Nicolekiss Birthday Wish

I received an email from a lady reader one day, sincerely asking me out for tea. *wave at Sharon*

As a tea sucker, I was all for it. (She was very sincere)

Little did I know, unexpected I was, when I arrived at KLCC Kinokuniya cafe, I was made to do this.

nicolekiss birthday wish

Mr Tan Eng Yew, Good Morning and Happy 26th Birthday!!

A full entry dedication? Hey, why not, he's the birthday guy. :) Everyone says hi to Eng Yew.

Apparently Eng Yew reads my blog every day, especially in the morning when he got into the office.

Eng Yew, you have very very sweet friends.

Sorry I couldn't lip print your "card" because I didn't bring a lipstick, so instead I drew a black kiss mark. :p

ps// please ignore the label, there isn't a birthday wish label to choose from. -.-


26 kissed Nicole

  1. Come to my birthday too, which is next month. He....He....

  2. I can only imagine what i want for my B'day!

  3. Eng Yew I envy YOU. Happy B'day n many more to come.

  4. I miss Kinokuniya cafe -___-;; and birthdays with my family

  5. Nicole, are you a lesbian? So many guys ask you out you didn't out with them but a lady ask you out then you out.

  6. This post is little "pak che"!

  7. Dark Knight25/7/08 8:47 PM

    Nic i want to unmask myself 2u on my birthday. Will u keep my secret my love?

  8. I also read your every day lah, when can we come out for a tea huh? hah hah ^_^

  9. Awww how sweet of you to go. ^^

    Have a nice day =D

  10. I want one on my birthday too! Wishes from Nicole! :)
    5th April 1981

  11. Whoa. I didn't know having a blog read by so many would yield all kinds of messages, including offensive ones. How do you keep up with them?
    Anyway, almost forgot : Hi Eng Yew!

  12. Nicole, anyone say you look like the "Ah may may" in one of the longest hong kong TVB series? (i don't know what is that series named)

  13. awfully sweet of you to oblige her request :) have a great one, eng yew :)

  14. Nicole,

    Can you do one for me too?

  15. did they pay u , nicole? not by tea.

  16. anonymous, :"did they pay you, Nicole? not by tea"?? Anonymous, what do you mean? You mean "treesome"? :)

  17. nicole punya admirer27/7/08 11:09 PM

    next time u come out like that you kena raped then you know.. sigh.. why when i asked you to come out you dont reply me??

  18. nicole, come lahh.. we can make super love when u are alone and deserted by your bf! he doesnt have to know. i will keep secret. we can do in hotel!


    comelah. comelah.. i got nice muscular bodies, face also very handsome. interested reply my email lahh!!

  19. aiya... the lansi bitch wun reply u lah... she reply to money nia! u got money meh?

  20. aiya... the lansi bitch wun reply u lah... she reply to money nia! u got money meh?

  21. election overkill28/7/08 9:45 PM

    NICOLE FOR MP! We the rakyat is behind u all the way!

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  23. Just a coffee meet up with 1 of ur readers, u badly insulted by crazy people here.

    Why u stil tolenrate them, Nicole?