Time to fly, Nike

Short Note: I'm getting used to living in the hospital. And I don't like it one bit.

You know, students get all the fun nowadays. They get to attend fancy prom nights, exclusive gala dinners, organize extreme competition and be involved in big time reality shows.

I remember back in my days, being a student meant study, study and mamak. Lots of mamak. Not once I remember being offered an all expensed paid trip to even Pulau Besar in Melaka.

It’s sad really. No wonder a friend told me I am still considered part of Gen X; am I not part of the MTV generation? Darn it.

Why am I making all these complaints? Because I’m being sour about it, that’s why.
Here’s another opportunity for all students out there to stand the chance to win an all expense paid trip to Portland, Oregon in USA. *Oh great, go ahead, make my day why not*

Held by the al-mighty Nike, aka everyone’s worshipped brand, aka wearing Nike means you are cool, aka Nike is status;

You get my point

Project Lightweight is a competition open to currently registered college/university students in Malaysia whereby the best lightweight athletic product design

so light it floats

will win its owner an exclusive and personal trip to Nike’s World Headquarters in Portland where he/she will be given a tour around the Campus and once-in-a-life-time opportunity to visit the “Kitchen” that houses the top designers in Nike.


Rumour has it that any product of Nike’s that comes out from the Innovation Kitchen will take the world by storm, clouds will part and angels will sing; stock market increase and people go insane.

What? I wouldn’t know. I’m not in the States to see the real thing. But I’m the real fact is not far from what I have just said.

Everyone knows that Nike is best known for its advertising campaign and quirky innovation marketing scheme and amazing products. I mean, admit it, they’re good in what they do. And they do it with a bang.


They find the best people,


The best product placement,


Their messages are always “in your face”,


With a sense of humor,


Hence, when Nike does something, they go all the way. That means flying a student all the way to the states to meet some of the top geniuses and brains behind Nike.

Just do it. (Deja Vu, this is exactly what I said to myself when I was contemplating to backpack across Indo-China alone)

And to think their logo looks like a check mark.

Which is exactly their point, just do it. Go submit that entry now you lucky bastard student.

All submissions must be made between now till 31 July 2008. Get your passport ready and go to their site to learn more about the competition. Or is it the other way around? Sigh~ *sulks*

Hey Nike, when do I get to visit USA?

I don’t mind being the winner’s bag carrier. :D


19 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole i think u've got a typo..."so light it FLOODS" !? Nike is nice but i do belief that Saucony is the better brand for running shoes...Cheers!

  2. hey u know what? this advertorial of yours is so damn good. love it.

  3. I am FROM Portland Or! LOL. Hope you win, Nicole, you'll love the city. Actually, the Nike campus is in a suburb or Beaverton, OR, but NIKE uses hotels downtown for their corporate guests so you'll get to see the urban center of Portland...

  4. Been wearing lotsa Nike since I was a teenager(woooah...that's decades ago), and then I discovered Adidas... I think I'm more of an Adidas person, but I love the new concepts by Nike. They are somewhat more innovative and always trying new stuff.

  5. windwalker21/7/08 5:10 PM

    I'm a big fan of Nike!!!

  6. Very nice writeup. I was just telling Clare how much better your advertorials are. :)
    Starts with an anecdote to keep the reader's attention before launching in. I like!

  7. Nicole, let us just do it (have sex, I mean).

  8. The nike brand is nice to use and also expensive.

  9. Nike Owner22/7/08 1:04 PM

    Come on Nicole, just blow it (my dick, i mean).

  10. Product placement on your butt? I wouldn't buy it if they put it there. To eye catchy and unless you want to attract unwanted hands from groping your butt, I wouldn't buy it. It would be sending message to people "Just do it" (just grope me)

    On Nike...I think the product itself is not bet. i wonder how many athletes are using their products in the upcoming Olympic in August.

  11. wtf!
    pee on the wall and say
    "Just Do It!"?????

  12. Nicole,

    You want to go US? I will see if I can gather enough fund or not to pay for you. Will let you know.

  13. cleffairy come out of the dark ages will you. ur thoughts are so outdated and incorrect politically i know whether to laugh or to pity you. LOLZLOLZ

  14. typo "i dunno to laugh....." LOLZ

  15. To Anonymous,
    nike's advertisement might have some jokes contents, but they still have some certain limits where they make sure it is not too offensive or drop down thier reputation.

  16. garfield u belong in the dark ages too.

  17. To Anonymous,
    it is a multinational corporate advertisement format. u know wat? they might getting trouble if the ads they release r too offensive. remember the pepsi ads? pepsi get into trouble for showing a kid buy 2 can of coke just to stand on it to reach the pepsi where its button is on higher place of the drinks vending machine.

    so, there is limits on ads, not just to show what u like, there is censorship board.