Nicolekiss is moving back into KL!

Musings: I realized Google Adsense keep giving me ads on god and religion when I was writing about my dad's condition. What is google trying to imply~ -_-

It is in time of need you truly see the people who cared for you and those who don’t. I appreciate it when people whom I don’t really know started showing their supports and concerns, even to friends who put up with my unreasonable attitude to shut them off suddenly, so much that I decided to reply to each and everyone of the people who commented in my previous post.

I meant to reply and post this in the comment box, but it gets too lengthy so I decided to post it as an entry itself.

-ken-: thanks for lending me the laptop, it has proven most useful, now I feel like getting one myself -.-

ipohchai: Thanks, I’m glad that he’s ok too.

seasons: happy for you happy-ing for me

michelleho: chin up indeed, I’m gaining so much I’m getting double chin

kale: that’s very good to know too

fookiat: yea… been smiling so much my face hurts

innocent^^guy: thanks for all the consistent comments and support :)

anonymous: yea… and hopefully I can lose some weight by then, haha

domhon: always great to know you’re always there for me, and stop asking me if I have finished my papers, I haven’t. :p

elsie: I am so glad it’s over too! Now my dad keep nagging me to go to work now that he’s awake. :/

sunny: thank you for your constant support, though I don’t know who you are, but I do know you always send me lots of encouraging comments. 

tykiasu: thanks, god truly loves me, and he/she loves you too~

brandon wong: couldn’t have said it better myself, it doesn’t take a successful you to repay them, they really just want us to be happy and shower them with love. Rest? What rest, I’m restless. Haha

Andrew: thank you again, and yea. I’m finally seeing light everyday since I need to get out from my nocturnal state and visit him in the hospital during the day, which is a good thing I guess.

abraxis: hospital food ain’t that bad really, unfortunately they’re serving him chicken and eggs (toxin food), so my mom’s preparing more nutritional food for him. Which explains why I’m gaining weight from spaghetti and fish & chips everyday… -.- the things I do for love…

sheon: er…. is that quote dedicated to me or my dad? If it’s to me, I’m a lady, not a man~

lamdog: more than ok, life is perfect

inaesb: it’s difficult typing your nickname,

tomato: yea, they just started asking him to walk today, which is killing him. But I know he can pull through it.

geraint: thanks and sorry for not chatting with you as often, must be lonely in Groningen , heh..

vince: yea, it does, miracles are just around us…

willar: Thanks for being the first to call :) muacks!

luciferz: brave? I think my dad is brave, I’m such a coward and know nothing but to whimper… :S

Jeremy K: I think all your prayers have been heard, arigatou (thanks sounds a bit blunt by now)

fong: yea, shouldn’t have worried so much, but couldn’t help it either :)

anonymous: indeed… and you are?

rose: merci senorita… (quote from Jeremy K reply)

seizhin: the endless chatting was referring to me chatting with him, what else is there to do without a wifi in the ward, :/

^@lvin^: your name is so difficult to type, and I have always loved him. See you tonight at the curve, and Clare too.

ben: yea, lucky him, hospital food is fattening… -.-

Aldrin: know you for so long, this is the only comment you can come up with? -_-

anonymous: that meant a lot to know someone out there understand how I feel, along with the rest of the readers who felt and went through the same thing as me. Now…. if only I know who you are…

hardgay: shukran (Arabic for thanks)

tigersden: yes, and he got all the love he can get…. Hope he doesn’t puke…

david: I really have to thank the doctors for this, but I haven’t actually met the surgeon himself yet.

anonymous: me too!!! Leave a name pls..

That’s about it! Phew… I also want to thank those who commented in my previous entries but just to make things simple, I only reply those in the latest one. I do read your comments too. :) Here are some of the replies in the older entries.

Micheal, py and princessladyjane, you stories inspire me.
Desiree, I’m glad you shared your story with me, you have my deepest empathy.
Samantha, good to hear my entry somehow someway gave that tiny inspiration, haha.
Boss Stewie aka Tim, don’t be a silent reader, I’d probably think you’ve drown in nuffnang :p.

Oh, guys, it never rains, it pours; but when the sun shines, spring tend to shower you with joy and good news beyond expectation. Not only my dad is going to be okay, I've got good news, no make that great news! No no, make that news of the year! I’m starting work in a week's time! Yea you heard me right. I got a job!!!!! Nicole is finally stepping out of the student life (again) and back into the working force (again).

