Sexual Harrassment and Queue on LRT

Short note: My photography work appeared on Digital Camera Malaysia Magazine this month (July issue). Go grab a copy to find a shoulder exposed thumbnail photo of myself. :D

I was about to blog about my China trip today but something happened moments ago that prompt to write about the incident before anything else.

I was walking around KLCC looking for a decent pair of pump shoes to go with this really cute black dress I bought from China. And ended up getting two pairs of Nose high heels, seven Sloggi panties, two Triumph bras, a white and a black dress that were on 50% discount; which cost me a 'little' more than the initial budget of RM50 on a pair of cute black pumps. And I still haven't gotten my flat pumps!

I learned that living in KL costs a lot not because of the living standard, but because the surroundings. I am surrounded by temptation!! Everywhere I go, there's sale!! Whereas in Puchong, the only thing I see when walking out of my condo is a factory and a bowl of pork noodle soup, instead of Rocher chocolates and Starbucks every two blocks away.

When all was done, I decided to walked out of the Concorde KLCC to take the LRT back home (home here means my friend's place till I rent my own room here next year when I settle back in KL, yay baby! I love KL!) since my 'home' is just across the street of one particular LRT station not too far from KLCC. It's gonna be easy.

How wrong was I.

machine tickets queue - LRT
Queues for Ticketing Machines.

Gosh, I totally forgot about the peak hours. Have I spent that long shopping? I thought I was just browsing through Isetan, a book store, met up with a friend for tea, and then a shoe store trying every possible shoe they have there. Wait, that is rather long. Okay.

Thank god I have a lot of coins, else I'll be joining the counter queue which is menace.

queue for tickets - LRT
The queue curves in a way that 90% of the people u see in this picture are in the queue.

Personally, I think it's nothing as compared to Singapore, HK, Shanghai, and Tokyo. But I certainly did not expect such a crowd. I guess it's a good clear sign that everyone is shouting "Bloody hell! You think petrol cheap is it?!"

Oh, and by the way, you know how Malaysians, like the rest of Asians on this part of the world, do not have the courtesy of letting people out of the train when the LRT pulls in and doors open? I mean, it's common sense really, why do we people push our way into a cramped compartment when we can just easily wait for a 10 seconds so people can come out, hence allowing more space, before we move in, wouldn't that be easier?

Malaysians LRTs have figured a solution for this.

lrt queue in Malaysia 2

Red banner to scream "Queue up you bloody fool! Don't know how to queue up is it? Come, I draw a line for you, babies!!"

lrt queue in malaysia

Well, it did work.

What would we do without our genius system. (Please sense the sarcasm)

Anyway, after I squeezed myself into the LRT thinking happily to myself that I was the last person to fit into the compartment whilst the rest waited for their next ride, a guy suddenly shoved right into this tiny void next to me (was there even a void?), pushing everyone further in, including myself.

Once inside, I waited for the door to close (since I was aware that I was THAT close to be 'kiap' by the doors) before settling into a more comfortable standing position. So was the guy behind me (my back was facing him).

He, too, shuffled to a more "comfortable" position, which in my opinion, was a bit too close for comfort. And for a while there, I felt his pants' buckle against my buttcheek. Or I wished it was his buckle!

I tried to take no notice as I was still figuring out whether it was a buckle or something more! Not wanting to accuse the wrong person, you know. So at the next stop, when a girl stepped out of the train, I wiggled my way through to the void she left and stood comfortably once again there.

Guess what?!

That guy moved too! Towards me and continue to stand next to me. Almost immediately I shifted my Roxy Tote Bag to act as a barrier between me and him, and his buckle. For few instances, I saw him glancing down at our barrier (aka my Tote bag) and at my face again and then looked else where. And he repeated the same sequence for the next two stops.

The MOST uncomfortable part, was that his face was just AN inch to mine, any closer his (disgusting) lips are going to plant a landmark on my right cheek. I have to lift my arm up to "pretend" I was holding the metal bar on top for support when in actual fact I was creating barrier (again) between his ungodly face and mine. And also to let him smell my armpits! HMPH! There! Smell, you filthy perv.

At this point, my body was slanting towards one side, squashing the poor petite Malay lady next to me while avoiding the shameless perv who's standing too close to me. Every second passed by, I swear he was breathing down my neck, smelling my hair and about to take a bite on my shoulder. If I have not known better, he could be stripping me naked with his eyes and having an orgasm on the spot. OMG~ *shivers*

"I had enough" shouted my head. "I am going to talk this buddy off really loudly in a cramped train and have everyone stare at him in disgust!!"

Just when I was about to shoot him a very angry stare, he suddenly turned, glided out of the crowd and onto the platform outside. o.O

WTF?! The perv is getting away!

