Oh god...

I have been so busy, not sure if I lost any weight? The weight better go down, if not, all this stress has been nothing but... just stress!!

In my point of view, there's no point going through stress if you can't manage to shed some pounds off your hips. The only thing that kept me going when stress is knowing that when I'm through with the event, I can look forward to seeing smaller figures appearing on the weighin machine.

Is it not? Well, it's a girl thing.

Back to my point, I'm still keeping this hide-away a secret, just because I am a low profile person and didn't want anyone to know. But if comes a point when there's no point hiding anymore, don't worry, I'll be the first to blog it out here. So you guys get real time info. If, that is, you read my blog often enough. Haha.

Where has my freedom gone to? I felt like a trap bird in a cage everyday, eating the same food, being a human canvas and being trained like a robot. Am I not human? Have mercy!! Sigh, I miss my starbucks.

But I started taking care of my skin now though, stress surely didn't took mercy on my face, I can see hordes of pimples popping out. Like a toad skin, ew, not a pretty side.

Right, it's late. I should sleep. Nite all, take care and ciao.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. pimples are proofs of youth.. be glad that you're still young..

  2. o.. thanks... that sure makes me feel better.. haha.

    Now I'm a youthful toad-like witch

  3. I remember my pimple days...thank God it was long long time ago..hahah! *cross fingers* That it won't come again.

  4. Nicole is a finalist for the Ms Malaysia .. hehehe

  5. is that secret what 'anonymous' said? cuz kenny did post bout it.. =D

    good luck tho...

  6. u're the gal that quote picks unquote your nose in kenny's youtube..alright...you didn't pick, you just scratched the outer layer of the nose!
    hey good luck on your beauty comp.!!!!

  7. Lol there are many ways to prevent pimples.

    All I can say is, just keep your face clean, and maybe, lemon skins if you dont wanna rely on heavy skin-care products ?

  8. so .. did nicole win?

  9. yeah .. she WON :)

    congratulations ...

    [April 20, 2006]

    Malaccan beauty bags Miss Malaysia Universe crown

    (Malay Mail Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)SUBANG JAYA: Malaccan beauty Tan Swee Yen, 25, was crowned Miss Malaysia Universe 2006 at the Palace of Golden Horses in Seri Kembangan here last night.

    Tan, who works as a brand development associate in Petaling Jaya, will represent the country at the Miss Universe 2006 finals in Los Angeles, USA, on July 24.

    Tan also bagged five subsidiary titles - Miss De Beaute Body Beautiful, Miss Skinnic Perfect Beauty, Miss Wacoal Malaysia, Miss Sachs Personality and Miss TPX Trendy.

    She received a trophy, RM5,000, designer outfits worth RM50,000 which she will be wearing for the finals, an assignment contract worth RM50,000 and other sponsored gifts.

  10. Hey, I think that's last year's miss Malaysia universe, dated April 20, 2006. Regardless, still hope she wins! :)

  11. that was 2006? or you forgot to change the date?! lolz

  12. no.. she didn win la.. read The Star today..

  13. well from what i see from her pictures and her posts, i still think she's pretty great.


  14. Lolz ahahaha, that was funny, I totally thought Nicole won lolz.

  15. hahaha

    mr sia had to take down the post on nicole ... maybe nicole hentam him kau kau .. hahahaa .. letting the whole world what's she has been up to ... :)

    anyway ... nic .. don;t worry la .. even though you did not win .. you are still pretty in our EYES

  16. why would a low profile person join a beauty pageant?

  17. very pretty... that's undeniable ;)