Elephant Trekking in Krabi, Thailand

Ok, this is my last of the last Krabi trip. It’s been over half a year and I still haven’t finish talking and thinking about Krabi. It’s just such a nice place if you know where to look for fun.

elephant poo

First there was rock climbing, then the most amazing kayaking experience. And now, it’s Elephant trekking!!


As we travelled up north towards Phuket to board our flight on our last day, we stopped by a forestry area to visit the grand-kings of the jungle. (If tiger is the king here, then elephant should be grand-king)

krabi elephant trekking map

Elephants are really splendid creatures, up till now I have only seen an elephant up close in Koh Samui last year, touched it at most, but never had the experience to actually ride on it.


Hence was fascinated by these gigantic creatures that have survived through millenniums of evolutions.

Back in 326 BC during the Battle of the Hydaspes River fought between Alexander the Great and the Indian king Porus in ancient India (now known as Pakistan), war elephants from India were brought in to fight off the Romans.

elephants ride
(They use bigger elephants back then)

Imagine a large elephant in full charge.. Brrr…. It’s a scary thought. Horses were no match for one of these creatures.

feeding elephants
“Don’t kill me k? I feed you bananas~”

First thing I found out about riding an elephant is that it’s not easy to get on an elephant if you’re not close to it. For tourists like us, a small tower is usually built for easy ‘boarding’.

boy on elephants

After that, it’s just fun all the way.

Here’s a video of me feeding and riding an elephant.

It’s simply breath-taking that by just sitting on top of it, you can feel how powerful these creatures are, as they take you down hill and across river, it’s like it doesn’t cost them any ounce of strength going through muddy tracks and river banks.

elephant in water

tiger on elephant

elephant ride out the bush

It’s odd describing this feeling, you know you are riding something immensely strong, like when you drive a kancil and then hop onto a BMW. This ride can easily crush your BMW like cashew nuts.

After an half an hour trek, we returned to where we started, hopped onto the bus and on with our way.

Stopped by a beau----ti---ful restaurant for lunch.

krabi restaurant

Had our last servings of awesome Thailand seafood before crossing over to Phuket to board the plane.




Took a last look at the beautiful Andaman Sea between Krabi and Phuket.


And finally, check in.

“Aliens? -_______________-||||”

So this is the end of my Krabi trip. Having the elephants to send us off was a wonderful way to mark the end of a truly remarkable journey, like drizzling chocolate sprinkles over the chocolate syrup and whip cream.

kah peng and me
(left) Kah Peng from China Press

Next stop, Sipadan!!! (next week - Sabah)


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  1. hI nICOLE,, VOTED FOR U ALREADY... ANYWAY.... wahhhhhhh SIPADAN aye?? Enjoy ur trip!!

  2. you look pretty in the last photo :)

  3. Sipadan... great place, although I never been there before. Hope you enjoy ur trip and take care o!

  4. where r u planning to stay when u're at sabah? i highly recommend sipadan water village. the people there r extremely frenly. oh, and the kuai loh dive master there is cute. haha...

  5. ROFLOL!!! "Aliens"
    And the FOOD!! I want 'em!

  6. lol,i really admire u lor!
    always travel ....
    i wanna go travel too!!!!!!!!sob sob

  7. I went to ChiangMai last year, experienced the elephant trekking too, really really fun!!! Haha, and I started to love elephant since then.

    But elephants really kuat makan, they can even 'detect' the smell of banana near them...

  8. Just thought that I'll let you know that Alexander the Great was not Roman, he was Macedonian Greek and the Battle of the Hydaspes River was a battle between the Indians and the Greeks. The Romans were not that powerful yet during the age of Hellenistic Greece.

    I'm a classics minor so I couldn't resist making the correction. I hope you don't mind. The pictures are amazing by the way

  9. Alien = non-residents.. right?

  10. So nice can do something not normally done by us city folks.

  11. Alien= 1. A person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country
    2. Anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found
    3. A form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere

  12. Interesting...how much do they charge for the elephant ride?