook and tender years shows that you have not lived life enough to show any great depth as a blogger or writer of any great substance. No wonder i don't read your blog, cos u touch on things which are totally beyond u. Don't blame u only your lack of life experience, exposure and untrained thought processes. Pardon me but i beg to be honest in my constructive criticism as well dear cleffairy.

  25. Concerned for Cleffairy1/8/08 12:39 AM

    Quote Cleffairy, "Did I missed something? She waited for 2 hours? How did you know? She mentioned to you or did she write it somewhere that I missed? All I know she only said this in her pacme."

    Your lack of trust in people showed an innate inadequacy. Must have been hurt too much in the past to develop such a distrust for people. I think it's very seldom the case that people would reneged on something as light as a social obligation as that & go all the way out to cook up a story after that! Have a little faith in people Clef by having a little faith in yourself first.

  26. Clef said: Things may be not set in stones, but it was posted in cyberspace. At least I think Nicole should compensate.

    Clef why are talking about my 'stones'?! I think i might want to sue u. I've never felt so outraged in my life! LOL!

  27. last KL virgin1/8/08 12:47 AM

    OMFG Clef is only 24 but her views and perpective on things might have belonged to an uptight 40 yr old virgin! LOL

  28. learned counsel1/8/08 12:49 AM

    Nicole compensate? For what?! What wrong has she contravened at law or contract that she has to compensate? Really!

  29. i want nicoles modeling pictures because she is sooo pretty. her pictures eases my stress and can easily smother me when i am pissed off. it inspires me a lot just like watching a relaxing sunset by the bay or a beautiful country side scene while breathing its fresh air.


  30. Looks like someone here had a severe case of schizophrenia.*smirk*

    Firstly, to trust a stranger is totally absurd. Didn't your mom tell you not to trust people easily? Eh, you go ahead and trust people on the street or whoever you meet on the web, and easily accept their invitation everywhere, but I prefer to be safe from possible unwanted outcome. Note this: Nicole is not my friend or someone I know in real life, why should I trust her?

    Last KL Virgin... eh excuse me but 24 years old is already old enough to vote for election.

    Learned council...well, maybe to you Nicole don't have to compensate. Maybe that's because you're used to do such things too?

    I guess this blog is definitely not for children to read....yes, definitely not, since a simple apology when you're not able to fulfill your promises is deem not important. What morale you'd be teaching today's kids, I don't know. Oopps, sorry. I forget. Nicole never said her blog is for kids to read.

    Goku, there's so many other pretty single girls out there. Why nicole? She already have a sweetheart. o.O

  31. learned counsel1/8/08 3:28 PM

    When Garfield said: when u promised someone about something in the public(internet is considered as a public place), u should keep ur promise

    i said: Pls don't make a mockery of the law and stop quoting the law loosely by shooting off that loose flap of yours. U're a layperson. The law will not enforce or regulate a social arrangement unless if it contravenes any other law. Go look up 1st year law books if in doubt!
    Garfield said: u know how old is Bill Gates started his business with Paul Allen? U know how old is Thomas Edison started his invention? u know that age does not indicate how much experience and knowledge a person have.

    I said: All the people quoted had fields in hard science, not soft arts like politics and subjective social themes. Life experiences cannot be substituted unless you claim a spark of rare genius which i don't find any evidence here.
    When garfield said: nicole didn't mention that she said 2 hours in the article or anywhere.
    there is only explanation for this.

    anti cleff comittee & anti garfield comitte is actually nicole herself.

    by the way, even if she did write in the article said she waited 2 hours, it is still a myth and no one knows. only herself know whether it is true or not.

    i said: U were merely speculating as to the facts. She could probably sue you over this if she had half a mind for tarnishing her credibility.
    When Garfield said: talking about politics is everyone's rights, if no one talk about politics like u, the ruling government will do as they pleased and then, petrol tax 100%. then die lar, rite or not?

    i said: Yes but Nic's blog is probably not the best premise to host such issues. Best restrict to matters relevant to the blog.

  32. overly concerned for cleffairy1/8/08 3:39 PM


    I'm hardly a schizoid as i'm held in high esteem in my circle. But having read your comments, i can safely say that while u try to volunteer yourself as a lofty self righteous miss know it all or guru of some sorts, u are sorely misled and your views are immature and as usual a mix of neurosis and wild ramblings. If not for the internet i think your self styled rants should best be confined as a textbook study of a young female lunatic. Would expect your readership to be equally as looney as you to subscribe to your thoughts. What is it about Nicole that irks you so much? Is it because she is blessed with looks and kissed by the gods? While u could rant and rave & tear your hair out and pummel your fists till it bleeds as you are apt to do, as i have observed from your wild ramblings! U would still not be half as good a Nicole. Accept that life isn't fair and move on. You'll be in a much better place i assure you.

  33. Yalor that cleffairy dunno why she want to squat in Nicole's blog when she is so deadset against her. Sigh. Some people really got nothing better to do than criticise other people! Haiiih! Really wuliao!

  34. Cleffairy&#39;s reader1/8/08 4:15 PM

    Clef this is no place for a sensitive girl like u. I'm really worried about your mental state taking all this abuse. It's not worth it. Looks like u had a breakdown to me, why would u have raised it otherwise. Better get out before more harm is done. Hate to lose u baby. Remember to take your medication right?

