Back from Sipadan!!!!

I'm back back back from my awesomest trip of gorgeous beautiful lovely Sipadan!!!

nicole in sipadan

I don't even know how to start say this, but OMFGGGGGGod Sipadan is the LOVELIEST PLACE ON EARTH!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU SIPADAN.

I almost never wanted to come back.

Oh oh oh .... I am now officially a certified Open Water Diver!!!!!

boat dive

Down Below!!! Look out!!
Just touched down few hours ago, super tired right now. Going to head to bed straight. Night.


16 kissed Nicole

  1. Pulau sipadan really a beautiful island. Been there once and to be honest, i'm having exactly the same feeling as you. " I dont want to go home". Bon voyage

  2. misha's mum18/3/08 6:56 AM

    welcome back to HK .. opss ... to KL :)

    see you on gmail soon :)

  3. i don't get it. if u were there only to dive at sipadan, u should have taken the flight to tawau and avoided the 11-hour bus. btw, i was told by the dive-master in sipadan that the diving course in peninsular costs a lot less.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. :)

  5. sipadan is a must for any enthusiast diver or traveller. it would not be the same if you had just did your course here in peninsular.
    happy to know you enjoyed sabah and her beauty!!

  6. Welcome back. Missed you at the party last Saturday. Sigh, no chance to take picture with you.

  7. wow.. nice gal have nice blog here!

    good blog :))

  8. Wow. =) Congrats.

    Did you manage to take any underwater photos? If you did, POST! POST!

  9. wow glad that you enjoyed the trip!! Sipadan is a great great place!!!

  10. Congratulations girl!!! Always doing fun things in your life. =)

  11. magnificent! glad that you enjoy your life to the fullest!! not many have the privilege to do that....lucky you!!!! ^___^

  12. teehee* did u get sunburn?
    but anyway..its worth the effort for that fantastic experience and view

  13. Congrats Nicole :)

    I want to go Sabah !!!

  14. Welcome fellow diver. :)

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