Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Koh Samui is a good place to cam whore

Short note: Good gracious, what are all these pimples popping out from my forehead? Must be all those sleepless nights and endless book whoring. Go back to where you came from you evil zits! Hey ya!!

Yay! My dad is out of the hospital two days ago, he can walk now, so happy. But resting most of the time still.

Right right, I'll heading up to KL tomorrow because I am starting my new job as a 'writer' this coming Friday!!! Yi pee!!! I know, it is such an ODD day to start a job! But then it is the 1st of June and sadly Saturday's public holiday is irreplaceable. Oh well...

Anyway, there's always this misconception about me that most people always get it wrong (or get it right since it's a misconception, ermmm).

This is not my first job working full time! Yes, amazing isn't it. I know, must be shocking *ballooning in pride*. And, this is not my first visit or stay in the big City, no, and I can't believe being a sociable person I am, I can actually and had survived in this little town (aka Melaka) for so long. One year is freaking long for a 23 year old, it's like... one-third of my twenties is gone, so far. Wasted! So very tedious! Utterly preposterous, how can a delicate 22 year-old be stuck in this little town for more than 365 days! But she did, and in a way, thank god she did, if not she wouldn't be sitting in front of the pc 24/7 and this blog wouldn't be created out of complete boredom. Thank you Melaka for boring the hell (and creativity) out of me.

They say the best creativities are formed during the verge of an emotional(or mental) breakdown. Go figure...

So as I was saying, no, this is NOT my first full time job thank you very much. I shall spare you with the details of my glamorous past so you can continue to swim in MY pool of mysteries. Ho ho ho... I'm so HAPPY that I am moving back into Kuala Lumpur, or PJ, ok fine, it's Puchong, deserted little place. Well, it's still in Klang Valley! And Klang has the two letters K.L. in it! Hah!

Seeing how's there so few photos recently, I'll punish you with lots (ok la, not that many) of self camwhoring, go now, drown in jealousy (or laughter ~.~)!!

the sweet look - on ferry to island

the cool look

eating Swensens in Koh Samui. I know! I'm such a sucker for sweets.

big buddha
big buddha in KS

fu yoo, this pose damn yao yeng wei...

talk about on the edge of horizon

eee, baby elephant wants to touchy

smiley face .... ok fine, this is not KS, but I like the pics..

pouty lips

walk in between countries (border bridge)

er.... doggy pose? :p


sei mei, on stone also can cam whore, muahaha

Mirror mirror on the... er.. bike, who got fined for illegal ATV riding? Me me MEEEE!!

Life's too short to not cam whore, no?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Malaysian and Passport

I was browsing through the website of Immigration Department of Malaysia checking if we can search passport number online, when I came across this particular question in the FAQ(frequently asked questions),

I had an argument with my wife and she tore my MRP(Malaysian Passport). What should I do to replace that passport? How long will it take to get a new one?

Now why in the world is this enquiry placed in the frequently asked question?!! I mean, an incident I can understand, but frequently asked?? Does that mean a lot of men have arguments with their wives and each time that happens, the wives will tear their passports in half? Then these men will come online and post questions to the Immigration Department?

Possible scenario 1: A lot of Malaysian men were found guilty of infidelity by their wives, possibly a mistress or gf in some neighbouring country, then the wife confronted him, started an argument, went berserk and tore up his husband's passport so he can't go abroad to visit his lover anymore.

Possible scenario 2: A lot of Malaysian men started a heated argument with their wives and threatened to leave the country forever, the wives went berserk and tore up the passports.

Possible scenario 3: Husband came back from overseas, started argument with wife, wife took the first thing she saw (aka the passport he was holding in his hand) and tore it apart.

Possible scenario 4: Husband and wife argued, wife went to look for his passport and tore it due to anger, simply because she enjoys tearing up passports.

I don't know, these could be possible deductions right? I mean, what else can there be a reason that the wives go and tear up their husbands' passports, and why is it frequently being asked??? It could only mean it happen to a lot of married Malaysian men right???

