Kitty Goes to School

The first thing I did in Kuching, was to drive around town in a fancy sport car declaring my arrival to all Kuching-nians and cheat little kitties that I’ve come from Venus. (To foreign readers, kuching sounds like ‘cat’ in Malay, thus the term kitty)

No, that would be so unlike me. But I did cruise the town in a red Celica and visited the infamous high school where Nicholas Teo and Kenny used to study – Chung Hua Middle School.

Me in Celica

front seat view
This is how it looks like within the car, I feel so superior~

As we drove the car up to the front gate and park in front of the hall, many students peered through their classroom’s windows and started whistling. I wonder is it me that they’re purring at or the car, I would like to think it’s me. :D

Chung Hua
Rather impressive I would say

We decided to do a bit of cam-whoring with the red sport car in front of the school so that every kitty would die of jealousy. Ho ho ho, no actually I’m just ‘sua gu’, never sat in a real sports car before, forgive my anxiety to show off.

red Celica
red indeed is a nice color

Me, Dominic, and the proud owner of the QAB 198 - Sally

Talk about timing, it was then the lunch bell struck and all these kitties started flocking out of their classrooms to gape at a bunch of young and fashionable uncles and aunties (I remember at their age, my age seems rather old). Makes me wonder, kitties nowadays are so short, so is it because I’m too tall? Hahaha…. *shy*

yes yes… I’m holding the camera at shoulder height

Ahh, brings back old memories (even though this is not my high school). How I remember during break time, there will be kids walking around eating titbits, girls walking hand in hand to toilet, students running to the class next door for a peep at leng luis, making noises in class, or there’s always a nerdy kid standing there at the door, waiting for the bell to strike again so recess would end.

bored kid
reminds me… of ME!!

I never knew visiting someone else’s high school could bring back so many flashbacks of my own. I wonder if they will ever change the designs of these high schools, this school freakishly resembles my own in Melaka. The chair, the classrooms, the teachers!

prefect society
I was once a prefect, but I decided to quit and join forces with the anti-prefects

cute kid
what a cute little kid!! So petite, so short. I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a play~ eh hem, I mean gentleman

Wait, it is recess! Perfect time to tour the canteen! Following the litter of kitties, I located the canteen at the back of the school, where every high school canteen would normally be situated.

tit bits

Mountains and mountains of titbits piled in front of the counter, the canteen used to be my sanctuary. A place where students are conned in buying rubbish junk thinking they’re actually good for you. I looked sideways and spotted an ice cream storage cubicle.

I caught sight of something unusual!

Wow, kids these days sure have it swell; I don’t remember our canteen selling any ice creams back in our days. We have to go to the hawker stand outside of the school gate to get it after school.

So we decided to buy ourselves a bit of our childhood.

ice creams
20 cents worth of childhood

“Teacher, look! Three strange uncles and aunty sucking plastic ice cream in our school”

suck ice creams

Shut up, I’m still young.


Bell rang,

in class

Students returned to their respective classes, it was time for us to leave too, on with touring Kuching.


14 kissed Nicole

  1. Anyone who wants to see nicole's high school pic please raise ur hand! haha

  2. tt's a great idea...hehe.... *hands up*
    why not an entry 'memoirs of my childhood' ;)
    ps: nice posing... with sally's ride. xiang1 che1 mei3 ren2 ;), just compliments with the sportie red :) hohoho

  3. u went CHMS No1 for..? err.. to look around? =S that's weird.

  4. wah! u're making me feel like wanting to go back to my high school.. hmmm.. i wonder if anyone would peek through the window to me MY car.. muahahaha!

    anyways, i've never sat in a celica before.. how fast did the car go? i can see that it's with bucket seat wor.. niceeeeeeeee....

  5. tat's my high sch !!
    CHMSNO1 rockkk

  6. nice car... mayb u can drive hot wheel's to campus too?

  7. PPhewitt and Nicole went to Chung Hua no 1 while visiting Kuching.LOL. Situated on top of a hill, on the way to Pending, near to UMW Toyota, kinda strategic. No worries for flood ever!!!

  8. Reminds me of my childhood as well although it was too short mwahahaha..

    Anyways *Raise hand* I say yes to willar's suggestion !

  9. sorry. but i felt compelled to disclose this it goes....celica is a 1.8L front wheel drive semi sports actual fact..the rating for that car is very low......there
    however, as the saying goes..."any car with a beautiful lady in it, is a great car!" entered the skol and ber-camwhoring just like that ar?! where the security? (no offence to you nicole).....but, i remember it was difficult for outsiders to come in my skol even during off days..let alone skol hours.... well, maybe its the car....or maybe its just you nicole..hahaha
    did you use your "charm" to menjampi the oh-so-reliable guards? ahah.....

    have fun in sarawak!!!!! go easy on the local brew!!!

  10. Kuchingite279/4/07 3:37 AM


    I did not recognise my hometown for a moment! No wonder the canteen counter looked freakishly similar to St Thomas's thought it's a different colour. Howver, no I'm not from St Thom...

    SO!!!! ...ok Misread i thought you had studied in Kuching previously in primary school...

    Anyways it's a nice place to be so enjoy Kuching! :D

    Happy Holidays

  11. Oh cool! I haven't been back in years, was trying to figure out which was my old classrooms!

  12. i love nicholas he is so cool. his music is just amazing.

  13. you are a beautiful woman and even more beautiful off picture and in real life

  14. Celica and cute girl that's AWSOME!