Yes, starting June, I’m going to be part of TMNET team as a ‘writer’,woo hoo!!! Thanks Marina (my editor) for writing that sweet email, but you will see me on the first of June whether you like it or not. Haha… I can’t wait! Moving up to KL (not really kl kl, but klang valley rather) soon, wooooo city life here I come! Again!

remember this mascot! I know! It's so eons ago!

Guys, write something nice k, my boss is reading this too. :p


30 kissed Nicole

  1. U r welcome ... hope everything goes well with U and most important take good care of urself

  2. Anonymous said...

    with all the wishes from the readers... finally, sadness has passed and the happiness came...
    23/5/07 8:14 PM

    sorry, forget to put my name... harualsin.

  3. opps, almost forget. Congratulation Nicole get a job, 双喜临门 ah!! see see, the bad thing gone and the good thing comes, yin yang concept applied.

    Coming to KL huh? so, welcome to KL!!

  4. Well, having followed your link to TMNET I'm not really sure what they do or what it's for. What do you expect from someone as old and grumpy as me? None the less, since you said in an earlier post that it's your dream job I hope it turns out as well as you expect. I'm sure you'll do well at it!

    Does this mean your studies stop or do they continue part time (or are they now finishing)?

  5. Wise choice Marina for choosing her (Nicole). =) .

    Can request something? Ask nicole wear that mascot costume. hehe jk jk.

  6. Well, Glad to see u got ur spirits intact...:)

  7. haha....nicole, that quote was dedicated to you of coz. ignore the gender issue....negligible to the meaning it carries.

    you were basked in the glamour of a pageant with all the attention a girl could only dream of... but you sacrificed all that to be by your dad's side....that says alot, my fren.

  8. Thankx for the reply...So, u'll be part of TMNET? Well, when you think about TMNET, the first thing that probably comes to mind is Streamyx? I don't know if you're gonna get good comments on that..but with a face like yours, what can I say...expect the unexpected..

  9. Sweet! :) At least now I don't have to travel 3 hours down to Melaka whenever I'm in KL to see you.

  10. u r welcome, coz no one will be alone in this world n everyone need cares n hopes......klang velley??hehe...u did the right choice...^^

    by fong

  11. can we meet u when ure in kl?

  12. nice touch with the purple hipo ;). keep up with your work... and welcome to kl .... auuwuuhuuu :D

    ps: i will stop nagging about your assign... but just finish it up ok :)


  13. Hi nicole,

    Just saw your blog to know what happens, I am glad that your dad's operations is sucessful, I am sure he will be fine soon :) and gambadie on your study!


  14. Difficult typing my nickname huh? :P Hahaha..

  15. Nicole, I wanna join u, alvin and clare at the curve :P

  16. dam glad that ur dad is fine. speedy recovery for him !

    and congrats on the job !

  17. and welcome to cyberjaya, land of the malaysian desert. do call me if u wanna have lunch or tour in cyber !

  18. Congratulations on the job yea!!

  19. Way to go gurl!
    So sweet of you to personally reply all the comments on your previous posts. You know you didn't have too; but you did. :D
    Stay sweet and pure. Luv ya for that!
    Now that the bad time is over, the good vibe is starting to flow in. Congratulations in getting a new job and a cool one at that too. :D

  20. Welcome to Kay-El. :P

    Hope your first foray into the working world is a good one.

  21. Wow... a writer. congrats nicole.

  22. congrats for your job nicole! sorry for my abscene in the lights of your critical moments in life. would spend more time on your blog from now on.


  23. I sincerely hope you won't be conned into replacing the blue hippo as a mascot hahah

  24. Hey Nicole,
    How about me NKMG i left a message and btw not found the bloody kolo mee yet...glad to know alls well.

    luv ya

  25. Congratulations on both incidents. Glad you are back on your feet once again.

  26. Nice of you to reply to every comments.

    Yes, keep going for your dream, there's still a long way for you.

  27. well.. np... i didnt expect that coming... ehehee... good luck in your new work... take care...

  28. Its very considerate of u to reply to all the comments.

    Good luck on yr job, strive to be the best & most of all, hav fun !!

  29. The Problem Kid29/5/07 5:54 PM

    Hey Nicole...congrats on the job position and all the best with it...remember to also have fun and not stress out yourself too much with work ;)