Then I scrolled down and found this,

My friend from China came to Malaysia and was given a Social Pass Visit (SPV) for 30 days. The problem is she has overstayed. I don't know what to do. Please help.

Again, in the FAQ section. Wa... this is a bit racist right? If these questions were posted up hypothetically, why target only the Chinese from China, is that an indication that Malaysian has a lot of overstayed visitors from China *cough*illegalimmigrant*cough* ?

Either that, this guy just seems desperate to get rid of her...
Or maybe he decided to have a peek at her passport and found out she has overstayed and was afraid that he might be convicted of 'keeping' an illegal immigrant *cough*prostitute*cough* at home. And why la she let him see her passport, keep quiet don't tell him la...

Lesson of the day: Keep your passport by your side at all times. So no one will tear it when you were found having a baby overseas or force you to go home when you overstayed a whee-bit...

And... It is also advisable to do so so you remember your passport number when you need to book some flight tickets *cough*Tim*cough*

Erm... Must be coming up with a sorethroat... Can't stop coughing.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Davy Jones is cute

with all the tentacles sprouting from his face, I find him incurably cute.

mmm... delicious

I can't help myself, the more I think of him and his undying love for that slutty sea goddess, the more I find him oddly attractive. But strip him off his tentacles, all I can imagine is Bill Nighy singing naked in Love Actually.


*Shiver me thimbers....* *Brrrrr*

The movie screening for Pirates of the Carribean by Nuffnang took off pretty well, ended peacefully and all thanks to the Nuffnang team.

The only unfortunate outcome is, despite it's a gathering, I didn't really have the time to meet other bloggers since everyone was scattered everywhere before the movie, was really quiet during it, and went home directly after it. So so so .... I don't have any photo... Haha...

O, and I found out, Mackenzie Crook is rather handsome despite having its eyeballs popping out all the time in the movie. I said 'rather', not 'very'.

Mackenzie Crook

Okay, fine; I only found him slightly attractive after he whispered the chant to Calypso that freed her. If someone whisper to me in that tone to my ear, I think I would melt.


No matter how much I like the rest, no one beats my love for the one and only....


Err, wrong photo...

*edit edit*

Ah Hah! Presenting..... *drum rolls*

"growl... my pirate"

Honestly, who can resist Johnny. Girls fall for him, guys look up to him, despite him having a wife. I bet any girl/gay will still want to be his wife/mistress.

dialogue 1

dialogue 2

Call me Mrs Depp...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nicolekiss is moving back into KL!

Musings: I realized Google Adsense keep giving me ads on god and religion when I was writing about my dad's condition. What is google trying to imply~ -_-

It is in time of need you truly see the people who cared for you and those who don’t. I appreciate it when people whom I don’t really know started showing their supports and concerns, even to friends who put up with my unreasonable attitude to shut them off suddenly, so much that I decided to reply to each and everyone of the people who commented in my previous post.

I meant to reply and post this in the comment box, but it gets too lengthy so I decided to post it as an entry itself.

-ken-: thanks for lending me the laptop, it has proven most useful, now I feel like getting one myself -.-

ipohchai: Thanks, I’m glad that he’s ok too.

seasons: happy for you happy-ing for me

michelleho: chin up indeed, I’m gaining so much I’m getting double chin

kale: that’s very good to know too

fookiat: yea… been smiling so much my face hurts

innocent^^guy: thanks for all the consistent comments and support :)

anonymous: yea… and hopefully I can lose some weight by then, haha

domhon: always great to know you’re always there for me, and stop asking me if I have finished my papers, I haven’t. :p

elsie: I am so glad it’s over too! Now my dad keep nagging me to go to work now that he’s awake. :/

sunny: thank you for your constant support, though I don’t know who you are, but I do know you always send me lots of encouraging comments. 

