Davy Jones is cute

with all the tentacles sprouting from his face, I find him incurably cute.

mmm... delicious

I can't help myself, the more I think of him and his undying love for that slutty sea goddess, the more I find him oddly attractive. But strip him off his tentacles, all I can imagine is Bill Nighy singing naked in Love Actually.


*Shiver me thimbers....* *Brrrrr*

The movie screening for Pirates of the Carribean by Nuffnang took off pretty well, ended peacefully and all thanks to the Nuffnang team.

The only unfortunate outcome is, despite it's a gathering, I didn't really have the time to meet other bloggers since everyone was scattered everywhere before the movie, was really quiet during it, and went home directly after it. So so so .... I don't have any photo... Haha...

O, and I found out, Mackenzie Crook is rather handsome despite having its eyeballs popping out all the time in the movie. I said 'rather', not 'very'.

Mackenzie Crook

Okay, fine; I only found him slightly attractive after he whispered the chant to Calypso that freed her. If someone whisper to me in that tone to my ear, I think I would melt.


No matter how much I like the rest, no one beats my love for the one and only....


Err, wrong photo...

*edit edit*

Ah Hah! Presenting..... *drum rolls*

"growl... my pirate"

Honestly, who can resist Johnny. Girls fall for him, guys look up to him, despite him having a wife. I bet any girl/gay will still want to be his wife/mistress.

dialogue 1

dialogue 2

Call me Mrs Depp...


11 kissed Nicole

  1. ~nice~ johnny depp is HOT!!!
    oh wait...orlando bloom is equally hot! Davy Jones ain't in my list of 'hot guys' though...oh well~

  2. zzzzz u like someone with mascara and smell like a fish?

  3. Johnny Depp: Keep telling that yourself, darlin!

  4. Nicole Nicole.... Mrs Depp? WAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH... pui.... u teach me wan..... u dream on ya... day and night... maybe la.... HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH... :P

  5. Davy Jones...Hot? Err.....you have strange taste Nicole...hehehehe...

    I'd spent 30hours in the middle of the straits of malacca last month (fishing), trust me....we got really really stinky, even i find myself repulsive! hahaa.....let alone those who actually live IN the sea.

  6. Mrs Depp 0.o hahahhaa... wat's with all the girls saying Mrs Depp. Ha ha ha.. looks like u've got competition with some of them

  7. Funny post :)

    I haven't watch pirates yet -__- Now you make me so wanna go and watch it. The highlight of the previous pirate movies for me were the outfit.

    Handsome men in classic outfit is just so... *fans self*

  8. Can you actually imagine kissing davey jones slimy octopuss yy lips?

  9. OMG! Here I thought I was the only one who had it bad for Davy...

  10. WHAHAHAHAHA.... Funny pic of Davy Jones. AWESOME , HOT AND CUTE PIC OF MACKENZIIIE(l)(l)
    I´m a big fan :P

  11. Lol, i like the pic of Mackenzie Crook, he´s so CUTE in real (L)
    Btw, i think Jack has an ´eye´ on you xD