Dance of the Light – Rainbow at Night 2

Short Note: Birthday dinner was awesome. Nothing beats a quiet dinner with your the best companies to spend the night over some exquisite wines.

This is so fun. I can’t stop playing with my camera and messing around with the exposure settings and shutter speed.

This is second episode of my light hunting.


night light 1

The Worm

night light 2

Cloth Hanger

night light 3
This is how the world looks like when you're drunk

The Summersault

night light 4

Inverted Mcdonald

night light 5

Red Box

night light 6

Matrix on the go

night light matrix
This is how the world looks like when you're beyond drunkenness

Messing Around

nightlife messy
You're probably high on magic shrooms when you see this.

The Tweezer

night light pengepit


street light 1

Dance of the Spotlight Trio

spotlight V

spotlight W

spot light circle

*This is a freaking huge spotlight at Taman Jaya.*

Quadruplets Orchestra

blue light 1

blue light 2

blue light 3

Quadruplets with a dead baby

blue light 4

And my fav..

Swirl-y Dreams

swirl light 3

swirl light 2

swirl light 4

swirl light 1
Nicolekiss Dream

Looks pretty much like what goes on in my head. S_S


27 kissed Nicole

  1. I am still "floating" from last night's drinks... :)

    Catch up again soon Nic.

  2. happy belated bday .. jiejie nic

  3. i got dizzy looking at those pix

  4. Its artistic and its beautiful...I personally like the Swirl-y Dreams, especially the blue colour...What r those ar?...

  5. windwalker3/3/08 10:02 AM

    You are really good at experimenting shots with your camera!!Anyway, Happy birthday to u!

  6. Do you still remember what was the shutter speed and aperture setting you used while you're drunk? :p

  7. ahha sisuahlai still floating..
    it was a knocked out for me.. -__-

  8. something different.........

  9. nice.

    been to chiangmai?...nicole? anyone? any pointers on where to go and which hotel to stay?

    i'm going there 1st august. thanks.

  10. Hi,Nic,

    Feelng Good?

    I lov yo pics,

    U just got yosef a new CAM?

    What Brand?

    Try to zoom in or zoom out with slow shuttle, U gonna love it,


  11. a unique form of art....

  12. These are a real beauty. Like these better than those you posted the first time. Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Interesting.....dazzling.....anyway Happy Belated Birthday!!! May all your wishes comes true...


  14. Trippy man~

    Liked the colours but i got dizzy after the 5th pic.. i think.

  15. No offense to Nicole pls. These shots are fun to make and interesting to look at. But beautiful/gorgeous/artistic? How come...overstatement huh.

  16. sisuahlai: nice le.. i miss the wine d

    misha: hey darling! how have u been doing

    yhowe: haha

    jacky: me too! those are street lights lo

    windwalker: thanks!! :D

    colin: quite a lot.... just mess around only

    yapthomas: what la.. u didn't even drink much, lol

    devina: lol

    w_w_h: i guess

    sheon: no.. but will be going there next month :)

    xox: no it's the same old cam :)

    junkgirl: eh hem

    stargazer: yea? i think so too!

    andrew: haha.. why everyone wish me late late one. thanks!

    wombok: haha... funny lar u

    ms: dono~ individual's perspective

  17. jiejie nic .. mish is fine over here in HK ... how abt yourself?

  18. I'm getting dizzy. ***fainted***

  19. nicocoa: good.....then perhaps i could get some infor from you after your trip! thanks.

    sorry....too excited...its gonna be my first REAL vacation since.....ever! and there's no stopping me.....indonesia or cambodia/vietnam are up next!

  20. I am spinning now! but got to say very creatively beautiful!

  21. pretty awesome what simple fooling ard with a cam can create. really cool!

  22. CRAPPY POST!!!!

  23. hey Nicole. just wanna know what camera ur using? Canon? or what?

  24. I can feel my head spinning after looking at those weezy wuzzy camera shots =.=' Have fun you~

  25. i am sorry to say your pictures are not artistic and not beautiful to me at all. you were just messing around with the camera to kill your shutter. ask andy kho and he'll tell you what i meant. :P

  26. So nice!! How you make ur pictures like that? Use camera's features?