tykiasu: thanks, god truly loves me, and he/she loves you too~

brandon wong: couldn’t have said it better myself, it doesn’t take a successful you to repay them, they really just want us to be happy and shower them with love. Rest? What rest, I’m restless. Haha

Andrew: thank you again, and yea. I’m finally seeing light everyday since I need to get out from my nocturnal state and visit him in the hospital during the day, which is a good thing I guess.

abraxis: hospital food ain’t that bad really, unfortunately they’re serving him chicken and eggs (toxin food), so my mom’s preparing more nutritional food for him. Which explains why I’m gaining weight from spaghetti and fish & chips everyday… -.- the things I do for love…

sheon: er…. is that quote dedicated to me or my dad? If it’s to me, I’m a lady, not a man~

lamdog: more than ok, life is perfect

inaesb: it’s difficult typing your nickname,

tomato: yea, they just started asking him to walk today, which is killing him. But I know he can pull through it.

geraint: thanks and sorry for not chatting with you as often, must be lonely in Groningen , heh..

vince: yea, it does, miracles are just around us…

willar: Thanks for being the first to call :) muacks!

luciferz: brave? I think my dad is brave, I’m such a coward and know nothing but to whimper… :S

Jeremy K: I think all your prayers have been heard, arigatou (thanks sounds a bit blunt by now)

fong: yea, shouldn’t have worried so much, but couldn’t help it either :)

anonymous: indeed… and you are?

rose: merci senorita… (quote from Jeremy K reply)

seizhin: the endless chatting was referring to me chatting with him, what else is there to do without a wifi in the ward, :/

^@lvin^: your name is so difficult to type, and I have always loved him. See you tonight at the curve, and Clare too.

ben: yea, lucky him, hospital food is fattening… -.-

Aldrin: know you for so long, this is the only comment you can come up with? -_-

anonymous: that meant a lot to know someone out there understand how I feel, along with the rest of the readers who felt and went through the same thing as me. Now…. if only I know who you are…

hardgay: shukran (Arabic for thanks)

tigersden: yes, and he got all the love he can get…. Hope he doesn’t puke…

david: I really have to thank the doctors for this, but I haven’t actually met the surgeon himself yet.

anonymous: me too!!! Leave a name pls..

That’s about it! Phew… I also want to thank those who commented in my previous entries but just to make things simple, I only reply those in the latest one. I do read your comments too. :) Here are some of the replies in the older entries.

Micheal, py and princessladyjane, you stories inspire me.
Desiree, I’m glad you shared your story with me, you have my deepest empathy.
Samantha, good to hear my entry somehow someway gave that tiny inspiration, haha.
Boss Stewie aka Tim, don’t be a silent reader, I’d probably think you’ve drown in nuffnang :p.

Oh, guys, it never rains, it pours; but when the sun shines, spring tend to shower you with joy and good news beyond expectation. Not only my dad is going to be okay, I've got good news, no make that great news! No no, make that news of the year! I’m starting work in a week's time! Yea you heard me right. I got a job!!!!! Nicole is finally stepping out of the student life (again) and back into the working force (again).

Yes, starting June, I’m going to be part of TMNET team as a ‘writer’,woo hoo!!! Thanks Marina (my editor) for writing that sweet email, but you will see me on the first of June whether you like it or not. Haha… I can’t wait! Moving up to KL (not really kl kl, but klang valley rather) soon, wooooo city life here I come! Again!

remember this mascot! I know! It's so eons ago!

Guys, write something nice k, my boss is reading this too. :p

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The surgery was a Success!!

After four prolonging hours, I was squatting at a corner of MPH in Mahkota Parade when I felt my backpack vibrating. I scuffled through the inside and found my phone buzzing off silently, I received the call.

It was mom, she’s has taken work off early and arrived at the hospital with the rest the relatives. “The doctors are out.”

I walked through the mall as fast as my two legs could bring me, which slowly broke into a run. Out of the shoe department and onto the street, avoiding the cars and made it back to the hospital. The operation room is on first floor, I waited impatiently for the lifts to arrive while trying not to think of the worst.

