Afternoon Tea's Love

"Would you like a cuppa tea, my love"

me close up

Ahh.. the English. I simply love their culture. Tea tea tea. Anything, anytime, there's always a time for tea.

pretty teacup

The creation of tea at leisure made the Victorian age ladies, well.. ladies.

And I simply adore gentlemen, them with their top hats and penguin suits, coats for the winter and trek suits during windy season, an elegant walking stick by their sides and hats off to any lady who walks by, in her silk gown drapes down from her breasts revealing her creamy soft lumps and arched back that runs for miles.


Afternoon tea is a splendid tradition, taking a sip of that wondrous hot fragrant liquid will transport you back in time, back to the olden days, back to London, lazing under Big Ben tower and watch the days go by. Where ladies will greet "Good day" and the Gentlemen bow in response "And to you".

gentleman and lady
the subtle attraction

Every since finding out that sitting around with your guy and girl friends on a lazy cooling afternoon with a hot cuppa tea in your hand and chit chat the hours away is the most fantastic leisure time ever, better than heading out for a movie, better than going for a jog and definitely better than taking your dog out for a walk; I have been hooked to having afternoon teas like how I am hooked to internet.

mix fruit cocktail tea

If you're not a tea fan. Learn to taste the subtle fragrant that of tea, start with a mix fruit cocktail *points to photo above*.

An exquisite china teacup can be very lady-like, dress up for the occasion, a cute dress why not, instead of your usual jeans and t-shirt;

pretty dress

go out have a fun day with your girls, with your guy friends, charm them with your adorable dress and new found feminity, have fun, have a good flirt, have a good chat.

We're living in a very busy world and crowded society, no one has time anymore for a casual tea. I think it's essential to learn to sit back and enjoy a hot cuppa tea, it's even more essential we learn to take a step back and look out into the garden, appreciate the joyous greenery of nature. Learn to take it easy.

me on bed

Now go over to my tea session and join me for a cuppa tea.


44 kissed Nicole

  1. cos we have like, FULL TIME JOB! :P

  2. Posted by Nicocoa at 8:00 AM

    Topic: Actually Useful Tips, Wise Thoughts

    Lol, darling...what about the fact that hair scrunchies should be banned and banished from the face of the earth?


  4. Re-enactment of the victorian age.
    Lady: HOW DO YOU DO?
    Gentleman: WHAT IS IT TO YOU ?
    Lady: Have some tea?
    Gentleman: COFFEE PWNZ JOO.
    Lady: Coffee what is that?
    Gentleman: !!!!!! It pwnz you backward undeveloped aristocrat!

    Coffee Pwnz JOO

  5. Drink hot coffee
    Drink hot tea,
    Burn your lips and
    Remember me.

  6. actually we have the exact same thing as a leisure tea time its called MAMAKing :p

  7. Full time job ^^ hahahaha
    The fuel for full time job is.. tadaaaa Coffee!!
    But I love green tea. Make another one that says something about that okay? OKAY! =Þ

  8. ky: we also have like... weekends!!

    kimberly: but i like my hair scrunchies~ @_@

    faithtrustcomm: mamaking at night is unhealthy. -.-

  9. omg nicole and u are from peifong tea are from CHINAAAAAAAAA =.= not the english sigh.

  10. Thanks tea is very good. I'm partial to that bitter sweet nectar, Earl Grey with a twist of bergamot.

  11. I'm more of a coffee person but I'm convinced of the qualities of tea. Where is a good place for a proper English tea session in KL? Come, we go when I arrive.
    Winter Warmers?

  12. Just a passer by and love ur blog alot! i love having tea (english tea) but the tea set sold in malaysia is really really expensive ( few thousand for one set ) you may considering of buying it outside asia though:p Winter warmers have the best tea i ever had, please to visit there if u have the chance^^

  13. sugardaddy24/7/08 8:07 AM

    Oh yes Nicole, come, lets go Carcosa Seri Negara for English tea. That place is quiet, not many people and hiden. My wife will never find me there when i am with you.

  14. Who says we don't have time for tea? Government servants are on a perpetual tea break. Except that it's teh tarik.


  15. Nicole,

    Is that you? Gosh! You are smashing!!! I am not sure if I should continue reading your blogs. I am afraid I will fall too deep in love with you till I will do silly things.

  16. yes we do have time for casual conversation over a cup of tea. I just think that afternoon tea or high tea is not everyone's choice. Some of us prefer mamak (limit to drinks only), some hangout at Starbucks, others at Secret Recipe..

  17. Hi Nicole,

    Just wanna tell you that you look gorgeous & stunning! I simply love your pictures and they are all without heavy ICI paints & artificial colours.... Simply natural and simply beautiful, a true beauty you are i would say! Keep it up gal and all the best to you and your family!

  18. wow nic! I would love to come for tea. After that I cum on ur face!Can?

