Beer and Football

(It’s a contest, read on)

beer and football

I don’t see the connection. Never could.

It’s like asking a guy to understand dresses and matching shoes.


Just kidding.

This is more like it.


i dont get it

See what I mean? It’s a guy and girl thing.

The first time I ever watched a football match was in England back in 2004 during the EuroCup. It was my first time sitting down in front of the TV and tried to watch an actual live football match. I sorta got it, you know, like trying to understand the hoo-ha about footballs. But it only lasted for one match, and I felt proud that I actually sat through the entire match.

Since then, I declared to people that I used to watch football matches. I know, lame-ness.

There was, however, one part of one particular match when a first goal was made after the second half and the crowd was cheering on when 10 minutes later the referee budged in to declare the goal was invalid, which was utterly “potong steam” (anti-climax) and the team lost in the end because they were utterly de-motivated.

That moment, for split second, I understood why football is so interesting.


Tell me what’s your best football and beer moment, like how your team kicked the ass of your gf/bf’s team, or how you won/lost 10,000 bucks on a lame bet (disclaimer: Nicolekiss does not advocate gambling, blog at your own risk), or even tell me what’s the link between football and beer. Educate me, please.

Blog it on your blog before 24th July and send your entry link to me at, best story wins, it can be as simple as just one photo illustration. If you don’t have a blog, send me a quirky photo that tells the story on its own to my email and you’ll be in the running too.

Three winners will be chosen. Two winners will walk away with 2 free tickets EACH to watch Chelsea play live in KL, Malaysia on the 29th July 2008. The grand winner, with walk away with only ONE ticket and a date with me to watch Chelsea and hang out at Heineken’s hospitality house, where there will be great music & Heineken beer. Well, it’s just so happens I’ll be in town, so I decided to drop by to catch the show and so apparently I need a date for that too. You can buy me a Heineken then. :D

(hint: if you mention Chelsea and Heineken you might stand a higher chance to win :p)


24 kissed Nicole

  1. i had my first can of beer few days ago. and it was cool!

  2. I LLOVe CHELSEA :(:(:(

  3. woah..the first prize get to watch football and hang out with nicole..sounds great...wahahaha...:D...

  4. Nicole,


    I love football. And, I suggest that you watch the match live in the stadium (stadiums in England are the best), instead of just in front of TV.

    A date with you for the grand winner? I would love to, but I will not because I think I love you too much that I might be too scared to talk to you.

    Nicole's Secret Admirer

  5. Good for beer and football lovers. Any contest for the ladies? Maybe dress and shopping? lol:)

  6. I did read about you in the DCM, are great..armed wth a Cannon compact took great shots.

  7. Hi Nicole,

    I dun like football & i dun think i can blog about football. Sorry to say that you missed the chance to hang out with me. :p

  8. Hi redcrabby,

    You are really funny! You are really disappointed Nicole.


  9. My heart will always be with Manchester United! Glory Glory Man United!

  10. me encanto tu blog la respuesta es PLACER
    placer es el link between soccer and beer, just spending PLACER, como el alcohol y el sex, como jugar con niños en un parque, eso esa es la conexion
    saludos desde chile

  11. See! that how's nicole is earning $$$ from the advertiser, this time is from Heineken beer...

  12. Oh... in the rules of watching football, one must also know which team is your rival... and Chelski is one of them... rivals...

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  14. Hi Nicole,
    You need to go watch live matches rather starring at the TV screen to understand "Beer & football (Soccer)". Grab a can of cold beer drink it & watch live matches. Cheer & shout for your team. At the end grab another cold beer to either celebrate yr team won or cool down yr frustration because yr team lost....

    Cheers.....!!! :)

  15. You'll be there too? I'm taking leave to be there as well. I hope my boss doesn't read this. See ya there Nicole!

  16. Ohh dear...I want the tix :(....
    still remember....i treat u...mahanton fish...?
    i want the ticket ..i want the ticket i want the ticket i want the ticket i want the ticket i want the ticket i want the ticket i want the ticket i want the ticket...

  17. awwh man, that means i'll never be able to date you.
    i'm a man united fan and I dont drink alcohol.

  18. It seems that there are not many Chelsea supporters who read your blog. Personally, I am a loyal Liverpool supporter. But one thing we have in common is that we prefer Heineken over other brands. I think that it tastes better :)

    I love football but not to the extent of going to watch football live or anything. It has to suit my busy schedule or else I will forgo the game.

    I don't think that you have problem in finding a date for the game.. so if there's no one who blog about what you want, you can always ring them up. Have a nice day!

    P.S: I have a lot of stories to tell about beer and football but unfortunately, I can't share.. coz I'm taken :)

  19. leo,

    You are wrong. Nicole doesn't drink. She is a good girl.

  20. beer is is football..2 different entity that could never to be tied together..enjoying beer and enjoying football is definitely not the same..and the REAL beer kaki mostly won't mix up beer with the match. And FYI, nowadays people prefer to drink teh tarik while watching the football match...believe me...u can conduct a site survey then....

  21. chelsea n heineken are the 2 best things that happen in my life

  22. Nicole,

    What will it take for u to give me a blow job. Just once.


  23. sugardaddy24/7/08 7:50 AM

    agree, with you, nicole is a good girl, she said she only want One sugardaddy. She said one will be enough. I feel glad. :)