Wait, he left. Hooray!

Damnit, just when I was about to expose his indencency. Darn~!

I also updated my pacmee shoutout in front of him when I was creating the arm barrier and armpit attack.

Nicolekiss: I swear I'm being harrassed here on the LRT. T.T

Totoro515 replied (and I quote): u can either scream now or do the same to him. haha


Such supporting readers I have.

To totoro515,

I would have, but I don't have the equipment to make an erection and prode people's butt.


67 kissed Nicole

  1. Great post, Nicole, great!
    Happy day

  2. What you should do is to get a 12" dildo (Does it even come in that size? Probably.) and do the same to him if you happen to have the misfortune of bumping into him again (or rather him bumping into you, pun intended). Metal ones work best. But knowing perverts, he'll probably enjoy it. *shrugs*

    Have a nice day Nicole!

  3. Nic,

    Great commentary! u really had me in stitches! I was LMAO! U sure it's not one of your over amorous admirers from in here? LOL! And yeah, queuing is not a word in the Msian vocab!

  4. public transportation harassment. tell me about it. i just posted an entry about that too. and seriously, its damn disturbing.

    i hate it when men PURPOSELY sit next to ladies when there are like a dozen other empty seats available.

    and they tend to sit sooooooo close. such pervs.


  5. Ms,nicole how ru?i like your blog and every saturday i read ur blogged out the star news.good luck!nicole.

  6. poor thing la you.. sometimes when us girls are harrassed.. shouldn't we just tell the person of.. since we already know he's doing it deliberately rather than waiting for confirmation that he is.

  7. Perverts who are hunting boobs, crotch and ass are everywhere on public transport. You are just another poor thing...

    We should not only concern ourselves with these perverts... but also those rude, heartless people who are not willing to give up their seats to the disabled...those rude bastards is as annoying as those perverts.

    And... pickpockets...

  8. juz get urself a TnG card, it works at LRT too.. no Q, no hassle.. if ur MyCard 64k is c/w TnG function, just upload some money into it as backup if u'r not a frequent user, as what i'm practising..

    NOW WE WILL NEED YOU TO SEND SEXY AND BIKINI PICTURES OF YOURS TO ME AT and please visit my website at for your aknowledgement. Thank you.

  10. haha,tthis happened to show that u have enuff attractiveness 2 make ppl did that on u,am i right? :)

  11. That person must be desperate enought to do that. You don't even have the curve!!!! you are flat chested!!!!!!
    Don;t understand why people like you have space in the star. Guess they run out of talent. your post is childish and you are so full of yourslef. stop posting all those really love yourself and think you are a freaking beauty huh?

  12. Frankly i love to see chicks in LRT ... but seriously tell you i am not a pervert... i just imagine, but i won't do it.. hmmm is that pervert ?

  13. Frankly i love to see chicks in LRT ... but seriously tell you i am not a pervert... i just imagine, but i won't do it.. hmmm is that pervert ?

  14. Frankly i love to see chicks in LRT ... but seriously tell you i am not a pervert... i just imagine, but i won't do it.. hmmm is that pervert ?

  15. In KL, it happens to basically every gals, to everyone who visited KL, me, my sisters, my frens. Tats among the thgs I dont like about KL, safety probs, transport sux, and alot of uncivilised taxi driver Grrr! Be extra EXTRA careful in KL

  16. Nicole, yes please be extra careful and alert whenever in the LRT, especially when the train is crowded. sighh i once experienced this kind of thingy b4 and was really pissed off!! i mean, what is he trying to do??1 damn disgusting weii...
    anyway take care!

  17. aiyoh...kesian... it's happening to s o many young women now (shakes head)

    this one's worst .

  18. UGHH!! EXACTLY why i HATE the lrt! harrassment on top of smelly BO and inconsiderate ass who play their handphone music damn freaking loud. *curse*

    and then comes along ppl who thinks that it's NOTHING to sit on LRT n how they wish they live near an lrt station


    wait till they get a taste of this!

  19. Wear one of those pointy boots or sharp heels. 'Accidentally' step on his toes or something, real hard. I am sure that something which is poking you would have shrunk by then. Bwahahahaha!!!

  20. Nicole's secret admirer3/7/08 2:43 PM


    Time to get a car. And, where are your pictures lately? The one you posted here is too small. Can't see you clearly...oh..I miss me..really really miss you...

  21. nicole's secret admirer also3/7/08 4:16 PM

    Nicole, next time u take train u ask me out also lah.. i will PROTECT u from all these perverts.

    I'm FAT and UGLY and DIRTY sometimes.