  19. I love Winter Warmers! And I purposely stopped by to take its photo at Gurney few weeks ago when I went for dinner.

  20. Ohhh... I love tea.. Especially 'long zhing' (chinese tea).


  21. This is one of your best ideas in a long time Nicole. To dress up look charming and to sit with friends and chat over a cup a tea.. There is no better way to enjoy life - a close second is walking your dog.
    And I must comment - ladies wearing dressing again would be awesome instead of the same old blue jeans and shirt.

  22. no offense, but the part:
    "Would you like a cuppa tea"
    it looks like it is inspired from another person's blog. coz there is a blog which is using that as the blog title since long time ago.

    and also, i found that there is a few article you have written recently is also inspired from that blog's articles.

    so i think it is necessary to give credit to the source where you inspiration from.

    correct me if i am wrong, but i that is what i see so far. hope to get ur reply soon to clarify regarding this matter.

    to those nicole fans, please do not shoot me if you do not know what is the "source" i mean, let nicole answer herself, coz i would like to see what she reply personally.
    other word to those fans:
    "Just shut up and let her answer!"

  23. garfield: do name the so-called source you think my posts are 'inspired' from. I am interested to know too. :)

  24. Yup us english are the best :)

    and tea is the best!

  25. capt long john25/7/08 1:12 PM that you mention it, i tink ur rite, garfield! after looking at her post, esp the recents ones! WoW! And ppl shud see the date and time of post and compare!

  26. suggardaddy25/7/08 6:42 PM

    I think Nicole get her "inspired" from Kenny Sia blog about airasia food, then nicole blog about air asia food, Kenny blog about new HP mini laptop, then Nicole blog about her dell laptop. Kenny blogs about the food in kuching then Nicole blogs about china food. :p

  27. Dark Knight25/7/08 8:55 PM

    I think a woman is best inspired when she's in love. come to Dark Knight my sweet Nicole & draw strength from me.

  28. Don't u just love the Victorian era :)

    However, we Asians have our own tea session too: Japanese tea ceremony. Kimono + green tea = win.

    I like my tea "pure" though, no sugar, no milk, nothing. I've read before adding milk will destroy all health benefits of tea.

  29. @suggardaddy,
    thx for pointing out another place where her inspiration might be from.

    actually, the source of inspiration i meant at my previous post is not talking about kenny sia ones. but thx for adding another source.


  30. oh, forget to answer to nicole.

    the source of inspiration i mentioned is from 1 of the person who replied here b4.
    i do click to the comment posters links.

    should i continue on to point out more info? just tell me if u want me to do so.

  31. the great sage27/7/08 4:42 PM

    People who are most critical of others usually have low self esteem.

    Word of advice for garfield.

  32. Yoohoo, calling Dark Knight... just for some confirmation, are you Ah Keong?

    Is this your blog?

    Eh, the great sage, then Tun Dr. Mahathir also have low self-esteem? He's also very critical of people. Some low esteem he have to be able to be a Malaysian PM for more than 20 years then.

  33. Dark Knight27/7/08 10:22 PM

    But then dear clef u're hardly Tun M, he has achieved a lot during his 20 year premiership, and he has nothing further to prove.

    U on the other hand have a blog that's worth zip & a very bitter gall bladder. Be careful or u'll work up some ulcers. Belch! Who's Ah Keong btw, an old arch rival?

  34. the great sage27/7/08 10:32 PM

    Thanks Dark Knight for your timely rejoinder.

    When Tun criticizes it's what we call nation building.

    When Clef bitches it's just that!

    Need i say more.

  35. the comment features is intended to be used for criticism in order to improve future articles, but seems like you guys can't accept critics that able to help on improving quality.

  36. Still haven't seen a constructive criticism here as yet only pure hysterics bordering on lunacy, clefairy and u garfield tops the list.

  37. So, Nicole...I heard you get gonorrhea? Issit getting better? Careful ohh, it happens all the time when u keep hv sex with strangers!

  38. last KL virgin28/7/08 9:47 PM

    must be another uptight past 40 virgin emoing again. hihihi

  39. To Anonymous,

    read comments at those others articles in here b4 u say so.

  40. still don't think there was a single constructive criticism in here, just a lot of self righteous rantings by people who sits on their high chair & think they're above everyone else. sigh. Sad what the blogosphere has come to be. Especially people who is part & parcel to all this heated exchange, when they are enraged by what other people's scathing replies, they threaten legal action. It's so funny. Had expected more of cleffairy and u. What a disappointment. Think i'll give up reading blogs for a while. Haiih!

  41. To reader,
    as i said just now, read comments from other articles 1st b4 u reply

  42. Lame comeback for someone whose avatar is supposed to display a narcissistic wit and cool sarcasm. Your pedestrian comments and personality doesn't do your avatar justice! Dunno why people pick avatars to which they have no association with. i suggest u change yours to Cicak Boy. hahahahaha

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  44. the tea cups look really awesome