Brace yourself...

Warning: content contains repugnant images

I only have one and only one sole purpose for this entry.

Mostly due to my laziness to think of what to write and have nothing better to do but to bum around the house (the result of having no electricity for an entire morning and afternoon due to some fixing the cables on the street outside my house, can’t those guys work any faster? I don’t want to stuck in a life-size sauna every noon at home waiting for the bloody fan to turn so I can get back to my papers every god damn day, not that I am putting any effort in finishing it =.=)

Right, this is suppose to be a plug, but after some thoughts, I think it alone deserves to be a whole entry (Gee, that sounded familiar doesn’t it, go here and track back some dozens of entries back, maybe you’ll find it :D)

So yea, back to my point, is it no longer a secret that I am in some pageants thingy. So here goes…

Go to , scroll down and look for the most distorted figure and face features ever - Number 14. Holy cow, I know, is this the fearsome Nicole. Damn it, it’s either I am super not photogenic, or I am fugly! No, don’t answer that, I rather not know.

Vote for Nicole. I know you feel like clicking someone else, if you do, well… I will just hide here, in one corner, weeping my little heart out. *Sob Sob* (putting eye drops) Click me.... (Big pout and doggie eyes)

Don’t ask me why my eyes looked so small they’re barely there, ask the make up artist. It’s already small enough to be seen on photos, and thank you for making it smaller. And don’t ask either why they straighten my hair when the rest of the girls (cept one) have such beautiful wavy and curly hair, I know I have long hair, must be frustrating and time consuming to tame it, I cut it now, happy? B!@$#!

May I take the opportunity to voice out too, in response to many enquiries out there; that I did not tattoo my eye brows, nor did I drew them darkly out of shameless vanity. No, I demand justice! Someone (by now you should know) shaved them! God, I want justice. This is cruelty, my one and only one ‘better’ feature is gone, gone I say!! And thus I cannot step out of the house without taking a brow pencil to draw some existence onto my bald forehead.

Laugh~ go ahead, I can wait. Laugh now…

No wait, I shouldn’t be so mean, Sorry~~ SOWY~~~ I apologize, sincerely. No really I do. It’s not your fault. You tried your best. You probably made me looked as presentable as I hopelessly can, just looked at how I am before make up (ignore the drawn eyebrows, I know it’s disturbing damn it, don’t poke me wounded heart)


Tsk tsk, I could have nightmares.

If you love me (I know you do), and if you support me (if not you won’t be here), ask your friends to vote for me too k? :D

Okay, enough ramblings… can’t believe this is actually an entry. I am so vain can die. So love me more.

PS: Pink blog makes a person vain :D

PPS: If you feel too grossed out at the pics or bored of my rantings, go fill out the advertlets poll at the sidebar... TQ


26 kissed Nicole

  1. *voted* several times in fact.
    i luv u... trulyyy... madlyyyy... and deeplyyy. ;)

  2. Can we just rig the votes? LOL

  3. ahaha.. I voted few times for you too.. u're always pretty Nicole... cheer up~~

  4. noticed that nic looks more and more bitchy nowadays .. where have the sweet looking nic gone to ..

  5. only those ham sup guys will said that you are pretty lar .. this and that ...

    wake up .. nicole !

  6. Hey, if you don't support her, just keep quiet, don't need to put her down like that.

  7. Since when Pageant is all about a clean competition? o.O

    Go Nicole! Even if you don't win, we will still support you. :D

  8. Quote from MMW organisers:

    "Get all ur friends and families to vote for you, ask your friend's friends, anyone la; the more votes you can get the better."

  9. Hi Nicole,

    Josh Lim from Advertlets here. Have voted for you! :) Cheers, and good luck!

    PS: We're currently running an ad on this blog. Readers, if you want to tell Nicole more about yourself, please click the "refresh/cycle" button for the poll.

  10. hahaha
    nic better go and sleep around to get more votes hahahah

    go nicole go!

  11. i vote for u nicole!!!

  12. i click, click & click vote button many times liao ;P

  13. Hi Nicole. Was browsing the mix site and saw your pic there. It's not long along we saw you in MMU.. now in MMW pulak.

    But I'll say the picture they put there not so good la. U looked garang or izzit their make up? heheh.. I prefer the natural look of yours la. More pretty :).. real natural beauty.

    Anyway, wish you good luck. Will vote for you. oh.. remember to smile more ah..

  14. did u know contestant 2 is a malaccan as well? yea a fren of mine~ not tat close but still.. kinda freak out when i found her face in the contest.. woo Hoo~

    btw, i will still vote for u , nicole..~

  15. And 1 more vote for 14 ;-)
    (BTW, any bikini gallery ?)

  16. I voted for you over the other Malaccan! You better win :P

    Its just that I think her real person is so much prettier than the picture i didn't vote for her.. :P

  17. Dear Nicole,

    Here was my right hand upon my trusty mouse, the mouse pointer clearly indicating the portrait of "Nicole," my index finger poised to fall upon the crusty left button of my trusty mouse, when my eyes fell upon the unfairly gorgeous Deborah.

    End of story. Sorry, I MEANT to vote for you, but things happened too fast and it went her way. Oops?

    Apologetic Reader

  18. That's kinda funny. Nicole deleted my original post that people should vote based on the most photogenic gal. It was a clean, honest post (nothing mean or degrading).

    I think it's strange that young girls look for some type of "validation" that they are the the prettiest/more talented than other girls in a competition. I just don't understand the type of satisfaction one gets from winning "beauty" competitions (unless you're trying to be a model/actress/singer and wants to be discovered).

    I live and work in the US and I see beautiful, successful, confident women each day. They don't need a trophy to proof anything.

  19. You are still one of the prettiest contestants. But then your potrait pic (for voting) ain't doing you justice. Too bitchy looking. Sorry. Anyway I've voted nevertheless. All the best to you.

  20. Nicole,you seriously need to lose some weight.Im not being sarcastic,but realistic.You looked "heavy" compared to the rest.Sorry if i hurt yr feelings,am just being honest.If u wanna mk it to at least top 5,u must look good in a swimsuit as well.

  21. Yeah, I agree. It looks like Nicole gained quite a few pounds within the last few months. Her pictures from the past few months versus now is so diferent.

  22. Excusee mua~ I actually lost weight over the past few months, especially when this photo was taken.

    I gained back now though. *shy
    I would like to quote from Boss Stewie from Nuffnang with a bit of editing "when you put a skinny person beside as even skinner person, you will look fat"

    So so fat, who can teach me how to be underweight~ It's hard to be confident when your flabs are dangling everywhere (yes i'm talking to you Swifty)

  23. nicolefan haha14/5/07 12:42 PM

    Just voted for deborah. :)

  24. AH...was going to blog the contestants also..hey the emails they assigned to you, is it vetted through by them ?

  25. That deborah's not that beautiful!Plus she's been around the modelling industry for so long...kinda fed-up looking at her face...u're so much better looking than her.don't understand why top models need to join a beauty contest,i mean...what's the purpose?They re not that great.