  22. Well, I think both the law enforcement and Putra LRT don't think this is a problem.

    We should insist on LRT (putra and maybe star also) to have a female only cabin, or better yet, female only train. Make it 1 in every 4 or 5 trains, base on the gender distribution of the commuter users.

    They can implement it only during peak hours on weekdays, something like 7.30-10.30am, and 4.30-7.30pm, and 100% of the time on weekends.

    So as long as you are taking the tains at these times, and willing to wait for it, you can expect a female only cabin/train.

  23. kanasai this kind of pervert guys....ccb!

  24. Haha how u wish u were in Japan with the all women carriage !!!

  25. This has got nothing to do with the LRT or any public transportations. It's all about the people. "Uncivilized" people do not know how to queue, speak loud in public areas, etc. Harassment not only come from men. Men could be victims also. (like me, sigh)...

    So, i think the best way to handle perv is to SCREAM OUT LOUD immediately, trust your feeling. If you have the pepper spray even BEST. haha

  26. Oh my, Nicole. I'm so sorry about that. I think he knew what you were going to do.

    If you see him again, make sure you do it back to him. :) Hopefully, that pervert will learn.

  27. Be careful Nicole,
    these days, banyak orang jahat.
    i like yr post on Cambodia. they should tangkap the perverts and apply what the Cambodians did with the Metal thing to drag their captured male prisoners's penis.

    take care

  28. these people are everywhere. its better to not wear too 'little' cloth when you are taking public transport or you are travelling alone. I think that might help a little.

    Sorry to hear that but glad that you are okay and he didn't do anything worse.

    take care :)

  29. Maybe that pervert in the LRT knew who you are and he is the one who always sexual harassed you in your blog here!

  30. Show more bra lah!

    See! now get harassed...

    Somemore mentioned more Sloggi panties and Triumph bra lah...

    U better stop all this to seduce or attract the pervert to harassed again...

  31. U see, if u were with me, u will be the one moaning with ecstasy! No need to poke poke thru clothes n bag! No need to strip u naked with eyes! We will do it for real!!!

  32. hei nicole, ur are hot and sexy. ur boobs is soft and nice although is little bit small. want to have sex again toinght? waiting for u at the same place same time. I give u 100 this time.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. lol, u r so hot everytime in ur photo. i want to 'touch' ur boobs too. rm 20 can?

  35. thr's alot of sick people around.. (u can see some of them commenting in this blog). just be careful and take care of urself always..

  36. ur blog nicole....
    neway its very normal to be harassed in pack local transportation especially in buses n metros(aka fast version of lrt)i experienced this in Moscow's metros and i got really mad so with all my strength i pushed the perv with my arms and move away..pathetic...argh..
    be careful and keep on bloggin /it's really interesting and educational too..:)

  37. hullo nicolekiss. happened upon your blog after reading my fresh copy of digital camera mag.

    a tip to females who are commuting, which i've used several times in the past, is to bring a safety pin with you. once they get too close, i usually prick them and just act nonchalant with a charming smile. if they call you on it, call them out publicly on their groin pressing antics. i think these pervs should really be taught a harsher lesson than just quietly taking it the abuse. =) but that's just me. =) safe commuting!

  38. Nicole - I understand - and there is no excuse for a male - or female - not controling them selves in public or private. But saying this some times the physical attraction is so strong - what do you do??? Well certainly keep your body parts to your self but to look over how can you stop your desires??

  39. sometimes i got auntie breathing down my neck instead. it's not buckle that pressed against my butt but some soft thingy pressed against my back.

  40. In Philippines, The guy and the girls are seperated. The 1st section of the train are for girls and the middle part are for couples, and the last are for guys, :)
    I dont ride LRT but that what i heard from my officemate :)

  41. It happens to me a lot of times in the lrt. There's nothing I can do about it since I take the lrt to work everyday. Besides, whether a woman dressed in revealing outfit or not they still do it. They have x-ray vision.

  42. nicole u should had taken a video of the guy and post it on YouTube la .. see if the guy still dare do it again next time o not :P

  43. Spiderman, so u mean men got the freedom to harrass us female but we dun hv the freedom to blog and to wear whtever we like? Why r nicole to blame when she is actually the victim on that uncivilised pig?

  44. I doesn't mean that...

  45. ha ha...seem like nicole finally delected some commend from the pervert already

    she should did that long time ago then

  46. Nicole is Lame.

  47. These pervs are cowards at heart. They prey on their victims fear and silence & are emboldened by it. Only thing to do is scream your lungs out! If that doesn't do it, aim a kick at u know here! Still brings a chuckle whenever i recount how you erected barriers using your arm & shopping bags from his buckle. U do have a traveller's humour! LOL!

  48. Nicole should have let the guy insert his penis into her vagina there and then in the LRT and have an orgasm of her own.

