WIll be away for a long time

Hi hi, part 2 food entry gonna come somewhat 10 days later, because I'm gonna be away till then.

So you guys will need to take care of yourselves out there. But hopefully, just hopefully, that I will be updating still within this period of imprisonment. No pictures though, since I won't be at my own pc where all my collection of photos rest.

Wanna know where I will be at for the following one week? Well, I will be checking into a five star hotel to enjoy five star dining three meals a day and unlimited access to sauna, gym and swimming pool...etc (those things you get out of fiver star services). Die of jealousy bitches! Hohoho.... *feeling a bit naugthy*

See ya guys.... plenty of kisses from me and bu-bye~


7 kissed Nicole

  1. die of envy liao ....

  2. we will miss u princess :/

  3. ure going on a cruise arent u? :D

  4. ure going on a cruise arent u? :D

  5. Ahaha, nice to see that you're enjoying yourself.

    Tomorrow's Thailand's water festival, so yeah~ At least I'm not gonna get jealous if I decided to join in the Water trash war in here~

  6. See you, have fun and good luck! :)