Kota Kinabalu – Nicolekiss has arrived!!!!

Flying in from the sea crossing countless of clouds, land finally came into view.

view of kk from airplane

This is the third time I have visited East Malaysia and my very first time entering the final state of the Malaysia I have yet to step foot on - SABAH.

I’m excited.

This is the first time in half a year since I have backpack, which is a hell LONG time. The last time I actually slept in a dorm was in Vietnam (Kenny did you hear that?!!! I have not travelled for half a year!!! Hah!!! My mom was wrong for thinking I could only stay put for 2 weeks!)

Hoping onto the public bus at RM1.00, we headed straight into town centre.

First rule of backpacking - check-in on arrival. You don’t want to heave your load everywhere you go right?

nicole on bunk bed
Showing off my super mini flashdrive on my bunk bed (always go for lower bunk)

So I dumped my super heavy bag at Kinabalu Backpacker’s and headed out to town.

at signal hill
Yea baby I’m at Signal Hill!!!! (can overlook KK here)

Kiss KK first.

kissing kk

Ok, now it’s time to explore.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the first thing that caught my eye was this,

kk wine cellars
A spoof Wine Cellar?! Eh Ron!!! Sue them!! They don’t freaking sell Moscato d’Asti here!!!

I scouted the second love of my life at Tong Hing…

nivole bottles

selling at RM113!!!!!! Holy Mother of GAWD!!!! A total ripped off k!!! That’s almost twice of the price of what Wine Cellar was selling!!

*heart shatters*

I took a stroll near waterfront earlier this evening and spotted some really neat bistros.

bistro at waterfront

Waterfront reminds me a bit of Gurney Drive in Penang and bears a uncanny resemblance to Clark Quay in Singapore, minus the crowd.

massage chairs at waterfront kk

Managed to catch the sunset there, which was utterly gorgeous.

kk sun set

Just when I was admiring the beauty of the orange planet, a group of Filipino kids hijacked me.

philipino kids

They were sooooo fascinated by the cameras and the photos they kept asking for more photos to be taken (of them la), I couldn’t help but to play with them for a while.

me and philipino kids
“1+1 = 11, get it?”

Just before dinner, I passed by a seafood restaurant with a whole collection of sea marines!!

me and live abalone
Live Abalones!!! OMFG!!!!


Like this super gorgeous lobster I was holding. *drool~*

Yes, this is what KK is all about!! Seafood and more seafood!!

Hence at night, I had this for dinner.


french toast

Shut up. Seafood not cheap k.


43 kissed Nicole

  1. Hey, I recognize that seafood restaurant! I was there last year in KK as well.

    Seriously, you should really try the food there. It is really awesome! LOL

  2. That's cool, fried roti...its not just any roti its KK fried roti la...i never tried b4... :)

  3. Can't wait to hear ur updates.... HEhehehe.. Travel safe ok?

  4. err, is that French toast from oldtown kopitiam?

  5. yeah nico... kk was famous with their seafood, but mind the price... u should have try it, at least once, maybe before u leave kk... wat u say???

  6. nicole,
    You have toast for dinner? Get those seafood! It's worth the money I tell you. FRESH!

  7. Well, I like French toast too. Yummy. Can't afford la the live abalone Rm 100/kg!!!!

  8. Oh, so that's fried roti? I was wondering what it was. Looks like it's really good though.

  9. next time u travel, call me n i pay fr food n drinks n we sleep separate rooms n no bunks.

  10. cool
    hope to join you backpacking...

  11. nicole,, u alone in travelling?

  12. Cookie monster12/3/08 11:09 AM

    gawd.... that was anti climax....
    showing nice abalone, lobster... to end with french toast.....
    but yummy none other less

  13. the roti looks yummy..u making me hungry.. :(

  14. if you think seafood is expensive in KK...then it is clear that you went to all the wrong places...... as far as i know.....sabah serves the cheapest seafood! my fren that used to work there will never fail to tapao all sorts of seafood everytime he returns to kl. fish that would easily costs rm200-300 here sells for a few tens there....hahahahahaha

  15. This entry made me miss KK a lot. You're right, KK serves the best seafood because it's fresh from the sea. I must pay KK a second visit one day, it's been four years.

  16. Tasted fish and co?

  17. hi nicole,

    i am from kk.have been readin ur post but didnt leave a comment though. since u r around in KK, maybe we could have a drink =) or i bring u ard. whn r u leaving kk?

  18. Whats that?? It looks fried tofu :) .....sad Nicole...all the way to KK and no seafood :(

  19. OMG!

    can't wait the next entry huhuhu...

  20. i'm from kk as well, just a friendly correction. the wine that costs RM113 is in Tong Hing supermarket, not Tiong Hin.

