Koh Samui is like KL

only smaller, and surrounded by beaches and water.

When I first arrived here, I was promised with serenity and peacefulness. An island with many beautiful sceneries, not to mention, lovely 'ladies'.

After 17 hours of bus ride and 90 minutes of ferry journey across the sea, I was RM88 poorer.

The island is more commercialised that I thought it would be. Over-ly somehow. Just on the street from the jetty to Chaweng beach alone, I've sworn to have seen more than 10 7-Elevens, hair saloons and had lost count of pharmacy outlets. Geez, there's even Starbucks and Swensen here!

Been raining day and night everyday since the day I got here. Talked about bad luck. So I decided to have a little dinner of my own instead of the overly expensive tourist charged food I had everynight, though I did try some cheap market thai food, they didn't differ much from Malaysian food.

Just bought some decent 'local' food from TESCO on the island today.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. u should avoid koh samui if you want peace. somewhere only the locals go and maybe a few tourists. Trang's the place. Koh Chang is also nice.

    u can't escape from 7-11s there. it's an integral part of thailand. it's the same even in bangkok. there will be like 3 in a row of shoplots @_@.

    btw, they do sell some really nice wantans in 7-11. try some and lemme know what u think.

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  4. They have Tesco? Great, I'm there!

  5. pls remember to show us your bikini pictures in koh samui

  6. 'After 17 hours of bus ride and 90 minutes of ferry journey across the sea, I was RM88 poorer'

    that is seriously a low-budget trip... impressively ;) *double thumbs up*... having 10 plus 7-eleven, starbucks and even TESCO... i would totally agreed that it's 'overly' commercialised. no doubt :p

  7. Nic, try their fried cockroaches, ants, flies, spiders, etc before you come back ok, if not, don't even come back here lah!! Hahhaa!!! I've tried them! Lotsa them...

  8. i think u r cute... kindly email me at alan_rm@yahoo.com and we can travel sometime....