No Cheap Internet for Stylish Travellers

There's one thing I dislike travelling in style. It's difficult to find cheap Internet service.

Last two nights, I was staying Sheraton Krabi and getting 24 hours of internet cost an easy 800 baht. That's a whooping RM80 for few updates and chats on msn.

It's painful. Really.

For a group of bloggers to go on a holiday without wifi is like giving a stripper clothes. It just doesn't work.

Today I'm staying at Millennium Hotel of Patong Beach in Phuket and 24 hours of internet in the room will cost RM60 (600 baht). That is insane.

I have no choice but to walk out in the rain to an internet cafe down the street to pay RM3 for half an hour of internet access. Which sucks because I really like to be blogging from my room. Which is why in most cases, living in a budget hotel or backpacker's inn is so much nicer, they either come with a free wifi or internet is just dirt cheap.

Last night I was staying in Surat Thani and Hi-speed wifi costs about RM10 (100 baht) for a day. However, unfortunately, the wifi service provider here doesn't synchronise with my Vista, damn it.

Will update more about China when I go back tomorrow. My flight from Phuket back to KL is around 4pm hence will be touching down around 6pm Malaysian time. 5 days in Southern Thailand is pure bliss, lots of good fattening local food and good activities.

Everyone is having a blast, travelling with a group of bloggers is out of this world. We click so easily like fish and water, imagine walking 10 mins and have at least 10 cam-whore sessions and 20 random photo sessions, abusing every single food/souvenier/hotel/destination/restaurant we come upon. It's utterly hilarious. We will even bring our cameras into the sea, don't play play.

If I'm not updating this entry from an internet cafe. I would have updated some very very very very silly photos of us by now. However, stay tune. Entries on Malaysia's first blogger's media trip will be coming soon. :D :D :D


16 kissed Nicole

  1. wooh...nice trip yeah...eager to hear from you soon..keep it up..

  2. wish u have a safe journey home. looking forward for more updates on your traveling.

  3. I knew you from "The Star" newspaper and everyday i just follow what ever you pen down on your blog.

    Very nice to have you pen down a lot of interesting subject. I like it very much......... Take care

  4. Naaah, dun work lidat!

    If you can stay in expen$$ive hotel, u can pay for wifi lah! It's business expense anyway!

    Especially if someone else pay for it can? MWAHAHAHAH

  5. Ohh,I felt sorry for what happen there. Hotels there really know how squeeze our pockets,heh...

    I'd suggest the next time you plan to stay in a hotel, run a survey...

    well, sure it feels good to be home... ;P

  6. Vista sux...use macOS instead...

  7. would like to recommend one place amphawa, mayb u can go there on your next trip to thailand, nice place

  8. Nicole,

    This blog sucks because it has no pictures. Put more of your pictures please!

  9. I WANT YOU TO LICK MY ASS.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..

  10. I would love to travel like this... but in real world, not everyone is as fortunate as you... maybe it's good for me to work hard and then use the money to travel once or twice a year...

    Keep up the good work!!!

  11. I went to Thailand once. It was a total nightmare...

  12. OMG! There's a blogger's media trip going on nowadays? Jesus Christ, a lot has changed since I was in rehab. Advertorials wasn't a word then. Blogger meets were common but not media trips. I wanna go on the next one, get me an invite pretty please? :)

  13. trip was aweeeesomeee

  14. nicole's secret admirer also13/7/08 3:38 PM

    i wanna love u until u die!

  15. what is 800Bath for you when you afford to stay at Sheraton hotel?