Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More time pls~~~

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With reasons provided, I want to (NEED TO, no, HAVE TO!!!) go on a serious diet - any way to shed four healthy kilos in two weeks? And bloody timing it is to hit me with water retention in every part of my body just before the big day (not gonna tell you what's the ocassion).

And, good news! TMNET finally called me in to attend an interview this Thursday for my dream job! *pop champange* *yea* *run around the room in joy*

My dream job, if none of you haven't already know, to be a writer is just a drive away from PJ - Cyberjaya. Not just any writer, a travel writer. Woo hoo... I hope they didn't mistaken the position I applied for, else it would be such a bummer since I have posted this up and broadcast to the entire nation that I am finally, hopefully, getting my dream job! *nudge nudge TMNET people* (I remember putting my blog site in my resume so they can read this, hohoho)

My bloody boring life suddenly shot up in the air these two weeks, the least expected me was flooded immediately with tons of tasks to complete. In the shortest notice, no notice at all in fact, I was left with too little time, and all so many things to do. It is this time I wish my life would slow down a bit so I have time to catch a breath.

No kidding, went up to KL yesterday late afternoon; and by noon today, I was already back in Melaka preparing my documents to participate in The Amazing Race Asia. Pray hard that I get, so you all can see me cry when I lost my way on national TV.

Nine hours from now, I should be on my way up to KL again to attend an appointment. -.- Flying off to Kuching this Thursday night following my interview in the morning for a weekend of adventures and fun. Thus leaving me little time, next to no time, to return to Melaka in between to pack my stuff; I haven't pack my bag yet at this hour and I am still blogging!! NICOLE, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

Right, less typing, more action. I should get my heavy butt off this chair which I'm pretty sure has my butt shape carved onto it and start preparing some stuff for tomorrow.

Oh, look at the time *yawn* time for bed~~~

There's always six hours later to finish off everything... =,= (PS// Kids, don't learn this at home)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Another Weekend

It's ironic that when you are trying desperately to get drunk, you'd seem to have a great tolerance for alcohol and no matter how many rounds of vodka and cocktails you have downed, you can't seem to reach the stage whereby you can't really know what you are doing.

I was still very sober that I was walking in the swimming pool next to Sunshine Bar last night. Really, I was. =.=

me in dataran pahlawan
me just before my haircut

I just missed my hair, but I'm loving my new hair!

It feels so light, felt that I lost a head. Did someone just chopped off my head??

Do you know how heavy it is to carry that load of hair around just every waking second. No, probably you don't. And probably I don't either, haha :p, I just get used to it. My head follicles have been trained strong~ :D

I love the feeling of waking up and not sweeping my hair in one bundle so it actually looks like hair settling behind me. Now, it just falls naturally around my shoulders. LOVE it!!

So maybe you are thinking "Duh~", but ignoring the existence of hair half my height (170cm /2 = 33.5 inch - yup, half my height) is like trying to ignore the fact you have an extra limb. Erm, odd example to prove my case, but it's true~ it's like an amputated limb. You don't feel it's there, but it's there.

Okay, stop talking, didn't get much sleep from last night since I reached home around 4am! And I'm already here blogging at 9am?! Someone knock some senses off me, I'm far too awake!

Lunch appointment with fellow Malaccan friends. Josh (my BFF) is leaving Melaka today, he's starting his new job in PJ on Monday. I am gonna miss his company here so so so so much. No worries, I will join you in KL (or PJ, whatever) soon!! Wait for me JOSH!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hair Fuss

I have long known for my amazingly crazily insanely menacingly freakishly long hair.

For as long as I can remember, I have long hair. I pretty much have long hair my entire life, if someone have seen me in short hair before, he/she probably have known me for a looonnnnggg time.

Everywhere I go, I could turn heads; not because I have irresistible charms that could blind the whole hall, and definitely not because of my incredibly blessed height (I am only 170cm); but because of a lock of hair that could run for miles (I wish the same applies to my legs).


Wherever I go, I was constantly showered with comments like “Omg, you have such long hair”, “Gosh, I love your hair”, “I’m so jealous of your hair” (note: not me, jealous of MY hair) followed by questions like “How do you manage to keep it so long?”, “How long does it take to wash your hair?”, “How long does one bottle of shampoo last for you?”

My usual replies include “I’m too lazy to cut”, “Too lazy to wash”.

And I meant everywhere I went, even the janitor in the country club where I visit for my weekly sauna exclaimed about my hair. Yup, conversations strike before my hair.

