How Propsocial Saved Me RM1 Million

Property hunting is HARD. 

So many people tell me it's the best time to buy property now because economy has been weak for the last few years and will continue to be bad till 2018, this is the time to look out for flash sales from property owners who can no longer afford to sustain their properties. 

I have friends who have gotten lucky on the property market to land such flash sales. One of the friends gave a final offer on this unit and within two months the owner gave in and settled on his price. He bought the place and will be moving in soon. 

Why couldn't such luck land on me?! 

I just want a place big enough to fit a walk-in wardrobe with a vanity room, huge toilet with bathtub, extra rooms for visitors, nice modern indoor & outdoor kitchen, spacious balcony with nice view overlooking the ocean that's walking distance to nice restaurants and a supermarket. 
Is that too much to ask?

There was this one unit, just two floors beneath the unit this friend bought, which we had ours eyes on. In fact, after viewing through more than 10 units in the neighbourhood we liked, this came out at the top of our list. Let's call this place xx property. So we made an offer, got turned down flat. Made another offer, said would consider and half a year later the unit was still unsold. The price the owner was asking for was just ridiculous (almost quarter of a million more than what we offered). 

At this point I was getting dejected and wondering if it's meant to be.
Then last week, I was introduced a site called PROPSOCIAL. It is like a tripadvisor of properties. You get the reviews by the community and editor and all the details you need to know about a property, like pool size, floor plans, year of completion, launch and subsale price, maintenance fee, etc

Naturally the first thing I looked up on was xx property. 

No perfect score on cleanliness, safety, traffic and quietness. 

Then I searched up the place I'm staying at now. 

Other than traffic, perfect score on all other aspects. 

Mmm... instantly my dwindling interest in xx property died right then and there. 

You know how grass is always greener on the other side? I've been living at my place for so long, sometimes I forget how comfortable it is to live here; and the urge to want a bigger place was creeping in over the years. 

Then a day later we met our old neighbour by chance in a bistro; turned out after he moved out three years ago, he moved in to xx property! Talk about coincidence. Guess what, he didn't like xx property and was looking to move back to our building after living there for three years. 

This just proved Propsocial's credibility. If not for the second opinion thanks to Propsocial, who knows, we might get desperate and went for xx property, if not that unit then perhaps another unit, causing us ONE million ringgit worth of mistake and despair.

In the mean time I'll be following the news feed on this neighbourhood to look out for new properties for sale. 

NOT where I live. Just an example. 
What?! Zero petrol station in Desa Parkcity? 

PS// just for fun, 
I did a search on the ethnic groups of people that live in my neighbourhood. 

No prize for guessing where I stay. 


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