  49. aiya,all this female are the same like xiaxue or dawn yang. not really outstanding, but depend on guys to feed them. go travelling always and spend 'b.f' money only. showing us that we no need to work and always go holiday only. always show clevage lagi. sigh...same same lah...

  50. I think all the air tickets & hotel accommodation must be sponsored by Airasia Marketing Department due to her face & write up showed in The Star. Same thing go to her new Dell laptop, it must be sponsored by Dell Marketing Department due to she can influence people here to take Airaisa rather than MAS, and buy or change to Dell laptop.

    It is something like what the Westin Langkawi did for her as a blogger and press.

  51. its much much more worse in japan,they have no respect go woman there,got one case they groped a young students ass during rush hour.

  52. hi there, came across your blog on the Digital Camera magazine. You should push him away or scolded him. this kind of people is really a disgraced to the society... sigh... anyway, nice blog... =)

  53. This entry reminds me that I've been harassed in bus when I took bus back home. When I was bout to yell at him, he quickly went down the bus =.="

  54. If I see you in the lrt, I would rub my dick against your ass cheeks so hard and cum into your panties.....

  55. I wouldn't rub your ass cheeks, front cheeks is more like it

  56. Hey you men who comment,...I bet you guys who try to be nice here as as much pervert as that in th LRT....But you guys do it in a different way, the so called "Nice Way".."Nice Soft Spoken"....but the bottom line is that you aspect that Nicole would go out with you right?You guys are as much wanting to get into Nicole's pants too...Men are always men...The ladies will only realise it when its too late...

  57. Same goes to Nicole, perhaps its just your imagination...You know "lah"...when alot comment you are good in this, that think that you are so pretty and then try to be proud of yourself...Come on, think about it and look yourself in the are just a person whom you think look cute...hope you realise that...Leter, after some men who seen this message, surely defend you see lah...especially those whom never met you and wanting to meet you in person...(so called perasan guys lah)....This one, I believe that you have noticed it "lah"...
    Sorry Nicole for giving you such comments...because this is the fact of a human being whom did not realise who he/she was before he/she became so called "Famous"...

  58. Anonymous Stan said...

    hei nicole, ur are hot and sexy. ur boobs is soft and nice although is little bit small. want to have sex again toinght? waiting for u at the same place same time. I give u 100 this time.

    3/7/08 11:28 PM
    Comment deleted

    This post has been removed by the author.

    How come u deleted whatever you deleted but not the one above? You took that seriously maybe?

  59. Anonymous said...

    Hey you men who comment,...I bet you guys who try to be nice here as as much pervert as that in th LRT....But you guys do it in a different way, the so called "Nice Way".."Nice Soft Spoken"....but the bottom line is that you aspect that Nicole would go out with you right?You guys are as much wanting to get into Nicole's pants too...Men are always men...The ladies will only realise it when its too late...

    Reminds me of the fox and grapes story!

  60. The petrol price hike is really taking its toll on Malaysians huh? Well it is definitely a change in lifestyle / commuting and I am hoping that this would spark a transformation of the public transport in KL. With the demand, operators should react quickly to improve / expand the infrastructure before everyone goes back to their previous lifestyle.

    Hope for the best! and sorry to hear about your experience in the LRT... one of my friends experienced something worse!

  61. hi nic, u r obviously not a regular on public transportation... v d regulars have found a solution to that! we carry scissors in our bags... the type that tailors uses... pretty expensive, but good investment ;)


  63. suggardaddy21/7/08 11:18 PM

    Nicole, You are making sexual harrassment cases increasing!! Look at the picture above, how can a guy resist when you are laying on the bed, wearing bra and kissing "strawberry"??? ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh.

  64. Hey nicole, i got the same situation as urs. But mine is in monorail. the dame man was tryin to lift up my skirt i swear. i tot my skirt was flipped so i tot to correct it, but to my surprised, i caught a hand. dame shyt dat guy. he stil tryin to do so in the crowded train after i caught him. i try to look at him hopin he sense dat i noe dat it is him. but he pretend notin happened. being the 1st timer of this occurance, i did notin, kena scold by my bf instead. i was alone, duno wat to do. the 2nd time i bump into him, he sengaja come closer. this time wat i did is, i pretend i was typing msg wit sum1, but instead, i was recording him. i got his face in act. not long after dat, he keep his distance from me. XD i can share with u if u wan the video. (wink)

  65. i was blog hopping and found this blog. next maybe you girls can be vocal or if afraid, talk to the other guys nerby/ next to you. sure perv kena tampar :)

  66. i was blog hopping and found this blog. next maybe you girls can be vocal or if afraid, talk to the other guys nerby/ next to you. sure perv kena tampar :)