Alas, there’s such price to pay for the attentions I received. Problems that most of you don’t even know existed, and probably never in your wildest dreams could imagine it. Mostly embarrassing or hilarious situations that all of you would die laughing.

So go ahead, laugh...
(Problems like: )

1. Squat down on the floor-toilet and have your hair touch the toilet floor, or worse, inside the toilet
(Eww.. I know, not a pretty sight)

ever heard of hair in your food?

2. Wake up and realized you sit on your own hair while lying down unable to get up. (At this point I have to exercise my yoga skills to remove my hair from beneath my butt without moving my upper body)

3. Clip your bra and have your hair wedged!

4. Wear your panties and have you hair wedged!!!! (Yes, it’s that long!)

5. Bend down to wear shoes and have your hair all over the floor blocking your view

6. Have your hair stuck outside the car when you close the car door.

But it’s not all bad; I do have some advantages from my long hair. Having this length, I don’t have to worry about slapping my hair against someone’s face; I’d probably have to do extreme stunt to lift this weight.

And when I feel cold, I just throw my hair around my neck in circles like a scarf to keep warm.


There’s not many hairstyles I can experiment when one’s hair is this long (34 inch, I’ve measured), but the great thing, it catches eyes nonetheless without styles. Besides, hair my length can never go wrong with style, it’ll look great straight, wavy, curly, it can never go out of style. There’s no over-doing it.

The magic, the weight of the hair keeps them tame. It pulls down your hair to make it look straighter than usual. It will wave naturally even when you over-curl it. In short, long hair turns out brilliant no matter what. One more secret to share, I hardly comb my hair. Maybe once every 3 days? Maybe due to the slight curl part at the end, but it just never looks messy when it’s overly long. Hey, I’m lazy, what can I do?


If I was given a choice, I will keep my hair and let it continue to manifest. Who wouldn’t want mermaid hair? It’s so cool! But side-effects started surfacing.


When you have 34 inch full length full weight non-layered hair on your back, each follicle on your head have to hold on that much of your hair right down to your buttocks. And with that, your hair will start shedding. I am beginning to notice the hair level on the top of my forehead moved backward the moment my hair reached below my waist line.

With the heaviest heart, the deepest regrets, I have no choice but to take the biggest step in my past two years of life.

To visit a saloon.


There are reasons why I rarely visit a saloon. You see, despite my laziness and recklessness with my hair. I treasure it with my life. I strongly believe that my hair IS my strongest suit, and if I lose my hair, I might as well lose my identity as a female. How they usually say: the only thing feminine about me is my hair. Sigh~ Which is why I am so stingy when it comes to paying to get my hair cut.

Honestly, who could blame me! Ever visited a saloon and asked for a trim, but they nearly shave your head bald instead? Or when you say one inch, in saloon language, it means FIVE! And two means 10! Sometimes I wonder if they ever been to elementary school or ever owned a ruler.

Jesus Christ, have some mercy on our hair! They only grow one to two centimeters each month! If you take 10 inches out of my 34-inch, it will take two years and one month to grow back to its original length!

Hey, I’m not going to be in my twenties forever you know!

So yea, it’s either half the length or no hair at all. The conclusion was clear.

I decided to choose a shop with the safest name.

yep, sound safe enough

First, I think the color is striking, green emphasizes nature, I like nature, and I like my hair in its nature self, no layering, no coloring, no highlights… nil.

street outside saloon
street outside saloon

Also, it looks like a serene place with no need to wait in queue where else in other saloons you always have to call them up to make an appointment before stepping in for a haircut and the hair turns out too horrific to describe with heart attack designer prices.

me in saloon

There I am, sitting whimpering in my saloon-y chair, reminding my stylist over and over and over again that all I need is a small little tiny trim, don’t layer it and don’t thin it. Don’t go beyond my waist, in fact, don’t go anywhere near my waist, just slightly up my buttocks, I’m happy. I don’t care I have to return to the saloon very soon cause hair grows very fast, I don’t mind the extra trips as long as I don’t have to wear a cap the moment I step out of the saloon.


“One inch, two tops. That’s all. Not more than that.” I have measured with a ruler, to reach my waist is around seven inches; so one or two inches should be precautious enough.

I bet she’s getting pretty annoyed by me. Which is good! I want her to know I’ll annoy her more if it turns out horrible!! And by annoying her, it’ll let her know how much my hair means to me and my words would actually be encoded into her brain cells. I’ll keep on my annoyance!!! Blah blah blah….