When the lift opened, I found my brother standing next to the doors, peering through the narrow glass looking at the corridor that lead to the steels doors. Mom and the rest were sitting at the waiting corridor to my right. I walked towards the seats, wedge between my mom and aunt, and waited again.

A quarter of an hour later, dad was out. I pushed open the doors which my brother was standing next to and walked towards to the opened steel doors where a bed then laid. Two nurses at each side of the bed were discussing and taking down notes, I ignored them not paying attention to what they were talking about. I looked down at my dad, his eyes were closed, I called out to him softly, and he opened his eyes weakly, oblivious of his surrounding, clearly he was still under the effects of anesthetics. I was relieved.


All the worries I had these days were lifted. Suddenly I am a happier person. But as quickly as it came, the feeling faded out instantly. I turned to his legs, and wondered if they were ok. This time I turned to the nurses and asked about his legs, they said he will be fine. Again I was relieved.


I don’t think I can handle anymore of this emotional roller coaster. But I was glad it turned out okay.

Okay, it is unfair that I have kept everyone in the shadow as to what had happened to my dad. Now everything is alright now, I guess I can only make it even by providing a clear explanation.

When I was checking in at the airport of Macau, I got a call from my mom telling me dad couldn’t walk. At first we thought it was a minor old age joint problem, and will probably go away in a few days. An X-ray later, a tumor was discovered at the bottom of his spinal cord, and the growth which can be assumed to have grown over the years grew so big it pressed against the clustering nerves around the spinal cord, one of which connected to his right leg. Since the nerve is so close to where the tumor is, there is a chance where the doctor (carelessly) ‘cuts’ the nerve. The rest you know.

Anyway, recently I have moved to the hospital, since my dad couldn’t move for a week, I will need to attend to his every need at the hospital. Luckily I managed to borrow a laptop, my routine now everyday includes buying food, shifting his pillow, charging his phone, chat endlessly, doing my homework (with the laptop), eats his hospital served dinner while mom send his real dinner…etc.


I couldn’t be happier to do it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

The day of judgement - sitting at Starbucks next to Mahkota Medical Centre

Two and a half hours ago, I stood outside the operation room, holding my tears back, as hard as I could. I smiled down at this frail man in front of me. Smiling ever so weakly, I held his hand tight, as he held mine; his other hand is attached to a drip.

My dad has always been the man of the house, tall and handsome. To me, he’s the perfect image of a father, strong and towering and could protect me under any circumstances, never a sign of fear. But there he was, lying on his surgery bed, for the first time I was tilting my head down, for the first time I saw signs of fear from his trembling heart. I could see his tears behind those droopy eyes due to old age as he could see mine. I know he’s controlling, not revealing how terrified he felt; looking at my weak and helpless father, it’s only minutes before I break down, but I have to hold back. I want him to know I’ll be there for him when he enters, and I want him to know I’ll be there when he exits the operation room.

I bent down, pressed my right cheek to his right, whispered to him not to worry and I will be there when he comes out. The surgeon couldn’t confirm how long the surgery will last, could be 3 hours, could be 10; no matter, I will wait. My brother’s rushing back from work, he took half day off. But there I was, alone with my father at the entrance of the surgery room, my brother couldn’t make it in time to see him in.

The nurses pushed the bed further and the steel doors opened, I hold on to the bed indicating the nurses to wait, I made a call to mom, she’s handling dad’s business alone now, I informed her it’s time, they talked for a minute before hanging up. The bed moved forward and my dad’s surgeon assistant showed up, together with the analgesist; that was as far as I could proceed, I thought I saw a tear appearing at the side of his eye, I shouted: “don’t worry, just take a nap and everything will be alright once you wake up”. He nodded. And the doors closed.

Two hours and fifteen minutes ago, I stood in front of the operation room, holding my backpack, crying my heart out.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

From bad to worse

Short Note: I have quit the pageant

What will you do, when you know that your father is only one day away from a surgery that decides his future capability to walk and the doctors don't even dare to estimate the success rate to you?

