Malaysian and Passport

I was browsing through the website of Immigration Department of Malaysia checking if we can search passport number online, when I came across this particular question in the FAQ(frequently asked questions),

I had an argument with my wife and she tore my MRP(Malaysian Passport). What should I do to replace that passport? How long will it take to get a new one?

Now why in the world is this enquiry placed in the frequently asked question?!! I mean, an incident I can understand, but frequently asked?? Does that mean a lot of men have arguments with their wives and each time that happens, the wives will tear their passports in half? Then these men will come online and post questions to the Immigration Department?

Possible scenario 1: A lot of Malaysian men were found guilty of infidelity by their wives, possibly a mistress or gf in some neighbouring country, then the wife confronted him, started an argument, went berserk and tore up his husband's passport so he can't go abroad to visit his lover anymore.

Possible scenario 2: A lot of Malaysian men started a heated argument with their wives and threatened to leave the country forever, the wives went berserk and tore up the passports.

Possible scenario 3: Husband came back from overseas, started argument with wife, wife took the first thing she saw (aka the passport he was holding in his hand) and tore it apart.

Possible scenario 4: Husband and wife argued, wife went to look for his passport and tore it due to anger, simply because she enjoys tearing up passports.

I don't know, these could be possible deductions right? I mean, what else can there be a reason that the wives go and tear up their husbands' passports, and why is it frequently being asked??? It could only mean it happen to a lot of married Malaysian men right???

Then I scrolled down and found this,

My friend from China came to Malaysia and was given a Social Pass Visit (SPV) for 30 days. The problem is she has overstayed. I don't know what to do. Please help.

Again, in the FAQ section. Wa... this is a bit racist right? If these questions were posted up hypothetically, why target only the Chinese from China, is that an indication that Malaysian has a lot of overstayed visitors from China *cough*illegalimmigrant*cough* ?

Either that, this guy just seems desperate to get rid of her...
Or maybe he decided to have a peek at her passport and found out she has overstayed and was afraid that he might be convicted of 'keeping' an illegal immigrant *cough*prostitute*cough* at home. And why la she let him see her passport, keep quiet don't tell him la...

Lesson of the day: Keep your passport by your side at all times. So no one will tear it when you were found having a baby overseas or force you to go home when you overstayed a whee-bit...

And... It is also advisable to do so so you remember your passport number when you need to book some flight tickets *cough*Tim*cough*

Erm... Must be coming up with a sorethroat... Can't stop coughing.


15 kissed Nicole

  1. Yes Nicole!!!take care your passport & don't cheat your wife!!

  2. you must already known how racist malaysia is against other races especially chinese i hope?


  3. my deduction is more simple...
    malaysian government department operated by stupid overpaid people to do simple things which they are still unable to perform as they spend their work time doing... what ever it is they should do...? no la no la, i'm being a bit harsh

  4. wife found out husband planned to leave with overstaying chinese friend, in case she couldn't get an extend visa.

  5. imaginative thoughts... *grin*

    yup... take less chocolates, and drink more water ;)

  6. Lesson of the day should be.... dun berfoya foya.....


  7. Good observation there...the gov should just delete the argument situation out of the FAQ lah...well, it shows how Malaysian *cough* people in the government *cough* work anyway...sad, innit???

    *me also sore throat leh....*wink*

  8. i think they put it under the wrong section. It's suppose to be under the FUE(Frequently Used Excuses) and not FAQ.

  9. very interestin n very funny indeed!!!!!

  10. wtf!!
    in the travel industry i don even notice it.. damn pai seh weh..!!

    comparing it to other immigrations' website it just show how our country handle things..

  11. very funny nicole....just shows what geniuses we hav in the establishment...

    they probably paid hefty consultancy fees to some monkey for these blatantly racist FAQs..

    What a joke!


  12. lol xD Maybe there's jokes like this in Thailand as well.

  13. You've a nice post about the passport haha.. And hello nicole. You're good in blogging and hey! You're beautiful... ;D

  14. Lame Jokes Attempt?? More like succeeding in spotting a joke in our very own immigration site.

  15. Nicole, if you think some of those FAQs are racist, you ought to hear what Ng Yen-Yen said about Chinese.

    I blogged on it. "Chinese Tits Of Fury"