Once decided, my stylist immediately worked away like magic. Chomping off hair like it doesn’t worth anything. I was tempted to close my eyes.

But watching the whole process with my eyes wide open is definitely worth it, comical even.



It must be tiring cutting my hair~~ @.@


Two hours later (Hair cut, hair wash and a blow dry), my hair became so short, I can’t see the remaining of my curls anymore! At first, I thought it was too short! And I was about to cry on the spot, but later I found out. It looks quite nice on bed, now my hair doesn’t fly just everywhere on my bed.

hair on bed


In fact, after a day, I’m loving it! There’s no more curly part and my hair looks so healthy and straight!

final look

What do you think?! :D

Monday, March 19, 2007

Extravagant Birthday Dinner


If life was meant to live to the fullest, why do so many of us give so many reasons so many times to stop ourselves to live the way we want? Why do we chose to give so many things up?

Almost two weeks ago, after celebrating my birthday on the 1st of March. I made a trip to KL the next day to attend a job interview and also, to meet up with Kenny, who has been kind enough to celebrate my birthday the second time with me and my friends. Isn’t that the sweetest thing~~!!!!

He chose a place which was recommended by Ringo. Café Café was the name of the place; fine dining was its style. Since my last visit to Paris three years ago, I never thought I would be eating my all time favorite delicacy Foie Gras again in another country other than France.

café café booklet

looks nice enough

I love fine dining, which is why France remains one of my favorite countries ever visited. Apart from my usual vege and raw food dietary, I take a fair deal of pleasure in savoring well prepared cuisines. Delicate food turns me on, literally, no really, I meant it.

Upon entering the restaurant, I had a feeling that I just entered a theatre with electricity shortage. How could anyone see anything in this kind of environment? I know it’s a place of romance, but this is ridiculous, I bet if you’re planning to make out here, no one else would have realized.

last page of booklet
doesn’t it look like a theatre?

café café
Décor inside Café Café

I have to use flashlight with every photo taken

It wasn’t until the second dish was served that I understood the purpose of their lightings.

Escargot… aka snails~~

God~ If the lights were fully on, I probably wouldn’t eat what I could see. *chills down my spine after examining this photo*

Honestly, it’s quite tasteless, it’s like chewing sponge. Now I have tried once, I wouldn’t mind a second time.

Kenny and me
Café Café makes everything looks so pretty… yes I am talking about me :p

dory fish

erm… taste like claypot chicken

chicken with better cam quality
same dish, this is taken by Alvin’s cam, why does this looks more delicious?

Kenny ordered duck

And this is what I have ordered,

egg and bacon salad
I can’t help it, I’m a salad person

Now’s for desserts~~

I wonder if this is the reason I can never lose weight in France

everyone having a good time

Cam whore hour~

me and gerald
the cute Gerald

Kenny and me again
cute posing~ yeah~

I’m so happy~

cute cake
my cute surprise birthday cake, thank you Kenny for taking the effort! ^^

playing with candle
Audrey Hepburn impersonation???

Here is the short video of Kenny singing a birthday song for me, which I totally ignored busy taking photos of the cutest cake ever~~~ hohoho. You can only hear the song though, since it’s totally dark.

Yea~~ let’s go there again!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ah Lian Post

Note: This is an Ah Lian post, with Ah Beng Language
(Translation for foreign readers: This is a post with heavy Malaysian slang, a mixture of English, Mandarin, Malay and a hint of Cantonese and Hokkien vulgarities)

Ai yo, I tell you... Recently damn bui ta han. Do what also tak jadi. Friends all hilang from Melaka, wanna find someone yumcha also difficult. Weight keep going up the wall, until I have to munch on prunes everyday. Then PMS makes me bloated until drink water also can gain weight.


Really beh song. No mood go shopping, dream job interview also no reply; stay at home like cod fish blowing air bubbles at the monitor.

Read my study material with my perfect visioned eyes also cannot make out what these damn ang-mos trying to say. Wa rao e~~ read whole page only realise they trying to make ONE point. Say la... why have to go one big round until I headache. Make you feel smart is it??

Quote: "Weick defined organizing as a 'consensually validated grammar for reducing equivocality by means of sensible interlocked behaviours'."

*Throw book on the floor* Nah Bueh~~~~~!!