You sit, think and wait.

The night has never been so painful, and the people you cared the most don't even call to say "hang in there". You just want to be alone, and wish upon an angel will decend and grap your hand and say "everything will be alright". It never happen, never will, and you continue to wait.

I can't remember what I did these few days, I can't recall feeling what I feel, doing what I do. I feel numb, and lonely. The "what if" question keeps floating up my mind, and I hardly communicate with my mom, we fear the same thing, and fear to talk about the same thing. And suddenly, I get so angry at myself, I'm so angry I'm still a student, I'm so angry I can't even support my family, I'm so angry I'm so incapable, I'm so angry I can't even tell my daddy: "Dad, if one day you're unable to walk, I'll take care of you, mentally and financially."

I am so angry I have so little time, so young and so naive. Never have I wished right now like never before I had taken my master earlier. I could if I wanted to, with all the time I had after getting a degree 3 years ago, I would have gotten my master degree by now if I were to continue right after that. But no, I have to wait, and work. If only I started my own business then, I would have gotten further than where I am today. But no, I have to study.

I am upset, angry and annoyed by myself. I never hated myself as much. I want to cry, but that is to admit defeat. I don't wish to make my parents sad or worry, it would only make me a burden. I need time, just a little more time to prove myself.

Daddy, please don't give up on me just yet.

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Pageantry Macau Trip

Note: My dad was admitted to the hospital two days ago due to leg failure just when I was checking in to the Macau airport flying back with the rest of the girls. So now I am back home taking care of my dad. Will be absent from the pageant week.

Who could ask for a better first Macau visit staying in one of the finest hotels in the area, eat the best food and get to gamble in one of the best casino in the world. Such experience turned from perfect to dream state when your trip is accompanied by 15 god sent beautiful girls and guarded by incredibly mouth-watering hunks(suited guys turn me on, don't ask why, they just do).

me on plane
on the plane to macau

Grand Waldo Hotel
Grand Waldo Hotel outer view

LCD screen
LCD in the hotel room, can I take it back?

pretty and delicious

nice ham


portugese eggtart
the famous Macau portugese eggtart, these are delicious!


my dinner
what I ate

We went on a city tour,

Macau Tower
View of Macau Tower from the bridge

Macau Old Town
Macau Old Town

there are some camera men,


then there are more,


and some more,


then they are everywhere!

Cut it out already!

Of course, there are the girls... (I haven't forgot about them ;) )

me and grace
my roomie Grace and I

some girls
Nadine, Christina and Me

Grace, Me, Janice and Jacqualine

Deborah, Stephanie, Jacqualine, Evana, Jezzamine, Grace, Janice and Nadine *Phew*

..... Why do I even bother! go here look for their names

And there's me!!!!

behind Warner's Macau Tower Building

Two days passed fairly fast, a quick fashion show, a city tour, two karaoke sessions, a formal dinner, two buffet meals, and tons of make ups later, we found ourselves back at the airport ready to return to the Palace for the start of the pageant week. :(

Since all the bodyguards were so serious all the time, I thought it would be cool to take group photo with all of them at the terminal (only seven of them acquainted us to the airport). Like I'm surrounded by MIBs. Woohoo...

bodyguards and me

Mmm... Something's missing. I can't tell what.. Oh I know (*Walked to the first guy and moved his posture...etc)

Some 2 minutes later...

Ta da!!!

V pose

I think I just sabotaged their first bodyguard's image. *Evil Laugh*

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Macao People are so friendly

So god damn friendly...

We were ushered out to the street on a city tour yesterday and guess what? Despite finalists having a go at the local culture and endless shoppings, we were like prisoners! Everywhere we went, we were surrounded by cute boys, gorgeous hunks! They simply took our breath away. We could hardly breathe...

I never knew there would come a day where I have more than 10 cute looking guys surrounding me at one go, literally! See the video.