  35. Have a fantastic weekend everybody! =)

  36. hey, clef you should know that looks can be deceiving lah. nicole's fans tink she's very she nonid apologize la! so stupid de, one time say clef sound old, den say she immature. muack, luv u clef. tc&god bless.
    nic here's some prezzie for u.

    _i_ (middle finger!)

  37. poor parent1/8/08 5:26 PM

    i stop buying The Star on sat because of nicol's column. my kids visit this blog den keep asking me to bring them for vocation and tink it's ok to beg ppl to get wud they wan. nicole=bad influence.

  38. not only fairy and garfield dun like nicol. saw nicol just now. dam fucking bitchy!i change my mind bout her!fairy, garfield, salut u both!

  39. eyewitness1/8/08 8:37 PM

    ANON, i saw your mom being humped by a bull. do i change my mind about u too? i salute your mom or is it the bull!?!

    See, anyone can make claims like that!

  40. Poor parent, while u're at it might as well hide your children in the cellar, make sure no tv or radio. The world is an evil place. Don't go out of the house either. Evil is lurking everywhere! Moron! hahaha

  41. ANON,talk like an adult instead of showing the finger. Reflects on your poor character. U're sound like a clef/garfield clone BTW!

  42. brink of sanity1/8/08 8:53 PM

    Cleffairy, i beg u to leave this forum. I know u need the hits by using Nic's blog as a springboard but isn't your sanity too high a price to pay for your lousy blog?? Pls leave before they push u over the brink. I noticed your comments have lost some form, pls Clef don't beat yourself up over a few hits this way. I can't bear to cu suffer this way. Pleassseee.......

  43. to cleffairy,

    there’s a saying that “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” and “love moves in mysterious ways”. these are all true for me. i easily get bored to some pretty face but not of nicole’s. i dun really choose what beauty i am going to love or whom am i going to love with, it just happens like an instinct… a female gorilla can be pretty to some male gorilla but not for me because i dun think my instinct would desire for that female gorilla. i can fall in love with somebody even if she is already married and i’ll just love that person from a distance and would not probably reveal that feeling to anyone. nicole has a face that i would looove to see first the moment i wake up … she has the personality that i really like, the kind of personality that i would want to lovingly express what i am feeling and my feelings for her. the kind of person i would love to talk with forever… i want to grow old with her even though it will never ever happen… =,(

    they will definitely think that i’m a dreamer. but dreams are free and it has a positive effect on me. =)

    i may fell in love with another girl but nicole will be kept in my heart forever. but for now, i’ll just enjoy this wonderful feeling…this is one of my luxury in life. =)

  44. son goku,

    looks like u get the wrong person.
    that is overly concerned for cleffairy
    not clefairy.

  45. One of the comments are right. There are people whose only reason to come into this blog is to read the comments, not the lame blog. If you moderate the commes, no body will come.

  46. you said it anonymous...hohoho...i also come here for the comments...she moderate, den i wun come back liao. *yawn* her writing puts ppl to sleep!

  47. Beauty judge2/8/08 7:58 PM

    At least Nicole looks are genuine. Dawn looks like a X'mas tree that has been hung up once too many times. U get what i mean right.

  48. Shah Rukh Khan2/8/08 8:00 PM

    Mary anne, not everything like Hindi movie with a lot of dancing, tambourines and kapow kapow fist punches! nahi tum nahi.......

  49. Dawn yang lover,

    Not that malaysian men are tasteless. Malaysian men just like their women look like real bllod and flesh women, not like a fashion statement or a counter make up promoter that all fugly sporean women look like.

  50. Nvm u don't come back no loss. Mebbe Nicole should start moderating.

  51. My beautiful all natural Nicole i wanna lick u from head to toes, every nook every cranny! But spore girl how to lick so much make up, got peel layer by layer like onion. By time she finish i ta fei kei oledi!

  52. sure or not??2/8/08 8:15 PM

    that explains the low birth rate! hahaha

  53. hey bollywood star....BODah la aneh. Nescafe teh tarik kuat kuat kurang manis. Neh!

  54. agree with u leh, u lick spore ah lian u get toxic poisoning leh. hahahaha

  55. eh toxic waste u no doctor that's why u dunno. u dun use u lose it mah. spore is fine city mah all see no touch. this kenot that kenot ask me stay there i really kenot la. no wonder ppl there so insecure they hold bag oso make sure the brand facing u wan like kenot see. so sad la this ppl.

  56. toilet pump2/8/08 8:43 PM

    yerr, dun fight la, people. world peace, world peace. one is au de toilet, one is au de perfume.

    nicole come frm toilet water, all natural.i come from toilet, tht's y kno nicol frm toilet.

    dawn come from au de perfume. at least got smell nice.

    don fite ya, peace.

  57. Endah water2/8/08 8:49 PM

    toilet sewage pump,

    where got ler my nicole come from fountain of youth.

    your one come from recycled shit waste water where got same same. No wonder u all nowsadays ha all look sickly la. birth rate oso down bcos eat shit water leh.

    Peace peace bro.....we all civilised one mah

  58. public transport2/8/08 9:22 PM

    yalor now even their women see boys they all want cos' we msian men know how to fuck not just tok like pansies. their men nowsadays ha carry LV handbags like women dunno why. mebbe got dildo they shove up their own ass when waiting for their super efficient marvellous fabuluso MRT leh

  59. I like the story of beer and football. Maybe you can check out our beer blog, if u r interested in beer do drop by our site, maybe you can help us write some beer stuff in ladies perspective....cheers!

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