Last night went yumcha... luckily my friend older than me 3 months. If not, I sure become the oldest in the group, shhiat~~~

Go sunshine bar, saw all the a bengs and a lians there, all so god damn young. Oi... underage go back home study la. Come out to bar at night for what, make me feel old only. Then all the ah pek there makes me feel like I'm one of them, yum seng with me pulak. Shoo shoo shoo... *walks to my 3 months older friend*

Dun care la, tomorrow go sauna reduce water retention and stop drinking till my PMS finishes. Zzz... Feel so tired. Tonight be good girl stay at home la.

Only one facial expression can express how I feel now.

LanSi Face

-.-||| zzzz...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Haha... getting annoyed? I know you are

Ai yo~~~ so many people complained they can't read mandarin. Ok la... here, write some english words for you to see. Hahahaha....

Don't say I'm mean and inconsiderate o~


Planning to have a pot luck gathering this saturday. Yo Melaka ppl out there, who wanna join, email me, let's make this happen! /*email has been removed*/

Note: bring something that is edible ok? -.-


Went to check out sunshine bar yesterday, omg.. so nice... simply love the design... if someone get drunk, I can even push them into the sea just in front of the bar. :D

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Friday, March 09, 2007








Tuesday, March 06, 2007

1st of March

Life is passing by so fast, all I remember was being 21 yesterday in KL and 19 two days ago in England. It’s so fast it’s freaking me out, daunting even.

Four years later from two days ago, I’m still a student and still the same old useless unsuccessful me. Man, life is harsh. By the time I know it, I’ll be this 30 year old, still single, still unsuccessful old virgin who’s raising 12 pussycats watching Hindi singing drama series at home. Maybe plum even, and unwanted, and alone….


*Slap myself awake!!*

Ok, back to present. 5 days ago I just celebrated my birthday at home; my mom and I prepared the food and set the table outside in our front yard. I think I didn’t really take the effort to invite many people, since I thought of having a gathering just few days before my birthday.

But by the time I realized, I have asked a rough estimate of 30 people, to which half of them showed up, I think. Which is ok since I’ve prepared food for 10 people, but at the last minute, mom decided to order an extra 200 sticks of satays just in case. I’d still say the food was too much. Oh well, there’s always fridge 1, 2 and 3.

Enough talking, here are the photos. I know I know, it’s been ages since I posted any up, so I’m going to put tons of them up here. Haha…

tuna sandwich
I make one, pretty or not

see a different angle, pretty le~~

cocktail sausages
this one also I make one, hoho~

food for the night, yummy!

take one, cool pose

take two, cannot laugh!

finally, all legs synchronized

And finally! Introducing my new found cousin brother! Phong yew!!

me and cous
teng teng teng, leng zai or not?! still single o~

Cake cutting time!

pretty or not :D

cake cake
I love my cake!

posing with cakes
two cakes and two liquors, perfect night!

pose with cake
introducing the lovely Carol, a lively girl! Simple love her!!

sing song
enjoying my birthday song~

make a wish
I wish…. I have bigger boobs like Carol

cut cake
Carol is so funny, I can’t stop smiling when she’s around

pretty girls
two leng luis

josh and i
my BFF of all time, JOSH!!!! Still single also ho~~

more posings
haha, three useless beings

three is a crowd
wa… ‘biao ge’ (cousin brother), left right also got..

cutting cake
oi, don’t cut cake first, look at the camera!

pose again
do we look alike?

group pose
group photo!

eat cake
come come, everyone eat cake

Mr Lim, are u worshipping the cake?? This guy is funny, he broke his left arm while break dancing XD

yo Josh, what kind of face is that?

all the leng zais

Time to open presents~~ my favorite part!

body shop gift
I wonder what is this? *ignoring the body shop tag at the side*

lookie, I got a CD, thank you Ah Xiong!

these two kitties are so cute!

gift from Josh, OMG, why does this look like a huge certificate??

I nearly fret when I opened it, OMG OMG OMG…

it’s an ugly.. I mean, pretty version of me!!! *avoiding the stares from Josh*

Thank you Josh!! That’s so sweet!!!! He made it himself by the way! ^^

my poster and i
does it look anything like me? Eh hem…

let’s clean the table for some games~

The night ended quietly with everyone leaving one by one. Thank you all for coming, especially Dominic, Alvin and Willar who came all the way from KL. You guys are great!! ^^ And thank you Alvin for sponsoring the liquor. :D