I never thought I would be annoyed surrounded by handsomely suited guys either!

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm so lazy to type, I Vlog

You know the good thing about blogging?

I just discovered one superbly good thing about blogging. Well, apart from the usual fame and satisfaction you get when your blog starts growing, and also apart from the usual side income you’ll get when the traffic starts flowing, there are other ‘good’ things that come with a blog.

What are you thinking? I ain’t talking about all those therapeutic writings that let-you-get-things-off-your-chest-so-you-feel-better kind of shit. I’m talking about own a blog and…..

WIN A PSP!!!!!

Note: Refrain yourself from scrolling down before finishing the video


Yea you heard me and saw it right!! A BRAND NEW SPANKING PINK PSP!!


I have never felt more satisfied owning a blog.

Now go sign up Nuffnang to get that camera. Muahaha…..

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Last night, I dreamt I was dead.

I didn’t die in a car accident, nor was I killed, didn’t commit suicide either. I was sitting on a chair, rested my eyes and next thing I knew, I was brought up to heaven.

My angel told me my soul departed from my body and that’s how I ended up here (heaven).

There’s no Jesus, Buddha or Allah in (my dream’s) heaven. There is a god - no name, no cross-border boundary, just a god. Everything was mostly in white, though I couldn’t remember what I was wearing since I just arrived.

My death was not planned, thus my angel told me I have a chance to return to the human world; provided I do not stay in heaven surpass 8 days and my body in the real world remained unharmed.

I asked the angel for help, so I could somehow get in contact with my parents. I worried about them, about leaving so suddenly. I hoped they didn’t take it too hard. I made a call, knowing this might freak the average people, I believed in my parents, believing that they would pick up the phone and accept the fact.

I heard my dad’s voice, it was a weary voice, I told him it’s me calling from heaven, it might be hard to believe but I need to speak to my mom. My dad did the one thing he always do when I was alive, to love me so unconditionally he put his whole trust in me even when he knew it is impossible.

I love you, dad, so much that it tears my heart and flood my eyes just to see you hurt, even if it’s just a dream.

My mom got the call, she called out my name in a trembly voice, I know she’s been crying ever since I left, and wished so stubbornly I would come back to life. She told me she forbid my brother to cremate my body.

Mom, it’s mother’s day tomorrow and I couldn’t feel worse as a daughter not achieving anything at this age to make you proud. I always told myself I would make it better next year. Now I’m dead, and next year will never come.

I stayed in heaven for a few more days, not knowing if I could successfully return to earth. There’s nothing in heaven, no entertainment, no work, no nothing, then I started thinking about my life.

There’re so many things I have yet to achieve, yet to do, yet to explore. I have yet to see the world, yet to travel the distance and take up that adventure I dreamt of. I have not taken that PHD course I always wanted in California. I haven’t even started enjoying the thrills of starting my own business/career…etc.

I woke up struggling in my bed messing up the comforter, it was hot, electricity was out again

I took a seat, and wrote this down.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Brace yourself...

Warning: content contains repugnant images

I only have one and only one sole purpose for this entry.

Mostly due to my laziness to think of what to write and have nothing better to do but to bum around the house (the result of having no electricity for an entire morning and afternoon due to some fixing the cables on the street outside my house, can’t those guys work any faster? I don’t want to stuck in a life-size sauna every noon at home waiting for the bloody fan to turn so I can get back to my papers every god damn day, not that I am putting any effort in finishing it =.=)

Right, this is suppose to be a plug, but after some thoughts, I think it alone deserves to be a whole entry (Gee, that sounded familiar doesn’t it, go here and track back some dozens of entries back, maybe you’ll find it :D)

So yea, back to my point, is it no longer a secret that I am in some pageants thingy. So here goes…

Go to , scroll down and look for the most distorted figure and face features ever - Number 14. Holy cow, I know, is this the fearsome Nicole. Damn it, it’s either I am super not photogenic, or I am fugly! No, don’t answer that, I rather not know.