  21. david: oh is it?haha.. will try will try

    jacky: it's french toast la... haha

    twinkle: ok :D

    azra: nope.. it's from a spoof wong kok char chan teng here

    w_w_h: yea man.. so the exp

    kok: but but but

    simon: yea man... i agree!!!

    wp: peanut butter inside.. yum

    anon: wa.. so nice a.. but who are u?

    reader: yay genting!! thomas is it?

    Nic: yay, come come

    anon: lalala

    cookie monster: haha.. French toast nice what~

    pink leo: me too. will miss it tonight

    sheon: i heard the cheap ones are in Sandakan, or Labuan, but not kk wo~

    abby: wa.. so nice.. my first time here.

    sooclara: replied ur email :)

    stanley: it's bread~ fried~ fried bread~

    precious of you: haha.. let u wait :p

    anon: o. haha.. sorry sorry, corrected

    amberite: :)

  22. nice!

    wanted to go on backpacking, shud be fun. kch shud organize a club for backpackers and go for holidays.

    too bad

  23. Hi Nicole,

    If you plan to have another charity blog, would appreciate that you would consider PAWS near Subang Airport, if you love animals.

    If you have one, i will be the first one to join you :)


  24. hi! =) I'm from KK and have been reading your blog for a while now.
    u know what's freaky?..i think i might have seen you up there at Signal Hill today!..I was shopping in town this afternoon and happened to look up towards the hill and saw this girl in green tee. Might have been you. XD

  25. you should go damai area, roti khawin is a must!

  26. good writeup.... I will be going to KK next month. Just to check, do we still need passport to go to Sabah?

  27. interesting! that french toast is...Making me hungry! lol!

  28. hey Nicole! its great to see that you love KK. oh btw, if you want cheap seafood, its at Gayang. Its not too far from town.

  29. hi nicole, if you want to have cheaper seafood, nearer than Gayang, you can try Gaya Seafood at Inanam, it just a few minutes away from kk. it s quite cheap compare to the seafood restaurants at the town area. Another place worth to try is at Salut. Btw Salut and Gayang - they are in Tuaran area around 15-20 mins from KK (if you use the sulaman-ums highway)

    Have fun in KK :).

  30. HMMMPHH >.<
    how envy..
    really nice pictures you have.
    especially the sunset.
    that's undescribable.
    can't wait for your next post!!


  31. YAY! u're in KK.. :D Aw... Yea. Its expensive the seafood there but totally worth it. hehehe.. Urm, wat's that u had for dinner? looks delicious.. is it tofu?

  32. hey nicole,

    i've been to sabah a few times, let me intro you some nice place for food.

    1) Little Italy, they sell italy cuisine, resonable price. Taste great. Simple and nice.

    2) Gaya street, ( nearby Little Itali), a MUST place to go. Something like our "chee cheong kai", but different concept when it comes to the stuff they sell there.

    3) MUST MUST go kundasang. Ask around, they will tell you where it is. Confirm.com place to relax.

    4) Do not go to any of their japanese restaurant. it sucks.

    5)Must go to one of the coffe shops in Damai, they sell GOOD toast, at the VERY cheap price =D


  33. Nicole you are finally in East Malaysia?..haha..cool..hope u enjoy your time here...Sunset in East Malaysia is it better than the west?..haha...is Labuan in your plan? do drop by le if u have extra time..cost only rm19 one way...come come come..

  34. travel all the way to KK and not having seafood but french toast instead???adui....
    seafood in KK is cheap, only if you know where to eat. the seafood restaurant u passed by, is it in asia city?

  35. yea..theres one seafood place in kk which is quite nice, its called equatarial restorant near Terminal 2

  36. lol. i recognise the french toast.
    at hongkong recipe

  37. aihh... wine cellar has been there for a long time lah... anyway, welcome to sabah! :)

    you like italian food? little italy serves great dishes

  38. from KK go to the south to sarawak town Lawas,between Sabah & Brunei border.the price of KETAM just
    RM10/kg & beer also cheap RM10 for 4 cans.then,from Lawas u can take express boats to Brunei or Labuan island(duty free island).without overnight also can buy beer out.not like Langkawi u must stay for 2 nights.


  39. notice the wine cellar's font is the same as mid valley's

  40. ahaha! I will tell my friend who works in Wine Cellar to get ready their attorney.....:D. Lolllll..anyways, yea you should've went to Salut Seafood place...friggin sedap and cheaper. If you go b4 sunset also you can get a nice view of the sea. Omg, in KK..we call those immigrants 'Pilaks'! Yea, they can be acting cutesy and all but then sumtimes annoying because they harass women and scratch cars for fun. -_- not cool. Oh there's one more place you should go for makan.. Taiwan restaurant @ Kinarut..the pork leg is to die for! hahahaha. Am from KK..and sometimes I read ur blog. Its cool to see my hometown in here. ^_^ cheers!

  41. Willy : Well, Sabah gives you island, mountain and sea. Amazingly, cost of living here a bit high in KK compare to the outskirts. Few Words to describe - Just be grateful!!! :P