Back from Amazing Thailand


Good food, good durian, good hotels, good sea, good sun, good wine, great shop.


chopsticks and durian go very well together

Doesn't this photo look like couple on honeymoon?


No we're not dating, neither are we engaged/married. Andy's the trip's photographer. It's good to be Andy. All the ladyboys fancy him. :p

There was ONE problem.

No good internet.

accessing internet from LCCT


"Connect you stupid wifi!"

ps// update more on china tonight.


28 kissed Nicole

  1. Nicole,

    Our Malaysian durians far more better than Thailand. I bet u never taste Penang durians before...

    p/s: our own Malaysians are denying Thailand's durians in terms of fragrance, tasteless but u still go for it...gosh....

    Anyhow, nice update...keep it up yeah....

  2. that's because there are three types of durians in Thailand.

    I bet you never taste the small sweet soft Thai durian before instead of the big tasteless cripsy type which most Thais love.

  3. ohh u looked sweet in those pic..

    althou myself hate durian.. kaka~~

  4. BaLQiz, it's not spec. It's new kind head gear. kekeke....

  5. so.......... how many times have u slept with ur photographer?

  6. Nicole,

    You are one amazing lady that I can never stop praising...

  7. yes, the Thai soft sweet type durian is nice and it is called "morn torn" but still can never compared with penang's balik pulau durians

  8. oh is it?
    they must be nice. *drool*

  9. Take flight to thailand just to eat durian?

    u got problem or not?

    u can just buy it in malaysia, wan to eat thailand durian, just buy in malaysia, there is ppl selling thailand durian.

    or izzit u go thailand got other reason?

    D2 & D24 is also good breed!

    and about the wifi u say sux, of coz sux lar, so many ppl is using it. u think u r the only person who know how to use internet in airport mer?

  10. Hi Nicole, I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. You write very interesting travel blogs, I must say. You're kinda my role model now, you know. Anyways, you've just gotten back from Thailand while me from Hanoi. I guess you already know that the traffic there is super crazy! Therefore, Halong Bay's the perfect getaway for some peace.

  11. Hi Nicole, Congratulation for u being featured in the DCMag. Anyway nice blog you got here.


  12. cipanbakar12/7/08 5:02 AM

    do i know u nicole? but certainly i'm in luv with u :p

  13. I like the couple pic.. looks so "ham fuk"

  14. Got more pictures in Thailand, Nicole?

  15. Apparently my article on in starmetro today might have gotten the owner into a bit of trouble. I hope his director don't give him a hard time. He's a very sweet guy. *you should have given a deep though first. Sibu is a small town you know and HB's parents are well known people in Sibu. :(

  16. Welcome back boss. Good to hear you have a great trip.

  17. travel to thailand just to sample durians? why Malaysian durians no standard meh? hv you gone cuckoo or what?

    Even the Melaka durian dodol beats thai durians flat........

    u r from Melaka so you know what I'm talking eh?

    R u very sure that there are three types of durians? Wanna bet or not?

    durian lover

  18. yeah...more than 3 types lahh..yoh....u shud brush up a bit with a visit to Balik Pulau as mentioned by Jeff, which then only u will know what is the REAL durians...

    Penang Kia...

  19. more thing left out...FYI, I frequented Thai much more greater and better, I bet, if were to compared to...and the :morn torn"...yucks...good meh?

    Adios Nic!

  20. OMG durians frighten me. I tried to eat one and it made me gag.

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  22. comment on first pic, the guy in orange why he stares at you like never seen a girl before?

    geegee girl

    funny shyts u guys.
    she's probably pretty pleased that we're makin fun of her. she's earning through all these!

  24. Enjoyed your latest instalment of Blogged Out, about the blogger who was a drug user in Thanks for bringing us stories from the grittier side of blogging. Didn't know that existed. I think u have a very good platform for reaching out and make a difference for bloggers, with your blog & StarMetro column. So pls keep up the good work. I'm a big fan.

  25. haha what about "great company?"

  26. how many times do u have sex in a week, nic?

    can u one day blog about your sexual life?

  27. Sex with Nicole?? no way... she is mine.. I am her sugardaddy. Without me, you think she can go travel so often without any job??