Vote for Nicole. I know you feel like clicking someone else, if you do, well… I will just hide here, in one corner, weeping my little heart out. *Sob Sob* (putting eye drops) Click me.... (Big pout and doggie eyes)

Don’t ask me why my eyes looked so small they’re barely there, ask the make up artist. It’s already small enough to be seen on photos, and thank you for making it smaller. And don’t ask either why they straighten my hair when the rest of the girls (cept one) have such beautiful wavy and curly hair, I know I have long hair, must be frustrating and time consuming to tame it, I cut it now, happy? B!@$#!

May I take the opportunity to voice out too, in response to many enquiries out there; that I did not tattoo my eye brows, nor did I drew them darkly out of shameless vanity. No, I demand justice! Someone (by now you should know) shaved them! God, I want justice. This is cruelty, my one and only one ‘better’ feature is gone, gone I say!! And thus I cannot step out of the house without taking a brow pencil to draw some existence onto my bald forehead.

Laugh~ go ahead, I can wait. Laugh now…

No wait, I shouldn’t be so mean, Sorry~~ SOWY~~~ I apologize, sincerely. No really I do. It’s not your fault. You tried your best. You probably made me looked as presentable as I hopelessly can, just looked at how I am before make up (ignore the drawn eyebrows, I know it’s disturbing damn it, don’t poke me wounded heart)


Tsk tsk, I could have nightmares.

If you love me (I know you do), and if you support me (if not you won’t be here), ask your friends to vote for me too k? :D

Okay, enough ramblings… can’t believe this is actually an entry. I am so vain can die. So love me more.

PS: Pink blog makes a person vain :D

PPS: If you feel too grossed out at the pics or bored of my rantings, go fill out the advertlets poll at the sidebar... TQ

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Don’t go to Koh Samui without experiencing these

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Oh ya, I cut my hair, again. Now it’s super short, but never been easier to maintain. Don’t worry, I’m still me, only maybe….less attractive, still me nonetheless. :p

There’s no point traveling if you were to go to an island in some foreign country, only to listen to what the tour guide/travel agent tells you to do, pay them high commissioned trips of what suppose to be a low budget tour adventure and have them giggled at your stupidity behind your back (or in front of you if you don’t speak Thai).

My island escape was rather an amusing one. I always see my life in a way that god love me so much to let me go through it without a hint of mint and honey every now and then.

Let me assume, boldly, that if a tourist were to go to Koh Samui, he would probably do some or all of the following: scour around the island on either Chaweng or Lamai beach, take tuk-tuk or rent a motorbike to get their way around town, sign up on expensive tours to visit all the tourist hotspots on the island or go out to sea to snorkel in marine parks in some neighbouring islands, dine at pricey so-called Thai restaurant around the islands and probably pay 700 bhat for a 30 mins ride on an elephant or perv on topless ang mo sun-bathing by the beach (I saw one, but only A cup).

I beg to differ.

Instead of taking the usual direct flight / train to Koh Samui, I took an overnight bus, which cost only RM50 to reach Hatyai,

me on night bus

And landed myself in Hatyai bus station

backpack in Thailand
public transport to Koh Samui

Found out I was the only foreign passenger on the bus.

Discovered some dirt cheap full body massage services,

at the hotel

And paid RM20 for an hour massage,


By the beach,

fantastic view
I’m in heaven

Got my first ticket in Thailand,

me and police

While riding on an ATV (all terrain vehicle)

rent an ATV

And still don’t understand what I got fined for

Thai ticket
I can’t read Thai -.-;;

Traveled the distance,

samui map

To see some rocks,

grandfather rock

And more rocks...

grandmother rock
got juice one somemore

Thai people must really love rocks.

Went shopping,


For food,

so fresh it’s alive

To prepare a candlelight dinner,

dinner by the beach

With side dish,

fried grubs

insect: “I’ve just been Nicolekiss-ed ^^”

Grub anyone?